McCain compares Palin to Reagan

Sen. John McCain helped catapult former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the national stage and now he’s equating her to former President Ronald Reagan.

He made the comparison Sunday when asked if Palin is “divisive.”

“I think anybody that has the visibility that Sarah has is obviously going to have some divisiveness,” McCain said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I remember that a guy named Ronald Reagan used to be viewed by some as divisive.”

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  • truebearing

    Palin is similar to Reagan. She is very unconventional, she’s positive and cheerful, she’s concerned about the average citizens and defending their freedom. Palin defies the media, like Reagan, and seemingly effortlessly outwits all of those on the left who would have us believe they are so much smarter than everyone else (especially Palin). The genius left, who have failed magnificently in EVERY attempt at governing, world wide, used to accuse Reagan of being stupid too, and like Palin, he whipped their “brilliant” asses at every turn.

    I guess Palin and Reagan both have proven that the left can be thoroughly humiliated by people who are dumber than Joe Biden on stupid pills. So how dumb does that make the people who call Palin and Reagan dumb?

  • USC

    Beware the RINO’s don’t make a deal for the DREAM Act in exchange for a deal on the tax cuts during the liberals-Democrats-RINO’s, trickster, so-called lame duck sessions !!!

    The Democrats only need to peel off 1 Republican Senator to get the 60 YES votes they need to get “cloture-ending-debate” to pass the devastating massive-hidden-far-reaching-amnesties-huge-SSS-societal-cultural-COSTS !!!

    Snowe-R-ME, Collins-R-ME, Brown-R-MA, Graham-R-SC, McCain-R-AZ

    Call them and your US Senators and Congressmen, tell them to vote NO on “cloture-ending-debate” on the DREAM Act bill !!!

    If the Democrats get the 60 votes needed for “cloture-ending-debate”, then the debate stops and the bill is then moved on, next to be voted on for passing, where only a simple 51 vote majority is needed to pass the bill !!!

    Call them and your US Senators and Congressmen, tell them to vote NO on “cloture-ending-debate” on the DREAM Act bill !!!

    The mass-foreign-national-illegal-alien-amnesty DREAM Act !!!

    Can we stop it between now and January 3, 2011 ?!?!?

  • talibangelical

    How memorable it all would be: “Chancellor Kohl, Tear Down This Wall!”

  • diamndgirl

    I heard this today…what else is McRINO gonna say, this is hilarious, all of it.

    She couldn’t hold a candle to Reagan, never will either.

    Palined out, this is getting past boring anymore.

    • truebearing

      You don’t like McCain because he’s a RINO, but you despise Palin on the ever-so-sound reasoning that she is over exposed, as if she is in control of every news outlet in America. You are aware that the news people are following her around just to find something…..anything, to report on because it brings huge ratings, right? In a manner od speaking, you’re blaming the rape victim.

      The only thing you seem to like is expressing what you don’t personally like, or find entertaining. Come on, you can do better than that.

  • labman57

    Of course, McCain also referred to “Joe the Plumber” as a “great American hero” and his “personal role model”.

    Kinda puts things in perspective …

  • Sonny119

    Well, it’s about time John McCain, started standing up for Gov. Sarah Palin, for all she has done to stand up for him.!!!

    Now let’s talk about Gov. Sarah Palin’s record and Political Platform for America, and as the next President of the United States of America..

