Sarah Palin to speak at sold-out Safari Club International pro-hunting convention

In spite of all the recent death threats she’s received, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will speak in Nevada later this month at the Safari Club International’s annual convention.

As first reported by Politico, Palin will deliver the keynote address for the hunting enthusiast organization on Jan. 29. More than 20,000 people from all over the world are expected to attend, and tickets are already sold out. Palin is set to speak about her hunting experiences and “how politics affect the current state of hunting and fishing,” the Safari Club International’s website states.

Since Saturday’s Tucson, Ariz. shooting that sent Rep. Gabrielle Giffords into critical condition, Palin has received ample condemnation for creating a map during midterm elections 2010 that depicted rifle crosshairs over vulnerable districts, including Giffords’s. During elections, Palin also instructed her followers, “don’t retreat, reload.” In response to Saturday’s massacre and all the criticism, Palin released a public statement in which she told viewers not to point fingers and attribute any blame to her for what happened in Tucson. Palin has since received an influx of online death threats.

  • Timmt

    What was actually on Sarah’s site, was a map with district markers (surveyor symbols were used). These surveyor symbols were used on the map to indicate the districts of Democrats .

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  • Ernesto

    Poor flips your such a douche.

  • riseabove

    Yeah well, if not for people like Sarah Palin we’d be the United States of England. Underestimating her actually works to our advantage.

    • flips

      I don’t doubt that she will be a huge favorite of the “dress-in-camo with your holstered handgun” crowd down at the strip mall Starbucks.

      Thankfully, that is a tiny percentage of Americans.

      The rest of us are sane.

      • ladylove



  • flips

    More posing with guns? Nice.

    Can’t wait for her Wal-Mart ammunition counter appearance.

    What a joke this former-candidate has become.

  • Rocketman

    I hope “Unca Ted” is there by her side.
    Isn’t it rather odd that the MSM hasn’t said ONE word about the hundreds of death threats SHE receives?
    that’s a rhetorical question of course


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  • opedanderson

    Joe Scarborough just said that Palin’s speech was a career ender.

    With friends like him……

    • wodiej

      I thought the liberals already determined she didn’t have a career ahead of her in politics?

      • mdiavaro99ro

        The funny thing is that even without a “political career” she makes all tremble… Perhaps this says much more about the “state of the union” than any presidential discourse.

        A political force is not only about sheer number of people, it’s about active and determined people as well. I rather have these determined people out in the open and with a say within the establishment than underground. After all, denial of reality has little history of success on this planet.

        In any case, it seems obvious to me that she doesn’t even have to win to have a say in the upcoming elections. Much more than in the last ones since she’s obviously evolved since. While Obama’s made sure to provide enough ammunition to his opponents since then too. It won’t be just a replay this time…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lars-Svensen/100001028197161 Lars Svensen

    Pistol Packin’ Sarah Palin rocks our socks. She is super-sensational.

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