The Young and the Restless: Berlusconi’s women [SLIDESHOW]

How much would you give to be Silvio Berlusconi? An arm? A leg? Your first born?

Think about it — he’s a billionaire, the Prime Minister of Italy, clearly pays for sex from minors then laughs off calls for resignation, gets away with saying things like, “It’s important that Italy’s representatives don’t smell bad and are not poorly dressed, unlike certain people from other parties” in public, appoints attractive women only and, generally, does whatever he wants.

From his long suffering wife (both in marriage and because she has more Botox than blood in her bod) to his many mistresses, here are Berlusconi’s women:

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  • The main event: Karima El Mahroug -- The current Milan inquiry centers on the 18-year-old Moroccan belly-dancer who reportedly attended some of Berlusconi's parties when she was 17 and was paid to have sex with him. Our advice to the PM? Deny, deny, deny. Then again, we don't think he needs any advice. (Photo credit: BBC)
  • Refers to the PM as 'Papi': Noemi Letizia -- Wearing a diamond necklace given to her by Berlusconi, who attended her 18th birthday party, Letizia stands next to a signed photo of the man himself. (Photo credit: LIFE)
  • Elonora Gaggioli -- Guess what post Berlusconi nominated Gaggioli for? You get one guess ... ding, ding - the European parliament. Unfortunately, the Television actress did not win the job -- we can't imagine why. (Photo credit: LIFE)
  • Actress Francesca Dellera -- Though she isn't wearing it here, Berlusconi apparently gave her a mink coat as a present after ... hanging out with her, as ... just friends.
  • The calendar girl: "actress" Camilla Ferranti -- Berlusconi tried, like really tried, to get this girl a job. First, he made her another candidate for MEP, then suggested that the head of the state television company give her a role on a major TV series. Unfortunately, he failed on both counts, and Camilla remains a nude calendar model and an on again, off again Italian soap star. (Photo credit: The Guardian)
  • The topless model in disguise: Mara Carfagna -- Debbie Downer reared her ugly head yet again after she made Berlusconi apologize for telling Carfagna that he'd marry her in an instant if he weren't already married. What? Whatever for? It was a <em>compliment</em>. After, Berlusconi went on to make Carfagna his minister for equal opportunity -- because topless models have a voice, too. (Photo credit: LIFE)
  • Barbara Matera -- "She's a graduate and she's beautiful," Berlusconi said in defense of Barbara, former Miss Italy contestant and television presenter, who was his pick for Italian representation at the European parliament (MEP). We don't see any problem with this rationale and, quite frankly, wish it was applicable in the United States. (Photo credit: The Guardian)
  • The Venezuelan: actress Aida Yespica -- In 2007, Veronica Lario (whom we'll refer to as Debbie Downer going forward) published a scathing front page letter to the editor in "La Repubblica" demanding that her husband apologize for flirting in public. Berlusconi apologized publicly after telling Aida, "with you I’d go anywhere, even a desert island." (Photo credit: LIFE)
  • The wife: actress Veronica Lario -- Of his marriage, the 72-year-old playboy once said, "I am pretty often faithful." Oh, Italians. Don't you just love them? Anyway, Lario recently filed for divorce ... a total shock. (Photo credit: The Guardian)