Alleged Ariz. gunman Jared Loughner had prior run-ins with police

Jared Loughner, the 22-year-old gunman who allegedly shot Ariz. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the head, killed six and injured many others at a Tucson, Ariz. public event Saturday, had prior run-ins with the law in the form of at least one arrest, according to two Public Access documents obtained by The Daily Caller.

The Public Access transcripts don’t have extensive  information and it is unclear what exactly Loughner was charged with, but the documents listed Loughner as a “criminal” for a “local charge” on October 17, 2008 in Pima County. It also appears Loughner had a complaint filed against him for a “UNIFORM CITATN.”

Loughner’s Marana Municipal Court disposition date was listed at December 10, 2008. The case and Loughner were dismissed on the same date.

Loughner is currently in custody. On his YouTube page, he listed Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto among his favorite books.

  • erick1740

    The shooter completely belongs to the left.

  • Carnate

    The vast majority of aggressive intimidation, hate, and vile tone has come from the right. I’m an independent who will never again vote Republican because of the way the conservative GOP has treated liberals in this nation since 2000.

    I hold the rhetoric of Fox News, Rush, Hannity, Beck, Coulter, and Michelle Malkin guilty of inciting the extreme fringe of their base to violence. Palin had cross hair triggers over certain areas – using the words “reload.” What the hell do you think she meant when she said this ?!

    As far as I’m concerned the powers of the conservative movement are trying to incite a civil war – they’re all sociopaths to the core, no emotion, no care. Their using god and the flag to manipulate scum like this shooter to violence because they know it works. And when stuff like this happens they’ll go on damage control and start blaming liberals as usual in order to prevent discussing the very hatred they are spewing and creating.

    I’ll say this now – I am beginning to hate everything conservatives stand for.

    • Kerrvillian

      So, get your butt back over to DailyKos where you came from and stop claiming to be an independent. You only came here to troll.

      He who has eyes can see that conservatives above all else respect the rule of law while disobedience is a tool of the progressives. Bill Ayers was not a conservative when he was blowing up his lovers and cops with his bombs.

      Those who claim the right is inciting violence have to lie about the huge numbers of unreformed law-breakers on the left.

    • clw

      You are a registered Independent? What a coincidence! I am a registered Independent!

      And YET, my views are diametrically opposed to YOUR views!

      Your kind likes to BURN the flag, not “use” it, and will rail against God! The more secular the U.S. is the BETTER, in the view of liberals!!

      America haters! Who, oddly enough don’t LEAVE the country they detest; they just stay and bash it until they can’t see straight! Oh but that and all their shrill, deranged protest is all so commendable in their opinion… GAG.

    • truebearing


      Spare us the phony BS. You aren’t smart enough to pull it off, and we aren’t dumb enough to fall for it. You’re full of crap.

    • theslowrider

      Carnate. Classmates of his are describing him as ‘very liberal, loner, and pothead.’ He’s also had some bad problems with alcohol. Falsely calling this murderer a conservative just shows your immaturity and hate. Pretty sad. Maybe it’s time to grow up and start telling the truth. You might want to read what the Bible says about falsely accusing others. The focus is on YOU, not those you falsely accuse!

    • The_anniebanannie

      My B.S. meter just shot off the charts. You’re a liar. A phony. You’ve never been a republican, never will, and we don’t want you.

  • Carnate

    Whenever I see political comments on message boards – whether on here or Yahoo News or whatever, it’s usually ALWAYS conservative who is calling the liberal a socialist or a “libtard.”

    I’m an independent who voted for Bush in 2000 – it was the first and last time I will ever vote Republican again because I have been utterly disgusted with the behavior of most conservatives in power like Hannity, Rush, Beck, and Fox News. Ann Coulter has openly called for the killing of foreign leaders, and Liz Trotta said she wouldn’t mind if Obama were assassinted.

    We are not seeing this vile garbage coming from the left – we’re not and that’s the flat out truth. The amount of hate is so evident in the tone of some of these conservative bloggers and I don’t understand how they became this way.

    15-years of Fox News, Hannity, Rush and Beck preaching doomsday rhetoric

    • clw

      You’re a liar.

