41 percent of New York City pregnancies end in abortion

NEW YORK (WABC) — New and eye-opening statistics about the rate of abortions in New York City have been released by the Health Department.

It raises questions about the effectiveness of current birth control education.

41% of all New York City pregnancies end in abortion.

The rate for minorities is even higher.

Both sides say the high abortion percentage is a crisis.

“If 41% of New York babies are aborted, with the percentage even higher in the Bronx and among our African-American babies in the world, it is downright chilling,” New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan said.

Full story: 41 percent of New York City pregnancies end in abortion

  • didacticrogue

    We have now taught several generations of mothers to kill their own children. How very progressive.

    At times I look upon what we have become and weep.

  • gringott

    New York = Gomorrah
    San Francisco = Sodom

    The scary part is the rest of us are between the two.

    The latest homosexual move is getting mother and father removed from passports. Now it’s Parent 1 and Parent 2. Since biology will no longer be considered, shouldn’t we get rid of the birth certificate, after all it records reality. Obama doesn’t need one, why should we? Understand behind all the homosexual rights BS is the real truth – they want and need access to children to perpetuate the lifestyle.

  • southernandproud


  • Liberalsareblind

    Liberals are so stupid! Do you know how many future Democrats they’re aborting? Of course the idiots in New York wonder why their state is losing representatives in Congress. NYC also has one of the most liberal and comprehensive sex education programs. Apparently, it’s not working very well.

    • Carnate

      Funny how the fact that an abortion takes the life of a developing fetus isn’t your main point – you worthless conservative hack. Grow a pair and learn to actually be consistent.

      • Liberalsareblind

        Why bother? The fact that you’re taking a life with an abortion doesn’t matter to you liberals any way, you heartless liberal hack.

      • theprofessor

        What a stupid knee-jerk comment — obviously, abortion is the taking of a life…d’uh. Fact is, pro-choice people don’t care about that. What they do care about is votes and power — hence, the subject of Liberalsareblind’s comment.

  • BitterClinger

    I was just going to make the same comment. I’d like to see the demographics of the abortions in NYC. I suspect that liberalization of abortion policy is working as designed according to its proponents.

  • matedeirdre

    Margaret Sanger started planned parenthood in part to limit the black population. Its frightening to see that, in NYC at least, she
    has succeeded in her goal. This is a very sad report