Conservative groups launch campaign to fire GE CEO Jeffery Immelt

Two conservative groups launched an ad campaign Monday against General Electric CEO Jeffery Immelt. The campaign will include television and online ads and an online petition to generate support to have Immelt fired after President Obama appointed him to head his new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

According to a press release, FreedomWorks and the Free Enterprise Project – the two groups pushing the campaign – believe Immelt’s appointment is a sign that more favors will be traded between the White House and GE.

“It’s time to break up the unethical romance between government and big business,” said FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe in a statement. “For too long, corporate elites have lobbied to profit from the size and growth of government at the expense of hard-working Americans.”

Tom Borelli, the director of the Free Enterprise Project added that Immelt is the “poster child of what’s wrong with business leaders today.”

“True economic growth and job creation come from private sector innovations, independent from taxpayer money and government mandates and regulations,” said Borelli.

The campaign comes not only after President Obama tapped Immelt to head his advisory council, but also on the heels of a November poll that showed when consumers are told about GE’s lobbying activities, public opinion of the company drops.

The poll showed a decline in opinion of the company from 50 to 20 percent among self-identified conservatives when they are told of GE’s political lobbying and progressive business practices. Then, Kibbe and Borelli announced they would begin rallying Tea Party supporters to boycott companies like GE.

“We’re here to let President Obama and Jeffery Immelt know that the days of easy money through backroom deals are over,” said Kibbe.

Among other things, GE and Immelt lobbied heavily for the stimulus bill and borrowed $16 billion from the Federal Reserve just last year. The company has also heavily pushed for cap and trade.

  • Vit

    Is this not beginning of fascism where corporate interests and government dictate to the population?

  • BJC49

    I don’t buy anything from GE any longer either. I just bought a new washer and I use to only buy GE but not any longer. I paid more money for the washer but GE didn’t get a dime.

    • spike1120


      Immelt has been under obammy’s desk for so long that he had to give him a job. Immelt the guy who fired thousands and moved plants out of America is now going to be the ringmaster of what will be the obammy Circus Council.

      Jack Welch, perhaps the best executive in history, gets up every day and pukes when hears Immelt’s name.

      I’ll be damned if I ever buy another GE anything. And the GE Board should be voting to fire or put on unpaid leave this bag of obammy wind.

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  • casualcat

    Where was all this ire when Cheney was VP and working for Haliburton?
    that is the thing I love about conservatives…. they only whine when they think the liberals are pulling a fast one. They never see it when their own party is doing the exact same thing.
    Baaaa Baaaaa ….

    • dw

      #1. Cheney was not working for Haliburton when he was V.P. and in fact had relinguish all his stake in that company well before that point.
      #2. Haliburton was at that time one of only 3 companies world wide that could provide the kind of immediate, emergency logistics that were required to provide physical support to the situation as it existed at the time.
      #3. Clinton used Haliburton on a no bid bases, just as Bush did, for the same kind of logistical support during the Bosnian operation he chose to prosecute because again they were able to provide special, unique support to the military engagement.

      Try learning something for yourself and not rely on your indoctrinators.

      • casualcat

        Cheney retired from the company during the 2000 U.S. presidential election campaign with a severance package worth $36 million. As of 2004, he had received $398,548 in deferred compensation from Halliburton while Vice President.

        In the run-up to the Iraq war, Halliburton was awarded a $7 billion contract for which ‘unusually’ only Halliburton was allowed to bid.

        That is just the beginning …. stop being blinded

  • mdiavaro99ro

    wow! this is history on the making… I am more and more convinced this is one of those historical shifts in the discourses of political parties.

  • JulianG3

    When Lenin spoke about buying the rope from the capitalist with which to hang him the next day his was speaking of people like Immelt. Thomas Edison is rolling in his grave.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Laura-J-Smyser/1238522832 Laura J Smyser

    Immelt is a CROOK. I don’t buy anything made by GE-not even a lightbulb.

  • dw

    I already refuse to by G E products. In the last two months I have replaced my water heater, washer and dryer with other than G E appliances. $2000.00+…
    Fire his a#$!

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  • bananabee

    Forget about Immelt. FIRE OBAMA!