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Olbermann fans share their personal tales of heartbreak and loss

Presented without comment, special or otherwise:

P.S. Top 10 Huffington Post comments about Keith Olbermann’s firing.

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  • charpaddy

    Thank you so much for posting this article…now I know the REAL morons on twitter and am forewarned…

    These people are really living in la la land, aren’t they?

    HELLO???? Reality hits hard, doesn’t it?

  • smarty

    HuffPo’s comments are hilarious, but get a load of the mean, nasty and conspiratorial comments at the Daily Kos:

    Top 10 crazy Daily Kos comments about Keith Olbermann’s firing

  • bigdave

    Gee, another BAILOUT FAILURE! OBAMA gives GE OUR TAX DOLLARS, which GE uses to fund MSNBC and pay their OBAMA HACKS and LIARS ABOUT EVERYTHING RIGHT! Money thrown away typically by a leftist government, forcing a government-type message, IGNORED BY EVERYONE SAVE THE INSANE MORONIC LEFTISTS. THE WHOLE THING WILL BE SHUT DOWN WHEN “OUR” MONEY RUNS OUT.

  • bigdave

    GET A CLUE IDIOTS…IF ITS ON CNN OR MSNBC…NOBODY WATCHES…GET IT?! ALL THE HATE-SPEECH IS ON THE LEFT. ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE. Has there been a movie yet about “HOW TO KILL OBAMA” like there was for BUSH?! Lets see, unemployment under Bush 4.5% and Obama’s…a real 20%+! How bout all the HATE directed at Sarah Palin..FOR WHAT? And, ALL LIES! while a REAL WITCH, NANCY PELOSI, who presided over the lowest rated congress in the history of this country, and the SPINNER OF THE DUMBEST YARNS and LIES, goes un-noticed, un-mentioned by the LEFTSTREAM MEDIA! What a country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Manny-Laureano/562418598 Manny Laureano

    Next big thing: a profession as a grief counselor. I’m tellin’ ya… there’s money in liberal self-pitying.

    • bigdave

      the problem is: “They” would expect somebody else to pay you for your treatment!