Conservatives react to Tucson memorial t-shirts

Some conservatives expressed confusion over the “pep rally” vibe of the crowd at Wednesday’s Tucson memorial service, in part because of the free “Together We Thrive” t-shirts that were distributed to attendees.

Radio host Tammy Bruce took to Twitter all evening to display her disgust with the memorial. @HeyTammyBruce tweeted:

“I went to a Massacre Rally and all I got was a lousy t-shirt” and “I will live-tweet Obama’s Massacre T-Shirt Rally Theatre of the Absurd. Fox live now, Piano music, applause, sounds like a partaay!”

Many commentators felt the memorial service was no place for merchandising. Hot Air published a blog post by blogger AllahPundit that states, “I can’t say I’m cheered by the overt ‘branding,’ replete with … souvenir t-shirts? It may not be the White House that’s behind it, but then, we no longer need facts to blame politicians for stuff they didn’t do.”

Amanda Carpenter, a speech writer for Republican South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint and former Townhall.com reporter, tweeted, “I’m having a physical reaction to the T-shirts…I’m tearing up. This feels wrong.” The tweet has since been removed from her Twitter page.

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin took to her blog to blast the handling of the service and t-shirts. “Yes, the Tucson massacre is being branded…Attendees at the memorial tonight report that they are being handed out the blue and white t-shirts as they enter the venue…Isn’t the churning of the instant messaging machine a bit, well, unseemly?”

National Review’s Rich Lowry commended President Barack Obama’s memorial service speech but condemned the environment in which it was held.

“The pep-rally atmosphere was inappropriate and disconcerting,” Lowry wrote in a blog post.

One memorial service attendee tweeted, “At Tucson memorial. Received Together We Thrive t shirt. Is it required wearing to get in?”

  • erick1740

    Wellstone memorial lite. Typical lib idiocy, we will get rid of more next election. Obama is done in one term.

  • rockhard

    This was a dem circus freak show, it was in no way to remember and honor the dead victims, this was a staged pro Obama liberal rally for the president with blue TShirts meaning dem, its their color, I feel sorry for the familys and im sure they are outraged their loved one were used by the dem party, and president Obama did not say one word against the freak show.

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  • zelda

    Cheap and amateurish. And what the hell does that mean anyway? Together we thrive? Sounds like a cult.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heidi-Brandts-Smith/1527701722 Heidi Brandts Smith
  • jjsmithers

    “Together We Thrive”

    Messaging slogan on the Dem blue T-shirts given to the attendees of the alleged “Memorial Service”.

    Is this the Obama campaign testing their new 2012 slogan ? Were the families of the victims informed that sloganeering would be part of the service ?

    What about the medicine man who blessed the doors, the freight elevator, the loading dock or whatever ?

    The university president treated the event like an Obama rally …and are there no religious leaders in that city who can be called upon? Why are Obama cabinet members reading the Bible passages ?

    Do we really need lectures on civility from people who conduct a memorial service with slogans on T-shirts amidst a lot of hootin’ and hollerrin’ from the attendees ?

    In their defense…at least they finally did get around to mentioning the victims. But it took them so long, it seemed like an afterthought.

    If we take their “advice” and be civil to them, what we saw last night is a giant clue about how they will “transform” this country.

  • clw

    Disgusting. Nothing “cathartic” about it Hampton, CLASSLESS is more like it.

    Just another opportunistic moment for the Dems to RALLY and hand out T-shirts! Where were the greek columns for the ‘god’ this time around? Oh and they could’ve used a few glow-necklaces!

    Hel-lo?! It was a MEMORIAL SERVICE!!!

  • Cmon-Man-Seriously

    Right, Left, middle, middle finger, whatever.
    Parties have nothing to do with how disgusted I am about this.

    Imagine someone passing out t-shirts at your loved one’s, or friend’s, or God forbid, your child’s memorial service.
    It’s just so utterly wrong.
    “Hey Jim. Enjoyed celebrating your loss! Thanks for the t-shirt! I’ll wear it Thursday for Game Night.”

    I can’t imagine that this occurred without the family and friends getting a heads up first. So that blows my mind even more.
    And, of course the White House knew and approved of it. They review and approve every molecule of a venue before allowing the President to show up, don’t they?

    I’m going to go and punch my make believe monkeypotamus in the face a few times.
    Doing that makes more sense to me.

  • mapletree

    Were they selling bobble-heads or foam hats as well?

    • ladylove

      had they had more time to prepare, they probably would have.