Lugar: Prospects improve for OK of arm treaty

WASHINGTON (AP) — The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says he’s more optimistic now about ratification of a nuclear weapons treaty with Russia.

The new START treaty that President Barack Obama wants ratified during the lame-duck session of Congress has been opposed by some Senate Republicans.

Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana says he sees “strong bipartisan support” for an emerging agreement that would include a treaty vote during the postelection session. But he says Democrats would have to agree to limit Senate action to tax legislation, a broad spending measure and the treaty — in that order.

He says if the issue is debated, he tells CNN’s “State of the Union” that he thinks “the votes are there.”

  • Hawkeye

    We need to watch out for Tricky Dick Lugar! He disguises himself as a conservative, but he votes like a progressive liberal. He just voted to keep the earmarks and he voted for the food safety bill, which will give more government control over our lives. He also voted to add Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, who in my opinion, was not qualified.

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  • Pat_in_NC

    There really are serious problems with this treaty.
    Andrew C. McCarthy at NationalReview points out:
    The Russians and Americans have publicly stated contradictory understandings of what the treaty means. The Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says the treaty limits the US missile defense. Obama says the treaty doesn’t our missile defense. So… which is it?
    Remember “If you like your insurance, you can keep it”?
    Now it’s “If you like your national security, you can keep it”.
    There is no rush on this treaty. Give a thorough debate and review in the senate with the new senators next year.
    Also as McCarthy suggests, Obama should produce the complete negotiation record.
    I hate to think we will need WikiLeaks to find out what Obama really thinks about the treaty.
    Of course, maybe that is why Obama is pushing so hard now… try to get the treaty passed before WikiLeaks exposes the real record.

  • Rocketman

    I have a few questions:

    1.) Why do we as Americans need a nuclear weapons treaty with the Яooskees? I thought we were pals these days. So Barry and Hillary can’t spell “reset”. LOL

    2.) How about we UPGRADE our nuclear arsenal FIRST, and then, if they’re lucky, we’ll nudge the nasty Яooskees into military and economic oblivion again. Why are they so afraid of DEFENSIVE weapons? Get a clue, BHO. Mad Vlad wear buckskins while you wear mom jeans.

    3.) When have the Яooskees or any other potential foe EVER kept their word, contract, treaty, etc.?

    The so-called leadership of America is doing all they can to castrate us as a world power. Mad Vlad (ras)Putín and his puppet Medvedev just laugh at President Slappy.
    Meanwhile, we ALL pay for our empty suit of a POTUS.


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