    She was a successful City Council Member.
    She was a successful Mayor.
    She was a successful oil and gas commissioner.
    She was the youngest Elected Governor, in Alaska’s history.
    She Lowered all Alaskan Residents Property Taxes.
    She cut wasteful spending.
    She has rooted out corruption in her own party, as well as the Democratic party, starting with defeating the Corrupt incumbent Governor, Frank Murkowski, the Father of the other Corrupt Murkowski, Lisa.!!!
    She had negotiated a Natural Gas pipeline deal that people said was impossible.
    She had taken on the big oil companies that are the most powerful companies in the world to make sure the people were not getting screwed over, making sure safety standards were top shelf, and while still maintaining the importance of continued and increased production, and getting the major share of the Oil Revenues for all the Alaskan Citizens, as evident in the Annual State Oil Revenue Dividend check, aka, PDF, that every single person in Alaska gets, once a year.
    And when she left office, which was to save the State the cost of Tens of Millions of Dollars in Legal fees, because of all the Hate Mongering Liberals, and their organizations, filing frivolous lawsuits against her, and the State of Alaska, just to destroy her, which they failed, when she left the Governor’s office, she had turned a State Deficit, into a State Surplus, for Alaska, and the Alaskan People.
    Sarah’s successful efforts to stop the cronyism and reform the energy business in Alaska were so impressive Kay Cashman, the publisher and executive editor of Petroleum News, wrote the book entitled: “Sarah Takes On Big Oil”. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the leadership Sarah Palin has exhibited in the area of reforming government and industry.

    These are the Facts, and they are Undisputed.!!!

    Gov. Sarah Palin is a True Do it Yourself, Strong, Self-Made, Self-Reliant, Independent, “Andrew Jacksonian” / “Ronald Reagan”, Constitutional Conservative Patriotic American.
    Gov. Sarah Palin’s Tenacity, Intestinal Fortitude, Strength, Fighting Spirit, Political Insight, and most especially her Faith, has not only allowed her to survive the far left Liberal media’s onslaught, and their campaign to personally destroy her and her Family, which is unprecedented in US History, because they fear her with a passion, as they know she has the charisma, charm, and Political ammunition, to completely destroy the Liberal Democrats, and particularly Obama, their only ace in the hole, from power. Like the making of steel, Gov Palin, has gone through the far left liberal media’s furnace of fire, and has grown even stronger and tougher, and has emerged as the undisputed and undeniable major Political Force in American Politics, today, tomorrow, and especially on 6 Nov., 2012.

    Here’s her Political Presidential Platform as it stands now, in an article by Morgan Freeberg..

    The Palin Platform
    All Great Ideas Are Simple
    by Morgan Freeberg in ‘Politics’

    That her ideas possess currency is undeniable. In fact, just now there is a burst of energy behind her ideas. Which is interesting, because her ideas are rather plain; in fact, they are wholly lacking in anything remarkable at all. They are deficient in the irony people usually crave. These are quaint, bland, “up is up and down is down” ideas. If she were to announce a run for the Presidency, it would probably be along these lines:

    1. The Government should fear the citizens, not the other way around.
    2. If you want the economy to be stronger, do not fight the people who produce our nation’s wealth. Help them.
    3. If your plan will not get us the results we need, with all due respect I could care less how smart you are.
    4. If we have seen this scheme put into action before, and have yet to see it succeed; then let us shelve it until someone makes it work.
    5. Make it inexpensive to put people on a payroll, or to keep them on it. Then, maybe businesses will make cuts somewhere else during the lean times…and perhaps hire some more. We are not beating this any other way.
    6. Every move we make on foreign policy should send a signal to our allies that they made the right choice defending us; or, to our enemies that they made the wrong choice and need to reverse course. Those who are undecided about us, but watching, should be motivated in a powerful way to decide in our favor.
    7. Anyone who does something you might not be ready, willing or able to do yourself – regardless of what they pull down for an hour on the job before overtime – is deserving of your respect.

    Here’s a Prediction for all you Hate Mongering Obamacrat Socialist Marxist Liberals out there..

    “Breaking News from Election HQ’s for Nov. 6th, 2012, America has just Elected it’s first ever, Woman President in U.S. History, Conservative Republican President Elect, Sarah Palin, is now the Nation’s 45th President of the United State of America”.!!!

    • JoeJ

      Gov. Sarah Palin is a True Do it Yourself, Strong, Self-Made, Self-Reliant, Independent, “Andrew Jacksonian” / “Ronald Reagan”, Constitutional Conservative Patriotic American.

      Andrew Jackson is on the mark as a comparison – that is why she is hated both by the Republican and Democrat elite. The do not want the “hordes” taking away their privileged positions of power.

