Why Scott Brown must be defeated

An organization I run, The National Republican Trust PAC, raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Scott Brown win the Massachusetts special election to fill the seat vacated upon the death of Ted Kennedy. That organization will now do everything possible to see that Brown is defeated by a primary opponent when he faces reelection in 2012. Why? Because there is no difference between him and a Democrat.

Now, we knew going in that Massachusetts is a liberal state and we would not be able to count on Brown for very much, but something even people in his very blue home state would have understood is a vote against ratifying the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).

The excuses for voting in favor of New START are pathetic. Basically those in favor insist that the treaty will allow US inspectors back into Russia to make sure the Russians are eliminating their nuclear stockpile in accordance with the treaty. Mitigating that, however, is the fact that our inspectors can only look at the sites that the Russians tell us we can inspect. That’s it. That’s the best argument the other side had for supporting the treaty. On the other hand, you could write a thick book about the reasons to vote against it.

Russia desperately wanted the US to sign this treaty; in fact, Russian leaders even warned us that we had better not tamper with the language of the treaty while it was being considered during the lame-duck (illegitimate) Senate session. One of the reasons they couldn’t contain their participatory enthusiasm is that the treaty limits our ability to deploy a missile defense system. And we just might need that missile defense system because the treaty calls for reductions in nuclear-armed missiles, which leaves Russia with an even greater strategic offensive advantage.

It is complicated to explain, but here is a good way to look at it: Imagine that the US has a hand gun and five bullets, and the Russians have a hand gun and ten bullets. Russian Premier Medvedev says to Obama that he will throw away five of his bullets if Obama throws away five of his. Only an idiot would take that deal. Well, an idiot or someone who doesn’t mind selling out his country.

But there is a precedent to this stupidity. Twelve years ago the Russians made the outlandish argument that the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty did not apply to them because they were no longer the USSR but it did apply to us because we were still the United States. Communist China, which was never involved in the ABM Treaty, also asserted that the US should be bound by it. Most observers at the time were sure the Russians and Chinese were “punking” us, but the joke ended up being on us because President Clinton agreed with them. In short, Clinton sided with the two most dangerous countries on the planet, at that time, against his own country. No wonder many senior people who worked in national security in the nineties were quietly saying Clinton was a traitor (I am not kidding).

  • kenpowoman

    Scott Brown rode in on wave of anti-Obamacare sentiment. He was a not-ready-for-prime-time candidate who out-glamored the middle-aged Martha Coakley and seduced independents with his coy enthusiasm. He got to Washington and was co-opted by the other RINOs there, it’s that simple. He found his comfort zone and he’s sticking to it. He’s an intellectual lightweight, as evidenced by his votes on DADT and the new START. Unfortunately, he’s turned out to be just another pretty face.

  • bostonshepherd

    Well, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is filled mostly with independent voters (50%) and the other 50% split 35% liberal moonbats and 15% republicans.

    If Scott Brown votes 50% of the time with the Republican Senate minority, that’s 50% more than we could expect from Martha Coakley or any of the other MA hack politicians looking to move up in the world.

    As a conservative MA resident and a voter slightly to the right of Genghis Khan, I’m not happy with all of Brown’s votes, but it’s a whole lot better than John Kerry’s (and Ted Kennedy’s) absolute fealty to progressive ideals.

    I’m especially OK with Scott Brown if in the next cycle he’s the 51st US Senator that gives the Republicans the majority, and control, of the senate.

  • McQ

    It never ceases to amaze me that so many Conservatives require a rectumotomy to remove their heads from their rectums. Or the fact that their myopic political perspective blinds them to the truth.

    Scott Brown wasn’t elected because he is a Conservative, he was elected because people believed he would do the right thing and protect their interests. And that has nothing to do with what outside interests believe are our best interests. If this author or any of the people responding to this article think a dyed in the wool Conservative will ever get elected in this state…, read the first line, above!

    And, for your personal edification, it is NOT because we are Liberal! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this state, it is because we are NOT Conservative! Do you really think that Conservatives forced the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord? Wake up! The majority of people in this state actually happen to be “middle-of-the-roaders”. And, we use to vote for Republicans before the Conservatives hijacked the Republican Party and left us with the Democrats as the only alternative. But, that was in the day when there were Moderate Republicans and Conservative Republicans and Conservative Democrats and Liberal Democrats. Those men and women knew when to be conservative and when to be liberal and especially when to compromise when it was in the best interests of the United States and it’s citizens! But, that was before the 80’s and the progressively dysfunctional government that has taken root since Reagan’s Administration.