      The intensity of your anti-conservative posts shows you are a dyed-in-the-wool “progressive”, and to suggest to any of us, (especially myself, who IS a registered Independent), that you are anything BUT a liberal is ludicrous.

      The “HATE” that you PERCEIVE coming from the right, is ANGER. This was caused by the LEFT attempting to RUIN a country that we love dearly, and their attempts to distort it into something unrecognizable from what our fore-fathers had envisioned. Something secular, socialized, perverted and distorted.

      You can try to call us racist, you can try to paint us with a broad-brush as supporters of “the rich”, you can try to twist the truth any way your kind always does, but in the end, the truth will win out, and liberals will have lost even MORE ground, due entirely to their own over-reaching; and conservatives, hand in hand with the TEA PARTY, the people you DETEST, will have the country back on track.

      So you can boo-hoo all you want to, LIBERAL, but we’re not going away, so you are free to LEAVE if you don’t like it.

    • riseabove

      For some strange reason I was just reminded of the old days when I helped expose and report internet fraud. Forum trolls use a certain tactic quite often but especially when the pressure is on where they pretend to be a casual passer-by who registered at the forum only to defend the actual scammer in the hopes of luring the inexperienced away, but in reality they’re either the actual scammer or one of his affiliates. Total forum visits: 1 or 2

  • llama

    The paranoid delusions of folks on here are telling. From what I can tell the media has going out of its way NOT to smear the right wing and instead address the issue as an over problem with tone – the very tone that we see on here. However, I know that won;t convince anyone here because you have a political agenda that requires you to react in a way that claims everyone is out to get you (poor pout upon right with with so little power).

    What is interesting is how fast the right is out in front of this. You know that this could be a potential problem for you politically so instead of addressing the issue of out of control rhetoric, you start yelling about the liberal media – true to form and ironically taking a “no retreat – reload” mentality.

    This guys craziness may not be a political left/ right thing – but his vehemence is a reflection of what we see on boards like this. Put this craziness together with gun control laws that allow a guy who has been kicked off his schools campus as a security problem to go buy a couple of Glocks with high capacity magazines and you have a problem – whether he was a right winger or a left winger, perhaps when national politicians literally place cross-hairs on people it is not unreasonable to expect this kind of outcome. Its not about the politics – its about civil discussion.

    Now let the paranoid folks with to much time on there hands begin spewing forth the filth. I won’t respond, as I have better things to do.

    • letsbehonest

      You’ve made a compelling case. Thank you for your thoughtful post. The rhetoric IS out of hand. Look no further than this site to see the demonization of people who have a different political opinion. Remember in Florida where voters were HOSTILE toward the governor for actually shaking hands with President Obama? WOW.

      The vitriol is out of control.

      • des1

        “The vitriol is out of control.”

        And yet you Libtards keep doing it….

    • thephranc

      Hit and run. Why actually have to defend your self.

      And if you think the media hasn’t tried to peg this on conservatives than you haven’t been paying attention.

    • riseabove

      Drive careful home to huffpo and don’t let the door smack ya where the good Lord cracked ya!

    • des1

      “The paranoid delusions of folks on here are telling. From what I can tell the media has going out of its way NOT to smear the right wing and instead address the issue as an over problem with tone”

      It’s good to see the Libtards on this site continue to pursue a complete lack of education on any subject. The last two days have been nothing but the Left blaming the Right for an action that was committed by a Leftist.

      You’re a complete joke.

    • clw

      In my opinion the shooter was mentally ill. It is a pretty clear, sad fact. It could happen anywhere, for any reason, and it does.

      That SHOULD be the end of it, but you’ve decided to exploit the issue for your own sick political satisfaction, in yet another liberal hit-and-cowardly-run.


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  • V_Jay

    This boy is NO Right Wing Conservative !….More like a Leftist NON-Believer …I know it is the FIRST response of the LEFT to Demonize the Right in just ANOTHER gotcha moment…but for this one, the LEFT must take the CREDIT for fueling the pent up NON American, NON Religious hatred behind this TERRORIST ATTACK !..His favorite reading Material alone will speak to that…as well as his Religious Views…Having said that, A MOTHER has lost her CHILD …WE should ALL be ASHAMED today and on OUR KNEES asking FORGIVENESS for allowing OUR anger at one another to come to this….GOD have MERCY on US all !

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