North Korea threatens ‘sacred war’ using nuclear weapons

North Korea is ready for a “sacred war of justice” using the nuclear deterrent, its armed forces minister has said.

Kim Yong-chun said exercises conducted by South Korea near the border were a preparation for war with the North.

The drill is one of the largest in South Korea’s history, involving tanks, helicopters and fighter planes.

Full story: North Korea ‘prepared to launch sacred war’

  • Adam Smith

    How does an atheistic country have a “sacred” war?

  • pepito

    Tell me something, what the HELL have we been doing in South Korea for over 50+ years? Aren’t we there so that the North Korean would not dare attempt to invade South Korea?
    Now that the United States has the lamest, weakest administration headed by the Wussiest-in Chief, the North Korean are taking advantage of a weak President Obama and threatening the South Koreans everyday. This only proves one thing…


    -Teddy Roosevelt

    • didacticrogue

      Are you implying that POTUS is carrying a little stick? Just askin’.

      • pepito

        Yes! The POTUS is a little er huh, stick!

        • lollytyg

          The norks know that little “stick” is all bluff. What do they have to lose?
          Kim Il Jong is about the only leader Obama hasn’t bowed and apologized to.