Andrew Breitbart joins advisory council for gay conservative group

California-based media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart became the latest high profile conservative to officially align with GOProud, a group that represents gay conservatives.

GOPround Board Chairman Christopher Barron announced Wednesday that Breitbart would join the group’s advisory council, calling him a “fearless, committed advocate for conservative principles.”

“Andrew Breitbart is one of the most influential voices in the conservative movement today,” Barron said.  “We are thrilled to have him as part of the GOProud team.”

Breitbart joins anti-tax activist Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform, talk radio host Tammy Bruce and political strategist Margaret Hoover on the council.

GOProud has caused somewhat of a stir since its founding among social conservatives who reject the idea that a self-identifying gay organization can play a role in the conservative movement. For a second year in a row, GOProud has been accepted as an affiliate to the Conservative Political Action Conference — the highest level of sponsorship available — a decision that led groups like the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage to boycott the annual conference completely.

GOProud made a splash in September when the group booked conservative pundit Ann Coulter to headline a party for supporters in New York City.

Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia founded GOProud in 2009 after leaving Log Cabin Republicans, another gay group that they say had abandoned conservative principles.

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  • captaingrumpy

    I believe that all these big names are joining them simply for thr pay packet they receive.It costs a lot of money to have these people and believe me ,gays are NOT poor.

    • ddlargo

      For your information, they’re not being paid!

      Nice try!

  • ddlargo

    In my opinion, people like Breitbart and Norquist are being won over is because GOProud is unrelenting to conservative principles. Notice how such people stayed away from the Log Cabin. I’ve never became involved in LC, because I was not impressed with the direction it was going. So far, GOProud has been unwavering and that’s why I’m been a member for some time!

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  • johno413

    Moral zealotry has always been the single most significant reason the conservative movement has not been able to gain more traction across the country. Poll after poll prove that people who would otherwise follow most all conservative principals or would otherwise vote GOP pause for this reason. I don’t refer to the issue of marriage, but the issue of fair and equal treatment for all, gay or straight.

    For even a minor fraction, if not a larger one, to so publicly fight against a group for their EXISTENCE, is beyond foolish and borders on some obsessive disorder, in my opinion.

    Just as pundits predict a split in the Dem party due to the overwhelming power of the far left at this point, a valid prediction might be that the true “moral” arm of the far right might have to split from the GOP in order to remain relevant. Relevant in their eyes, of course. It’s good to see Breitbart join the likes of Coulter and others embracing GOProud.

  • rebekahhuang

    I am a married 55+ southern secular fiscal conservative hetrosexual female from a fundamental full gospel Christian background (is it just me or is personal description becoming a chore!) who couldn’t be prouder of GOProud!
    I was taught that we weren’t allowed to judge other that it was up to God to handle that and that I was to love others as I love myself and so I don’t scorn others based on their sexual orientation…it’s none of my business or the governments.
    The conservative movement can only benefit from a group of people who have been treated so unfairly by other conservatives and still hold their conservative principles dear enough to act on them.

    • bigalsouth

      Well stated, Rebekah.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brendan-Kissam/661508086 Brendan Kissam

    Welcome aboard, Andrew. Let’s give the lib-progs hell!

    • ddlargo