Sen. Barrasso to introduce legislation to block Environmental Protection Agency

Republican Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming plans to introduce legislation Monday to preempt the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) plan to regulate carbon emissions, The Daily Caller has learned. It is the latest move by congressional Republicans who view the agency’s rules as a backdoor attempt to implement a cap and trade system.

“Barrasso’s bill stops this backdoor attempt to enact Obama’s cap-and-trade agenda through EPA and the rest of the federal bureaucracy,” said Barrasso spokesperson Emily Lawrimore. “The Barrasso bill restates and reaffirms the will of Congress as the sole authority over federal climate change policy.”

The bill, however, will go beyond just blocking the EPA. It will stop all federal agencies from implementing new energy taxes that could have a negative effect on employment and energy costs.

Barrasso’s bill builds off an amendment introduced last spring by then-Ohio Republican Sen. George Voinovich that would have blocked the EPA and individual U.S. states from regulating greenhouse gases.

While Voinovich’s amendment and the climate bill it was attached to never passed, Barrasso has used the Voinovich amendment as a template for his standalone bill. According to Lawrimore, the specifics of the bill are still being worked out.

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, ranking member on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, also worked on crafting the legislation with Barrasso to stop the EPA*.  And According to Inhofe spokesperson Matt Dempsey, the senator is working closely with Michigan Rep. Fred Upton, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, to coordinate a strategy as well.

While the Republican-controlled House could easily pass a full preemption bill, things will be harder in the Senate. Any success in passing a bill in the Senate will likely come down to persuading moderate Democrats to support it.

*This article has been corrected to reflect the fact that Sen. James Inhofe worked with Sen. Barrasso on his bill. The article previously stated Inhofe was only working with Rep. Upton.

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  • IMcasualcat

    So we agree then … let the corporations regulate themselves.
    We agree to trust them to keep the air breathable
    We agree to trust them to keep the water drinkable
    We agree to trust them to farm the oceans fish and not decimate them
    We agree to trust them to build oil rigs and lay pipelines that are safe.

    We live for corporate profits and we die for corporate profits …. amen

  • Drahcir

    When can we light a bond-fire made out of the EPA building? I think that would be one ‘big weiner roast’!!

  • Patrick Henry

    Anything Sen. Barrasso can do to curtail the usurpers at the EPA will be welcomed.

  • kingfish

    WHAT?! How about stopping EPA’s dumping of Corexit in the Gulf every night for the past year! Did you read “NIGHT”? It’s also being sprayed on homes and in swimming pools in the Gulf.

    CHEMTRAILS that include aluminum, barium, strontium, and now MORE LETHAL Phosgene is being sprayed from KC10 tanker aircraft into the air we breathe, for the purpose of 95% depopulation. One contractor is EVERGREEN AIR.

    Americans are dying slowly from respiratory diseases caused by the CHEMTRAILS sprayed in our skies since the mid-90’s. (SEE Youtube Jesse Ventura and CHEMTRAILS). This genocide is supported by the depopulation agenda of the Rockefeller Foundation, i.e. Sen Jay Rockefeller who wants to shut down the internet, Kissinger, and now Bill Gates, who is busy working on mosquitos carrying depopulation vaccines.

    VACCINES are a HUGE genocide tool throughout our country. See Drs. Blaylock, Mercola, Leonard Horowitz, and many others on youtube RE: VACCINES. Recently a set of 9 mo old twins died immediately after getting the MMR shot. Young women across the country are dying or maimed from the HPV shot.

    • Patrick Henry

      I think that tin foil around your head has gotten a smidge too tight.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ginger-Buchanan/1685906047 Ginger Buchanan

        Mr. Patrick Henry
        I respectfully submit that you do some independent, in-depth research of your own. Kingfish’s ideas are not really that far-fetched.
        Go to http://www.republicofflorida.org/educationcenter/videolibrary.html
        The last 4 videos can really make you stop and think.
        Nothing surprises me anymore. I used to think I was free! LOL
        America is dying.


    The people who live nearby are dependent on mining to LIVE. The company said this will directly cost 250 jobs, $250 million in (private) investment.

    Moreover, I filled my gas tank at $3.50 per gallon today. By limiting domestic coal and oil production, the Obama EPA is negatively impacting every American. Though that should be no surprise, since he himself has advocated for higher gas prices and also said, “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

    Obama is no friend to the people who need these jobs to live, or to the people he wants to pay increase energy costs.

    Sorry – enough with the streams and frogs already. It’s absurd. PEOPLE are in real trouble here.