Biden: Gay marriage is ‘inevitable’

Back during the 2008 presidential campaign, the idea of allowing gay marriage was one neither Barack Obama nor Joe Biden was willing to embrace. Biden even specifically said he did not support doing anything on the civil side to change the definition of marriage during the 2008 vice-presidential debate.

But could he be coming around?

On Friday’s broadcast of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” co-host George Stephanopoulos asked the vice president about his thoughts on gay marriage now that the military’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy was repealed.

“You cited earlier, the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ — the president signing that,” Stephanopoulos said. “And in his press conference afterwards, he also dealt with the issue of gay marriage. In his remarkable answer he said it was evolving – it was something in he really struggles with. Where are you on that these days?”

Biden’s revelation: A national consensus on the gay marriage is an evolving inevitability.

“Oh, I think the country’s evolving,” Biden said. “And I think there’s inevitability for a national consensus on gay marriage. That is my view. But this is the president’s policy. But, it is evolving. I think the country’s evolving. I remember, the first time he met with the Joint Chiefs, I was with him. Met and said, ‘Gentlemen, I want you to prepare now. I want to end ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ So, he prepared the ground so it’s widely accepted as it is today by the military. And I think the same thing is happening across the country, with regard to the issue of marriage.”


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  • SargeH

    Maybe Crazy Joe is talking about himself and has someone in mind.

  • navy30yr

    I’d like to remind Joe Biden, a supposed Roman Catholic, that “marriage” is a Sacrament in the faith and describes the union of a man and a woman for life within the love of God. He can drop his pretext of being a Catholic and start going by the name of Secular Joe whenever he wants.

    • clw

      Wait, wait, those rules don’t apply to liberal politicians! They use those pesky old labels… Christian, Catholic… as vote getters! They’re meant to appeal to “conservative Democrats” or “Kennedy Democrats” as they like to call them. (I like to call them FAKE “CATHOLICS”). They’re not mean to be taken SERIOUSLY, or LITERALLY. That’s for conservatives! Silly navy30yr! :)

  • Patrick Henry

    The only thing that is inevitable, besides taxes, is Joe will be looking for a job in 24 months.

  • wf922

    As a gay man I am not so sure why “marriage” is necessary, unless the GLBT community has other ideas, I mean if we can get the same rights and benefits via Civil Unions, then why the push for marriage if not to force religious organizations to recognize the marriage. I would hope gay americans would not be duped into being used by those who only wish to tear religion to shreds.

  • Oldetrip
  • savage24

    Don’t you think Biden and Franks would make a fine couple?

  • Rocketman

    Rotso Ruck, Srow Joe.

    While most Americans don’t know squat about the military, they DO know that “gay marriage” is NOT for THEM. How many States have to vote it down before it occurs to that buffoon?
    The unintended consequences of repealing DADT will be felt for MANY years.
    I bet that “gay marriage” is not one of those consequences. But, who knows what Leftist judges will do next? The Shadow? Where is he when you need him?

    In sum, while Slow Joe Biden is an embarrassment to the United States (and real men everywhere) … His boss is downright dangerous to our Republic.


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Martin/1685756925 David Martin

      then don’t get gay married there problem solved

  • independentvoter

    WAIT soon being GAY will no longer be VOGUE.. Than What??