      With that said we should still fear her Zionist led foreign policy mindset. Carrying a big stick is one thing – using it is entirely another.

      • thephranc

        Why do you hate jews so much stormfront joe?

    • rfpzzzzz

      She won the Wasilla council seat in an election that totaled less than 1000 votes. She became mayor in an election that had a total of a bit more than 1000 votes. Wasilla was about 1/2 the size of my small town and none of the council members or mayor should be president.
      Governor Murkowski appointed her to the Alaska oil and gas commission, a field she had no experience in, and she quit the job in less than a year. I believe she supported the bridge to nowhere before she was against it. While AK is the largest state geographically , it has a smaller population than Austin, TX.
      I have nothing against her and agree with most of her positions but her experience, knowledge or verbal skills are no where near Reagan. Reagan was a super bright, well studied and tested individual with a tremendous ability to express his thoughts. He was a giant.

  • JoeJ

    We in the middle class can all be behind Palin on the domestic front – she would be just the right thing for America. She has an American frontier can do mentality. The northeast elite, Republican and Democrat, fear and hate her because she would bring into government different people than them. In this way, she is like Reagan.

    The problem is her foreign policy – she is naive about our “superpower” status in the world – and she backs Zionism 100%. This would be a disaster for America. America’s and the world’s real problem is China – not Muslims.

    • thephranc

      Do you hate jews because they are better than you? Is your hate fueled by jealousy stormfront joe?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frankie-Newton/564520754 Frankie Newton

    The media tried their best to take her down, and they failed. She’s going to enter the Presidential race as the Front Runner despite literally YEARS of unprecedented savaging by the liberal media. Nothing like this has ever happened before, the media has never tried as hard, or failed as badly, to take somebody out. Once she gets out there and officially begins her campaign, and the American People get a chance to see her in the Debates and on the stump, her numbers will only rise as more and more Americans, the ones who actually believed the lies of the left, see that she is the most qualified and intelligent Presidential candidate since the Gipper himself. She’s going to win the Primary and the General in historic landslides, not simply because she’s the best candidate, but because of her total ownership of the lamestream media. They tried everything they could think of to destroy her, no matter how dishonest or sleazy, but nothing worked, because she’s just too good for them.

    • USC

      She’s too nice-decent a person to be President. She might not be able to withstand, handle, or even want to have to deal with it, put up with the high level of demanding stress, pressure coming from all sides and angles, from all of the; big corporations, foreign governments-leaders-diplomats, mass-media-coverage, special-interest-groups, and the people, etc.

      Also she’s has too many establishment; Republican, RINO. neocon, Democrat, political-advisors-handlers behind the scenes telling her what to say-do.

      We don’t want any scripted candidates with lots of political-strategy-advisors-handlers, before they’re actually in office with a management staff. She’s all show business, good at it and would do fine as a US Senator, Congresswoman, Governor.

      President is a whole different thing. We’ve seen where-what the show businness types have gotten-given us.

      Jim DeMint, Mike Pence, Steve King, Tom Tancredo, Ron Paul, etc., for example do not have handlers telling them what to say-do. So they won’t be leading us down the road-paths of the multiple-assorted policies, designed, preferred, promoted, and lobbied,

      by-for an assortment of big; US-foreign-multi-national-corporations, foreign-governments-leaders, special-interest groups,fake phoney-fraud, self-serving policies-roadmaps.

      One of Palins main political handlers is a war-mongering neocon foreign policy advisor, George Bush and John McCains top Iraq advisor.

      Randy Schuenemann

      of PNAC


      Committee for the Liberation of Iraq


      Sarah Palin, Visible and Vocal, Is Positioned for Variety of Roles

      Sarah Palin Pays Randy Schuenemann neocon foreign policy advisor $30,000 in 2009 for advice.

      Fox News host Greta Van Susterens husband John Coale, a Washington lawyer and longtime Democratic fund-raiser helped Ms. Palin set up her political action committee.

