Harry Reid: ‘The American people love government’

Congress has generated its lowest approval rating in decades. President Barack Obama is treading the 50 percent line with his approval ratings.

Yet whether the American people know it or not,  they love their government – or so says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

On the first day of the new Congress, the Nevada Democrat lamented in his opening remarks what he referred to as obstruction from Senate Republicans over the past few years, accusing them of using stalling tactics to score political points on some legislation.

“I’ve been forced to use my right as majority leader to fill what we call the amendment tree more than I would have liked to,” Reid said. “But it’s been for a simple reason, Mr. President. Rather than offer amendments to improve legislation or compromise for the greater good as members of this body have done for generations – the current minority has offered amendments to waste time, delay us from proceeding to a bill or to score political points.”

But that was said to make a larger point. According to Reid, despite data showing otherwise – the American people love government. It’s the politics they despise.

“The American people love government, but they don’t like too much politics in government,” he said.


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  • s85K3r

    Dingy Harry’s comment leaves me wondering who is the more stupid – Dingy Harry or the people dumb enough to have voted for this imbecile.

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  • rubicon

    Harry, you & Nancy have this incredible habit of speaking as though everyone believes what you say is fact. A biased & sympathetic media allows you two to just babble on & then that same media acts as though all you say is truth & fact with no possibility the two of you are certifiable. Americans Harry, love their country, they may even respect government. But they do not love what YOU call government & they most assuredly do not want any form of socialist government you & your cabal want to impose on us! Just because you can get media types to quote you in one of your far too many press releases that does not mean what you say is true or relevant. You seem to be speaking outrageously, just like Nancy Pelosi has been or as Howard Dean has been, just so you keep your face on the front pages of leftist papers like the New York Times. You appear to be afraid you are now irrelevant. Well Harry, you are. You may be majority leader, but I would advise you to enjoy it for now because come 2013, I have a feeling you will not be in the majority of almost anything. BTW.. change the rules on filibuster Harry. Go ahead. But come 2013 when you become a minority Senator, keep your mouth shut when Republicans crush any of you or your party’s plans to filibuster anything. What goes around Harry, comes around. In this case… it will bite you!

  • rick013

    We like our form of government. We just don’t like the socialist elitists currently running the show.

  • Reno_Dave

    And they said that Sharron Angle was nuts!

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  • Corporal Punishment

    Government is a necessary evil. I, for one, do not love it.

  • pyeatte

    Reid you are dead wrong and a fool. We tolerate government because we have to.

  • maineack

    Every time this guy opens his mouth, my head explodes.