Behar’s dilemma: What’s the difference between ‘grown-ups’ and ‘young people’ talking about anal sex?

It’s the pop culture controversy of the day – is MTV’s “Skins” too racy for young American audiences?

On Monday’s “The View,” the panel questioned if the sexual content of that program, a spin-off of a successful BBC series, was proper for MTV viewers. MTV is the top-rated network in the 12-24 demographic. However, Joy Behar wanted to know what the distinction was between “grown-ups,” HBO viewers, and “young people,” MTV viewers, when it comes to certain sexual activities.

“I think it’s because it’s MTV, because on HBO as you pointed out, I believe ‘Oz’ was on there and they’re all doing some crazy stuff … and ‘Sex in the City’ was on HBO,” Behar said. “What’s the difference if you’re watching all these grown-ups talking about all of these — anal sex, etc., or young people? What’s the difference?

Barbara Walters was there to explain to her colleague there are glaring differences between an HBO show geared toward adults and the MTV program geared toward teens and young adults.

“There’s two differences,” Walters said. “One – it’s targeting kids. It’s a huge difference. And the other is that they’re also saying is it is underage kids that are doing this.”


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The MTV version of the show was adapted from the program that aired on the BBC and the question was posed – how did it become so popular in the United Kingdom? According to Whoopi Goldberg, it appealed to the English audience, which has different cultural standards.

“It’s a great show,” Goldberg said. “And the English have a whole different relationship to how young people are dealt with. I mean, that’s just the way it is. It is a different thing and sex does not have the same bizarre-ness that it carries in the U.S. You look at the commercials – you see woman and bare breasts talking about bubble gum.”

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  • jeffersonian

    Joy Behar would take any kind of sex she could arrange….what a sorry excuse for a woman!

  • apberusdisvet

    Wow, what a Freudian Slip by Miss Joy, mentioning anal sex just out of the blue. Seems to indicate what her preferences are.

  • thephranc

    Sodomy isn’t evil but wanting to foist it on children is.

    • Supernatural Witness

      What is your moral authority for the existence of evil or your definition of child sex as inappropriate? In your nature created world, there is no right and wrong: only survival of the fittest and sex at biological puberty. Be consistent would ya. Under Evolution homosexuals and other anal cravers should be selected by nature or others for extinction. PS– the lag between biological puberty and marriage in our culture is one of the greatest flaws in our society leading to the majority of sin (which exists in my world view but is nonexistent in yours, sorry.)

      • ladylove

        so are you saying, that evolution will get rid of gay people.

        and that having sex with a child, just because they have hit puberty is ok, and you wish this country would allow it.

        • ladylove

          because if you are, that is sick, just sick

          and it says a lot about you as a person.

          • Supernatural Witness

            I’m saying that thephanc makes a snide comment every time God is mentioned and that as a sworn atheistic Evolutionist he is being inconsistent with his belief system to mention evil or morality. As for child sex, it would not occur in an Evolution created universe; it is a feature of the sin fallen world. As for puberty, it is the biological signal of readiness for marriage. I know you probably believe a college degree is the biological signal for sexual readiness but that would make you wrong. The official position of the state school on the matter is that pubescent youths should go ahead and have sex but not marry until after college. They should use birth control or abortion to avoid unwanted pre college graduation pregnancies or just limit sex to same sex unions to avoid pregnancy altogether.

          • Supernatural Witness

            The church position on sex is to abstain long after puberty and wait until after they have that college degree to marry. This position is fanciful and foolish. The only morally viable option is to bring the marriage age in line with the biological time table for sex. This was the case until the 20th Century so your idea of sick may be due to your short sighted cultural opinion and not biological moral Biblical or ethical truth.

          • ladylove

            so that is exactly what you are saying.

            and please do not assume you know or understand me.

            or use the bible as an excuse to allow sex with a minor.

          • Supernatural Witness

            You need to learn to read if you read my post as a justification for ridding the world of gays or for having sex with children. I dont know how much clearer it could be stated for the non moron. My post was rhetorical and was for thephranc not for nosy busybodies. As for marriage, I was again making rhetorically points about our current culture’s dilemma concerning the wide discrepancy between the age of sexual activity and marital age. Never did I suggest child sex nor elimination of homosexuals. Those thoughts were your sick twisted ideas and were neither stated nor implied by my actual posts.