      Exerpt from the 2-6-2010 article:

      Ms. Palin has also enlisted a small team of policy counselors to guide her through the substantive areas in which many deemed her to be lacking in 2008.

      Randy Scheunemann, a foreign policy adviser to Mr. McCain who also clashed with the campaign leadership, got $30,000 from Ms. Palin’s PAC in the second half of 2009.

      He helped write a speech for Ms. Palin in Hong Kong last September and also contributes to a daily briefing prepared by Kim Daniels, a Maryland lawyer who did legal work in Alaska for the McCain campaign. (She is now advising Ms. Palin on domestic policy issues and received $21,000 from SarahPAC in the second half of 2009.)

      People with knowledge of the daily briefings say they are conducted by phone or e-mail. They typically include information on the day’s news, material that could be relevant to an upcoming speech, or guidance about a candidate Ms. Palin might endorse.

      Mr. Scheunemann in particular is known as a conservative hawk on foreign affairs, in keeping with what many Palin-watchers have viewed as her steady shift to the right.

      “She used to be a moderate Republican in Alaska, but I think all of these attacks have hardened her and made her absolutely more conservative,”

      said John Coale, a Washington lawyer

      and longtime Democratic fund-raiser

      who helped Ms. Palin set up her political action committee.

      Mr. Coale, the husband of the Fox News host Greta Van Susteren,

      said the crowds that swarmed Ms. Palin’s campaign and book events have provided comfort amid so much criticism.

      “I think there have been times during all the attacks when she thought, ‘This is just too much,’ ” Mr. Coale said. “But now I think it all makes her more determined. Whatever she’s doing now, it feels like a calling to her.”

      Along with her paid advisers, Ms. Palin has been in regular contact with a kitchen cabinet of Washington power brokers:

      Mr. Barnett, a Democrat, on business and media decisions,

      and Fred Malek, an aide to Presidents Richard M. Nixon and the elder George Bush, on political matters.

      When asked by The New York Times for others to speak to about Ms. Palin, her spokeswoman, Ms. Stapleton, mentioned the Republican media adviser Mary Matalin (who has been in sporadic contact with Ms. Palin’s camp)

      and Dana Perino, the former White House press secretary for

      George W. Bush

      Dana Perino is now a Fox News commentator along with Sarah Palin, and Greta Van Susteran has her own Fox News show !!!

      As she jumps more into the national political swamp, Ms. Palin is proving as divisive in Republican circles as she was within the fractious McCain campaign.

      Her scheduled appearance in Nashville on Saturday incited cries of “sellout” from other Tea Party factions that objected to the high cost of tickets to the convention ($549).

      Many of her “establishment” supporters were confounded by her decision to endorse Mr. Paul, who is facing Secretary of State Trey Grayson in the Kentucky Senate primary and who is the son of Ron Paul, the former presidential candidate of libertarian bent.

      “I’m disappointed by her endorsement of Paul,” said

      William Kristol PNAC Chairman

      and the editor of The Weekly Standard,

      and one of the neo-conservatives credited with “discovering” Ms. Palin in 2007.

      “But they always disappoint you”, he said.

      Her endorsement of Rand Paul was-is her #1 shining moment regarding her endorsements and standing as an anti-establishment-mainstream, anti-entrenched-incumbent. anti-Republiucan-RINO-neocon, pro-Tea Party real Conservative.

      She’s too much all over the place politically and in order to her to be a viable candidate for President she needs to clarify, iron all opf this stuff out by first running for, winning, and serving 4 years a US Congresswoman, 1 term as a US Senator, or Governor of a State that wants her !!!

      If she comes out and says directly that she’ll shut down the whole foreign-national-illegal-alien chain of avenues for them to enter the USA illegally, scheming-scamming their way into our country and recieving any kinds of social services, $$$, etc.,

      and that she’ll stop the foreign-national-illegal-alien, anchor-baby schenme-scheme-scam-crime-fraud-enterp[rize, deport all illegal-alien; criminals, gang-members, drug-dealers, document-forgers-frauders, drunk-drivers, harrassers-of-citizens.

