Time to dial up the rhetoric

The right should be commended for responding vigorously to the baseless accusations that the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and conservatives in general inspired Jared Loughner to go on a shooting rampage that left six people dead and fourteen wounded. Yet the fact that this defense of conservatives had to occur at all is beyond disturbing.

There were two critical points that immediately sprang to my mind when I saw the left predictably blame the right for Loughner’s murderous rampage. I know that Rush Limbaugh has touched on these points and others may have as well. However, I want to offer my own take and explain why these points are so critical, and why it should be clear now that the differences between the left and right are irreconcilable.

The first critical point is that this is the latest example of a string of incidents over the past two years or so where someone who committed national-level violence (and who can more closely be identified with the left than the right) was said to be a conservative—or influenced by conservatives—and thus “proof” that conservatives are dangerous. Similar accusation were made about Joe Stack, John Patrick Bedell, James Von Brunn, Michael Enright, and Clay Duke.

The second critical point follows on the heels of the first. If the response to Loughner’s bloodbath is the kind of two-minute hate that the left drums up against the right when a leftist goes on a murderous rampage, what is going to happen once someone who truly can be identified with the right actually does do something violent that captures national attention? The answer is that the left will set in motion the process of complete criminalization of any opposition to the left.

These critical points combine to underscore the absolute danger that faces our nation. The mainstream left has become so insane that it now can have one of its own go on a murderous rampage, then shamelessly blame the right for it in the face of overwhelming evidence, and then use that obvious lie to call for an end to any opposition to leftism. The left is so far gone that it is even willing to outright make up “hate” in order to “prove” how bad the right is. This is frightening stuff.

Some may note that it is unfair to call Loughner a leftist. People have pointed out that while Loughner can more easily be identified as on the left than the right, he is better described as being on neither side; he simply appears to be crazy. I would agree that this would be a perfectly acceptable response if we lived in a civilized nation. However, we no longer do; the left has seen to that. This should be clear from the way that Mayor Michael Bloomberg gladly speculated that a conservative likely perpetuated an attempted attack on Times Square. Yet once he learned that the would-be attacker was a Muslim, Bloomberg immediately announced that, “. . . I want to make clear that we will not tolerate any bias or backlash against Pakistani or Muslim New Yorkers.” It should also be clear from the way that Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is baselessly blaming the right for Loughner’s murders, or the way that the mainstream left regularly disparages conservatives and the Tea Party even as it tells us in response to Islamic and leftist violence that we must not “rush to judgment,” that we must “understand what has made them so angry,” and indeed that we must give sympathy to them.

  • savage24

    Great advice, now if we can convince the Conservatives to stop turning the other cheek and start punching back we just might be able to take our country back. It’s time for all Conservative to stand up and fight, the RINO’s can continue to hold hands with their friends across the aisle until we get rid of them too. This Socialist Democracy we have today must be replaced with the original Representative Republic. Everybody in the world knows that Socialism doesn’t work, so why are we dabbling in it?

  • Demhater2

    Best advise never taken-
    “Stick it to the Democrats” basically it states the battle plan should be simple: Tit for Tat!

  • slehar

    Yes, excellent article Paul Hair, I’ll remember the name! For far too long the liberals and conservatives have been waging *asymmetrical* rhetorical warfare, where conservatives are held to the highest standards of evidence and civility, while the liberals feel perfectly free to spread outright lies and engage in baseless character assassination, led most often with the cry of “Racism!” It is the same moral asymmetry as practiced by Islamic Jihadis and their left-wing supporters, who ignore acts of violence by Jihadis against the civilized world, but decry any act in retaliation. It is time to recognize this basic asymmetry and fight back on equal terms! Liberalism is a LIE! It only ever “works” when liberals are in the opposition. Whenever they gain power, the intellectual bankruptcy and total unworkability of the Liberal position is exposed, forcing them to re-name their movement once again, from Communism to Socialism to Progressivism to Liberalism. Liberalism is a LIE, and it is time to DIAL UP THE RHETORIC and expose them for what they are. Let us aim our rhetorical sights (this is a *metahphor* — look it up Libs!) straight at the anti-constitutionalist liberals, because enemies of the constitution are enemies of America!

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  • watchfullvoter

    Yes, good article. I for one am going onto the websites and commenting. The left has a tremendous amount of hatred coming from them, even when they have their guy sitting in the whitehouse. They seem to see themselves as “kind”. But the hate is constant from them, and their party. They constantly berate: the elderly,the fat,the smokers, the Repubs, the conservatives, the teaparty’s the retired, the christians, the “rich”, and the other religions, talk radio, Foxnews, Palin, etc. That is the hateful feeling they have, NOT a nice group, no matter what their self image is. Also not open-minded, they make fun of all of these groups and their ideas, that’s bigotry plain and simple. So no open mindedness and tolerance in their playbook only jealousy and bigotry. Wake up to the truth!

  • riseabove

    Good article, Mr. Hair…and I don’t know about anyone else but I’m kind of proud at how we’ve handled the situation over the past few days…not unlike Jennifer Lopez in the movie, “Enough”.