            Titus 1:15 To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.

          • thephranc

            I’m not being inconsistent at all. Just because I don’t talk to an imaginary friend doesn’t mean right and wrong don’t exists in my world. The golden rule was around before the man named Jesus lied about being the son of a god that doesn’t exist.

            We are a social animal that harbor with in our bodies other organisms. Exposing the youth that do not fully understand the possibilities that encountering these organisms brings is detrimental to the their future. They are the weak and need protecting. An adult doesn’t need such protection as they have developed mentally to comprehend the possible outcomes.

            Now to really trash you wildly and factually incorrect points.

            Evolution doesn’t create universes. Evolution is a proven biological process that explains how life changes and adapts to it’s environment over time. The universe is not biological. For the creation of the universe that is as far science can tell, with evidence something your fake god has none of, a happening at a singular point. We know this because though observable facts that can be tested over and over again everything in the universe is going away for a fixed point. What caused that event we don’t know. And science is honest enough to admit they don’t know. Unlike you and yours wh♠o claim with out and evidence its a god. You really shouldn’t comment on things you know squat about. You make your self look like a fool.

            Puberty has nothing to do with marriage at all. It is a biological change that happens in most if not all animals in some form or another to indicate sexual maturity and the ability to procreate. Biology and the human body have no concept of the institution of marriage. An institution that has many meanings in many cultures and is not set to just what christains want it to mean. Again you shouldn’t go on about science things because you’re just making a fool of your self.

            Official state school position on sex? Everything you said about that is just intellectually dishonest and as imaginary as you fake god.

            The churches views on sex are evil. It would rather people die of AIDS than use condoms. As for marriage coming in line with puberty you are saying you want 10 year olds to get married. That makes you a sick man. You equate sex with marriage and marriage with puberty. 10 year olds are not mentally equipped to handle that and you know that. Maybe you are just woefully ignorant as to the actual biology of humanity.
            You use the word but use it incorrectly.

            Evolution wouldn’t want to eliminate “anal cravers” as you put it because you can like anal sex and still want to procreate. The two are not mutually exclusive. Evolution in fact encourages anal stimulation. The anus is packed with more nerve endings than the clitoris or penis combined. This is why animals that can do lick their own asses a lot. Gays are not excluded from procreating. There is no mechanism that precludes them from copulating. Nor is it a genetic trait passed on in offspring.

            Calling me worthy or even formidable is an insult. When it comes to these discussions I far surpass such meager descriptions of my skills.

            One last time: You god isn’t real, none of them are.

          • BigRmv

            @Supernatural Witness:

            You replied to ladylove “My post was rhetorical and was for thephranc not for nosy busybodies.”

            Who and where do you think you are? This isn’t a private chat between you and thephranc. It’s a blog which is open to comments AND VIEWS from all registered members.

            I reject your reply as illogical and say that you owe ladylove an apology for being so wrong and so rude.

        • Supernatural Witness

          Clearly my rhetoric went right over your head. Perhaps your husband or a friend can explain it to you. At least, thephranc will get the points being made since he is quite intelligent and a worthy adversary. Butt out or get a brain.

          • The_anniebanannie

            Wow,,,,since when did acting like a revolting jackhole become Christian-like?

          • Supernatural Witness

            Judge not lest ye be judged Annie. You haven’t quite arrived at perfect glory, yourself. I bet you would not take kindly to be accused of wanting to have sex with a child just because the accuser was too stupid to grasp that the subject was ethical authority not sex.

      • thephranc

        Your god is a fake.

        • Supernatural Witness

          But you did get my points unlike some people, right?

          • thephranc

            Once it is out of moderation you’ll see I destroyed your points.

          • Supernatural Witness

            It will be a relief to read a rebuttal of my points rather than a character assassination. Kudos Theph Rance.

  • zelda

    Somehow if there is anything in the world I would take Joy Behar’s word for, it would be anal sex.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/June-Gagnon/1673686634 June Gagnon

      Behar is a sick snark, who never managed to get her head screwed on straight, or perhaps she missed out on the brain implant!

    • truebearing

      Joy has always thought of it as mental stimulation.