      Drasticly reduce imports from; China, Japan, Asia, OPEC, India, Mexico, etc.

      Audit the corrupt-criminal Federal Reserve bank,
      Remove corporations offshore tax-shelters, etc.

      then we should agree to her as a good candidate for President and not before athen !!!

  • Vuvuzela

    I like Palin, and she’s got a real knack for making liberals heads explode. She has a place in the Tea Party people, and in the Republican Party. Unfortunately, neither I nor many conservatives I know, care to see her in the White House – at least not at this time in history.

    But I DO enjoy seeing the popping heads and stick-in-the-eye pain exhibited by the libs!

    • PolyIndependent

      It’s not just “liberals” whose head explode over Palin. Her support among conservatives plummets with education levels. Do any of you ever stop to really ask WHY this is the case?

      • RoadtoFREEDOM

        well, Poly, if you had the Journolist bottom feeders as your PR engine… your own family would probably revile you, too.

        Have you ever considered what her poll numbers would be like if she had NOT been actively maligned and all her words carefully cropped and edited to provide a particular impression?

        Does your narrative really explain why she is SOOO powerful and enduring in spite of said smear campaign?

        Liberals can’t think rationally about her because she is an attractive woman who is conservative, unflinching, principled, and unrelenting in her fight for the cause.

        My guess is that the poll you are referring to drew heavily from blue blood country club types, the RINO establishment that does loath and fear her for the same reasons liberals do… because there is a fig leaf of difference between RINO’s and Liberals who are OUT of the closet with their penchant for big government control over America…

        What’s funny is that to a lefty ideologue like yourself, you actually don’t see the distinction between a true common sense conservative or libertarian conservative and an establishment RINO. WE do discern a the inescapable difference, and it is WE who are ascendant and it is WE who just cleaned your side’s clock (including the RINO’s) in the Mid terms.

        My point to you is, you can continue to underestimate Palin and what she represents, or you can look at the empirical evidence in front of you, that Progressivism ISN’T working and the country is in the process of purging itself of the sickness that has been spreading for going on 100 years or more.

        The status quo is over… your assumptions are faulty… and that’s why you are consistently WRONG in your comments here, and why your kind failed to see the Mid Term results in advance and denied them to the last.

        So you can pretend to feel superior, to be insightful, but you know, deep down, that you don’t understand, you fear what is happening, and you know there is a real chance that we ARE taking our country back and that is bigger than Palin, or any one individual you might choose to sling mud at…

        In the face of such evidence… maybe you would be better served to not cling to misleading polls about minutia or one personality, and instead open your eyes to the TREND and the forces behind it.

        • loudog

          Does it hit a nerve when people say Palin isn’t Presidential material, because you support her and take the criticism personally? Is that why you feel the need to respond to every criticism?

          • RoadtoFREEDOM

            Nah… but your binary little brain is forced to reduce everything into ‘Palin Bad’, bash Palin, good.

            I take offense to idiots like you bashing someone who is helping to clean Obama’s clock and help real Americans take their country back from the transformation crap sandwich.

            If I were advising Palin, I’d probably suggest she not run because she’s tremendously effective doing what she’s doing, but I mock you because of your baseless certainty that she’s unelectable… and I enjoy mocking you and revealing the giant holes in your so called ‘logic’.

            Plus, I’ve watched you be wrong for months now and it’s just fun to rub your noses in it. Fun, really. If someone hadn’t lifted the lift on your skull and scooped the gray matter out and replaced it with fecal matter, you’d be able to keep up.

          • loudog

            Wrong when I said O’Donnell would lose, wrong when I said Miller would lose? Wrong when I hope Palin is your condidate? Nope.

            touches a nerve, good

          • RoadtoFREEDOM

            Um… wrong about the interpretation of the total drubbing your team received – but way to pick a handful of ‘victories’ to puff yourself up. Guess we’re not gonna talk about Rand Paul or Toomey or the majorities in the legislatures, or the historic NUMBER and composition of the freshman class of conservative Republicans with a mandate to wipe out Bambycare.