    I find this comment very interesting: The liberal mentality of opposition to conservatives, meaning the view that such a mindset is inherently intolerant, racist, whatever derogatory name you like, is deeply entrenched. I find it interesting, in so far as there is a modicum of truth to this statement. But that doesn’t cover all Conservatives anymore than the equivalent vitriol spewed forth against the Liberals. But the real operative concept here is compromise. Conservatives are like the little boy who can’t get his way and takes the bat and ball and goes home. The country isn’t made up of just white tight-ass Conservatives, it’s made up of a lot of different people with different ideas trying to make America better. I still believe the average American wants action that makes sense and a government that takes care of the things that it needs to, when it needs to and stays out of our way the rest of the time.

    I find it appalling that Conservatives would question Scott Brown’s core values, just because he doesn’t vote the way YOU think he should! I am not a big proponent of his cause or necessarily his tenure in office (that remains to be seen, though), but the one thing I will say is that he is a man of integrity. And, I respect that! Unfortunately, I can’t say that for every Conservative who comes down the pike….

    As for the author, Mr. Wheeler, and his major concerns about protecting America: I wonder what his take is on Bush selling out to the Chinese Communists to finance his wet dream foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan and Wall Street and Big Business jumping in bed with the Chinese manufacturers to reap BIG profits and BIG bonuses and how that effects our security? Whatever happened to a Communist behind every tree and under every rock? Oh wait a minute, they were supplanted by Muslim Terrorists….

  • samac

    That every Republican secretary of state supported this treaty made it difficult to understand how this was some bright line issue. Mutually Assured Destruction is intact as is the US nuclear deterrent, not that Russia is even a top 5 security issue nowadays.

    If you are really concerned about defense, stop rehashing the cold war and focus on real issues at hand. Some new long range bomber pork does virtually nothing for US security.

    Does start keep us from developing miniaturized killer bee drones that can blanket Pakistan? To develop capabilities to differentiate and eliminate jihadists en masse. Start doesn’t change the fact that we have enough nukes to eliminate all these god foresaken countries, nor does it prevent us from addressing the urgent security risks.

    As for pulling an O’Donnell on Brown, good luck. He’s supposedly the 2nd most popular Senator by favorability rankings. Really good luck. A challenger will only help him get reelected.

  • alecj

    We knew Scott Brown would be less than conservative at times, but he has shown that he has no core values, that is unacceptable. Like a teenager desperate for acceptance by the snobby in crowd, Brown seems to look to liberals for acceptance in every major decision he makes…so worried about being reelected that he has never developed the character that made him such a wonderful candidate.

    He will probably lose reelection now that he has alienated the people who fought so hard for him in the special election…..I know im not sending him money this time around. The START treaty was the last straw for my wallet.

    Why run as a Republican if you are only going to spend your votes worrying about pleasing the left in your home state?

  • behonest

    I know you have to be ordained a saint to get the support of Ma. I seen the likes of the smear campaigns against Belot,Perry and every decent man and woman
    that ran against the likes of B.Frank,Markey,and all the other Progressive caucus look up the members of the CPC list. congressinal progressive caucus

    My take on this is I would rather a dem win in Ma we know where he stands and work on the other 23 Dems that are up for re-election If we can rid ourselves of Idiots like Finegold we can conquer the world. There are other states in this union that are not bought by George Soros and his cronies.

    I really feel bad for Ma. because there are so many that are ashamed of their state for falling short in 2010, Since they are the orginial Tea party Patriots! They didn’t count on Kerry and Brown teaming up as jogging partners, any man that believes any thing coming out of Kerry’s mouth, Is an real idiot He is the one that negotiated with the enemy and Tokyo Jane. Did he ever pay the $500,000 taxes on his new yacht that he had built in Austriala (not in the USA)and docked in RI no tax there. It is nice how the rich(dems) find all the loopholes.

  • johno413

    To Mr. Wheeler and those who have commented that do not live in MA, I ask you to name one elected official in this state in the past 10 years that would fit the conservative purity mold. Any level – federal, state, town, etc. – can you name just one? And if not, what fuels your “hope” that you can change the mind of the electorate here to finally vote someone into office that does?

    Surely you wouldn’t name Romney after his contribution to the health care system here, and his flip-flopping on abortion in order to get elected in the state. And even if you went further back, would you even accept other past governors such as Cellucci, Weld, or Swift? I’m certain they would fail your purity test equally.

    Quite silly. Good luck.

  • TruePatriot

    What really happened was Scott Brown woke up and found God…. He reformed and is doing what he knows is MORALLY RIGHT !!! I guess he didn’t buy the republican.. One World Corperate Order plan… Or there motto..You know..For the rich and by the rich…GREAT JOB SCOTT BROWN nice to know that there are TRUE PATRIOTS still left in this country !!! We need to get the Democrats going again !!!