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If you really want Mayor Bloomberg to do something about the snow, just tell him that people are enjoying it

Associated Press:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he’s “extremely dissatisfied” with how the city’s emergency response system performed during the post-Christmas blizzard.

Ambulances got stuck in the snow trying to answer 911 calls and more than 49,000 calls swamped 911 operators in one day. That’s the 6th busiest day in the system’s history.

The mayor says the city needs to focus on clearing unplowed streets after the storm and “we’ll do the post-mortem afterwards.”

Yeah, that’s traditionally when a post-mortem is done.

Here’s his press conference yesterday:

“I regret everything in the world.” [rolls eyes]

Nothing assuages people’s legitimate concerns about the basic functions of local government quite like a sheltered billionaire’s hostile sarcasm. Go, Bloomie, go!!

(Headline courtesy of that one guy.)

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  • lollytyg

    Hey Treach,

    You’re typing much better with that new knee!

    Just my $.02 but if Bloomberg hadn’t outlawed salt, every bar and deli in NY could’ve just poured it in the street. There HAD to be that much of it to start with. After all, it was the bane of NY!

    I’m actually surprised they’re not dumping tobacco and trans-fats on it.

    Having viewed the video of the NY union-trained, expert drivers, totally trash the private property of some poor schmuck, and then let’s actually hit it with the blade too, I was amazed that you got away with just your knee, although now it’s your whole leg.

    I digress, you need to watch out man, the union isn’t finished with you.

    Keep typing Treach, if that had happened to me, I’d still be waiting for mention in ANY newspaper, page 154, below the fold.

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  • tinteardrop

    If the unions really decided to cause death just to make a point, their drivers better not drive alone plowing after the next storm. Even New Yorkers, I would think, have an ‘enough is enough’ point that can be reached. But then again, they’ve usually asked for what they’ve got.

  • TellTheTruth

    Yep…just let Bloomie know you are enjoying the snow…he’ll be out in force to make sure that doesn’t happen! Bloomberg is the grinch that stole everything enjoyable………what a posturing little elitist sycophant! Please…let him become a Democrat not just in deed, but in name also!