            Celebrate your victories where you can, the greater conflict is NOT trending your way, no matter how many useless quips to post here… or didn’t your team just get stomped even by admission of your otherwise clueless President?

          • loudog

            I never predicted Paul would lose or that Dems would hold the majority in the House. Although I didn’t vote for Obama, he’s our President, even yours.

        • PolyIndependent

          I would take an IQ test, knowledge of history test, science test, sociology test against Palin. You name it, I’ll take it. If you like those leading your country to be dumb, that’s your problem. But don’t expect the rest of us AMERICANS to follow along with your idiocy.

          • pepito

            Wait a tick! It’s Dumb & Dumber-(0bama & Biden), who’s leading this country to dumb-dom and doofuses like you led the pack in voting for the tele-prompter reading phony. 0bama is basically a party president, an empty suit who along with his tacky dressing middle linebacker of a wife, elegantly travel around the world every other week, making fools of themselves, on our dime! Let’s face it, 0bama is clueless and in way over his head, along with his marxist cronies, who haven’t tackled any of America’s problems.

            So please Polyignoramus, don’t try to impress us with daring to take any history, science psychiatric test…

          • clw

            Since you’re such a genius, maybe you can relay to everyone how your side failed SO miserably in the mid-terms; the worst Dem *ss-kicking since the early first half of the LAST century, that re-dstricting by the Reps ALONE means that your side is out of contention until after the next census at the EARLIEST. But you Dems are all such GENIUSES I’m sure there’s a reason that you LOST ON SUCH AN EPIC SCALE. Maybe your test results will show WHY.

          • RoadtoFREEDOM

            Poly… you’re a sore loser, but we already knew that. You failed to ‘refudiate’ my tearing apart of your previous brain dead assertion.

            By your testy tone, I can tell you are bubbling over with frustration and indignation because you know ‘that woman’ is a LOT smarter than you’d like her to be… and she’s ALREADY done tremendous damage to the cause of transforming America into a Euro-trash welfare state.

            And you know, deep down, YOU KNOW that you are on the wrong side in this battle for the future of America – your losing, you’re wrong on the issues, you’re wrong on the facts, and you’re an elitist insecure sniveling chump who is threatened by strong, conservative, powerful women and your chauvanism is showing. You just like man hating harpies who frequent Huffy Puffy and NOW, and Palin is just OFF your reservation.

            Yeah… keep dismissing her as stoopid… keep it up. Most liberals made that mistake with Reagan and George W in 2000 AND 2004.

            The majority of Americans are fed up with your kind… and I assure you that you’ve got NO CLUE what Americans want… and I consider you a poor example of an American for the simple reason that you are with the statists, the tyrants, and you support their attempt to gut the Founding principles of our Country.

            Want to try again to back up your original stupid comment, Beta, or were you hoping no one would challenge you on your BS?

          • thephranc

            Poly you aren’t as smart as you pretend to be. I prove that every day. Would you resort to the same dishonest against Palin that you use here to avoid having to answer simple and direct questions? You are a fraud and you do a disservice to the uniform, if in fact you actually wear one given how much you lie that claim of yours is very suspect. It’s not like you act with the honour and integrity the typical service member does.

          • truebearing


            You want to put yourself up against Palin, do you? By the time she was done with you, she’d be she’d be playing whack-a-mole with your head.

            Here’s your problem, Polly: the tests would be independently verified, which means your only talent, pathological lying, would be of no use.

      • grayzel

        “Her support among conservatives plummets with education levels.” Poly

        Yes, that is important for me to know. If the highly educated don’t like her then I just do not know how I could vote for her. Just look how well our country has been doing with all the Ivy League, highly educated elite running it. They have done such an exceptional job. The United States is a virtual utopia. Everyone gets along, we have low taxes and spending and above all we never have any wars. Oh, I just realized, we do not have wars because the highly educated lawyers running our country just call them something else. Remember, it depends on what the meaning of is-is.