Krauthammer underwhelmed by Obama vision in SOTU address: ‘Late Clintonian Minimalism’

If President Barack Obama was aiming for a “this is our generation’s Sputnik moment,” he aimed too low according to Fox News Channel’s Charles Krauthammer.

Immediately following Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday, the syndicated columnist and FNC regular explained he was underwhelmed by the speech.

“I was also struck by the line, ‘We do big things,’” Krauthammer said. “But what was so ironic about this speech and what was wrong with it was that the content of the speech entirely undermined that. He said ‘we do big things.’ And all he recommended, all in the laundry list, the first half of the speech was all the things that government was going to do was small ball. It was like late Clintonian minimalism about high-speed rail, more spending on roads and solar shingles. I mean look, that’s not the Apollo program.”


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  • dbl50

    This President is determined to push this country down the green road. Expect gas to climb to 6 or 7 dollars per gal. Why do you think he appointed GE CEO Jeff Immelt to Obama’s New Council on Jobs and Competitiveness and told him he could keep his day job? Why do you think his appointed Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein had all the permits pulled for Top Mining Coal after the permits were already issued?
    We are being set up. Go ahead push Hi Speed Electric Rail, push Electric Cars. Who stands to make all the money? GE, Al Gore, George Soros, the Union Leaders and yes even Obama him self. This President is destroying this country so he can spread the wealth around to his friend that got him elected to office.

  • cali

    I didn’t expect anything more from a man acting so ‘foreign’, contrary to what America is about. It seems american history passed him by, or he never heard ot it. I don’t know which it is!

  • thamesford

    Obama should paraphrase Julius Caesar:

    “Veni, Voce, Verklempt” – I came, I spoke, I floundered

  • Sproing

    An additional thought.

    This is the very first time in my life that my country has looked to be prepared to really do SOMETHING positive about our self-inflicted budgetary mess. We’ve been lulled into a false sense of economic security by decades of financial cover-ups by both parties almost since the day FDR took office more then 75 years ago. If we should waste this opportunity to get the ball rolling in a meaningful way there’s every possibility that Obama’s roll in history will be marked by the failure above all others.

  • Sproing

    Our collective “Sputnik moment” from a man who wasn’t alive when it happened (I was, and old enough to understand the impact) as well as the man who put the nail in NASA”s coffin in so far as our ability to get into space. By the time the next President makes a move to correct this incredible mistake hundreds of thousands of man years of experience will be cast to the wind and NASA will be not much more then a rotting corpse.

    Obama proves yet again that he is not a leader of men or nations but is a follower who wants to do great things without taking any risks. How much actual control or input into anything the left has done over the last two years is really his? The vast majority of the spending and the legislation has been that which was pushed by the likes of Pelosi and her coterie of East and West Coast uber liberals.

  • missywise

    More government jobs. Nothing about helping the private sector except for “looking” at regulations that cost businesses too much (the $600 nightmare 1099s).

    The man has no imagination. He shielded himself from ever having to argue his case – has always walked away from those who disagree with him. He never took the time to hear the other side and why his ideal world is unachievable. He only got half an education – the wrong half…

    • TommyV

      Good points!

      You know what really got me. He talks about wealthy people paying more for taxes in one breath beecause they can afford it and then on the other hand he praises small business and innovators….but he wants to take all their money….that’s why he likes them!

      This guy never had a job! Never! Everything was given to him on a silver platter. What would he know about starting a business except that he’s far from smart enough to do that. All he understands is take from the people that have it and give it to the people that don’t!

      This is already a great country wheere everyone has the same opportunity to succeed. If you hate your life and are unhappy with where you are look in the mirror because that’s who got you where you are….no one else! It’s your fault and you can get yourself someplace else as well.

      He is truly the worst President in the history of this country. Move over Jimmy Carter….

  • philm1

    More spending on roads? But I thought we already…. Ah, the heck with it!
    Blah, blah, blah!


  • HardRightTurn

    Investment in “education and infrastructure” is progressive code for “state bailouts”.