Mitch McConnell: WikiLeaks chief ‘a high-tech terrorist’

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is calling the founder of the online site WikiLeaks a “high-tech terrorist” for releasing classified material from the U.S. government.

McConnell says that the online release of secret diplomat exchanges has done “enormous damage” to the country and to its relationship with its allies.

McConnell tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he hopes WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be prosecuted for the disclosures. And he says that if it’s found that Assange hasn’t violated the law, then the law should be changed.

Of Assange, McConnell says, “I think the man is a high-tech terrorist.”

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  • Stumpjumper

    oooh, another boogeyman we must all fear. shove it mcconnell, you and your elitist friends. your so out of touch with america.

  • lonecracker

    So far, I have not read an intelligent response to what the senator has said. And does kingfish actually have a life?

    • OldMexican

      Re: lonecracker,

      “So far, I have not read an intelligent response to what the senator has said.”

      It is possible the reason is that what the senator said is not intelligent in itself. Just because a person publishes so-called “state secrets” does not make that person a “terrorist” (i.e. someone who uses terrorism as a tactic.)

      Who’s being terrorized? DC bureaucrats? They SHOULD be affraid of something, indeed terrorized by something, and that is: We The People.

      “Truth becomes Treason in the eyes of the Empire.” Tx-Rep. Ron Paul, 2008.

  • Satchmo

    McConnell is a moron.

  • kingfish

    The Voice of the White House, Washington, D.C., December 4, 2010:

    “Initially, I had thought Julian Assange to be a cross between a gadfly and a fraud but two weeks ago, a friend, name unknown, sent me eight discs containing much, if not all, of the so-called DoS cables and much on certain American banks that he is in the process of releasing to the public. Reading this over was a revelation because it would be an impossibility to fake so much material and some of the material I have seen elsewhere.

    Now, as the full impact of Julian’s work has spread around the world, sheer panic has set in all over Washington and parts of northern Virginia. I note the captive media is braying for Julian’s arrest or assassination, an indicator of what their bosses really want. Julian is an Aussie and how Holder could try him for treason sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

    The real culprits here are the fumbling fools that pack the ranks of both the CIA and the Department of State. What these releases have done is to expose the arrogant and crude methodology of American diplomacy and we have not heard the end of this yet. And if the CIA or other official American agencies, kill Assange, they will be making an instant martyr of him and the huge body of other documents, obviously copied out and disseminated, will certainly emerge to a much more receptive audience.

    But then, of course, our policies, like our agencies, are run by stupid and arrogant individuals who, in the private sector, would be fortunate to get jobs cleaning the lavatories at MacDonalds.”