Politico: Congressional Republicans fear ‘punishment’ from Michele Bachmann

MSNBC’s obsession continues.

On Friday, another page of MSNBC’s seemingly tireless campaign against Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann was written. “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough questioned why Republican members of the House of Representatives won’t take a more aggressive stand against their colleague for her statements.

According to Politico editor-in-chief John Harris, the reason is fear.

“Because she is an independent power in the Republican Party and she has shown the ability punish people who speak out against her, even if she’s not necessarily taken that seriously in the House Republican caucus. Her ability to draw on support from the tea party movement is taken seriously. We saw very vivid examples of that this past week.”

MSNBC hosts have targeted Bachmann in the past few days, despite this alleged wrath she has at her disposal. He likened her to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has a very loyal following.

“What she can do is bring her supporters to bear on them,” Harris said. “And we’ve seen this time and again with Sarah Palin. If somebody speaks out, says something even mildly critical about Sarah Palin, conservative activists around the country just dump on that person. Something similar is going on with Michele Bachmann. For example, we saw this week, Joe – the example we saw this week is a lot of people were upset, the official response to President Obama’s State of the Union was supposed to come from Paul Ryan. It did come from Paul Ryan. But Michele Bachmann’s speech to the Tea Party Express got way more publicity.”


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Harris cited an alleged dust-up between Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah and Bachmann. Chaffetz questioned Bachmann’s decision to offer her own message, but backed away from his statement days later, as reported by Politico.

“This congressman, Jason Chaffetz told us at Politico, ‘You know, I think that was a mistake. She was stepping on the message,’” Harris continued. “The next day, he had to retract that. It was a statement that came through Michele Bachmann’s office. Some people aren’t afraid of her. Joe Walsh, who is a freshman Republican — not incidentally Joe, the guy from the James Gang and the Eagles of the 1970s, different Joe Walsh — but he said that speech was out of line. But a lot of people are afraid to take on Michele Bachmann publicly because of her supporters.”

Scarborough’s view of this – if you’re afraid of a petite 54-year-old congresswoman from Minnesota, you don’t belong in the Washington, D.C. power structure.

“Hey listen, if you’re a Republican congressman and you’re afraid of Michele Bachmann, you don’t deserve to be in Congress,” Scarborough said. “Go home.”

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  • Bluky

    Michele Bachmann should be Speaker of the House.

  • pink

    What would the punishment be? Having to listen to her talk?

    • truebearing


      Practicing your vacuous comments again? As far as I can tell, no one is forced to listen to anyone, so what is your point? Or am I asking the wrong person?

      • pink

        The tin foil hat you wear forms a sweet little point at the top of your head. I love it that you feel compelled to respond to my musings It makes me feel very special indeed. Don’t look now… Druids coming to get ya!

        • truebearing

          You special? I guess you are in a mutant sort of way. You aren’t going to start in on your perverted fetishes again, are you?

        • clw

          You’re really just incredibly annoying because everyone has more to scroll past to get to the intelligent posts. Instead of typing becuse you like the look of you’re own comments, why don’t you try something different and read the entire article and take a stab at posting something of substance? I realize you think your posts are really qitty and clever, but you’re all alone there… why don’t you join the grownups at the adult table?

          • pink

            It wouldn’t have been hard to scroll past it if you and truebearing hadn’t replied, miss crabby pants.

          • clw

            I am the LEAST crabby person you could EVER encounter. Underscores how much YOU know.

      • ferm1

        How come you never say nothing but colorful verbiage and slam! Not educated for conversation on issues or just don’t know issues??????? Teaparty/GOP use “blackmail agendas” to scare. Grover does not trust the GOP by having them sign some petition for campaign money! What is the big secret? Homeland Security I would think might be interested via Patriot Act and legal focus of petition as a hold on economic security! Bond rates already down today!!! There is cause and affect in motion! Banks and Investment Groups communicating “don’t sell” things will change. Gee I wonder who is in control; Teaparty Slave Masters Aka Elite!!! Elite stealing from from elite what a joke!!!!!!!!

  • BritCat

    Those of us in the Tea Party believe in the founding American ideas of Classical Liberalism – small frugal limited government, free enterprise, low taxation, and empowerment of the individual not the government to make the important decisions in his or her own life. The Congressmen do not need to fear Michelle Bachman if they stand against our principles, they need only know that our votes will go to their opponents.

    • truebearing

      This “fear” of Bachmann is pure hogwash to begin with. Politico ginned this up in yet another compulsive attempt to smear a conservative woman, and in the process, out themselves for the biased weasels they have always been. As you said, they need not fear her, they should fear us, but Politico needs an Alinskyized target, and it’s stupid to paint bulleyes on the people you intend to fool.

      • clw

        It’s just that the left sees that they’ve been backed into a corner and since there is no single figure-head of the Republican party to zero in on, they have to take a shotgun approach to Bachmann, Palin, Limbaugh… They have no clue who to zero in on! Now they’re just shooting wildly without even aiming. Paranoia at its’ worst.

  • letsbehonest

    The Tea Party HD group released a statement explaining Michelle Bachmann’s SOTU response while looking away from the camera. Their response is as follows:
    “The reason, it appears, is that Bachmann delivered her speech to TeaPartyHD’s camera, which had the teleprompter she used.”

    Wait the camera had a what? Teleprompter? A WHAT??? A TELEPROMPTER! That’s impossible. Only President Obama needs a teleprompter. Surely there must be some mistake. Surely a morally and intellectually superior person like Michelle Bachmann would have absolutely no use for a teleprompter. Right??

    • des1

      All public speaks use teleprompters. The problem Conservatives and Independents have with Captain Transparency is that he used them for every speech he gave (no matter how short), and even in press conferences. Considering how Liberals touted the man’s brilliance and eloquence, you’d think he would be able to congratulate Girl Scout trip #111 on their cookie sales without hauling in Hal 9000 to tell him what to say.

      If you actually were honest instead of a lying little troll, you’d understand that (either that or you’re terminally stupid and just can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction).

      • truebearing

        “either that or you’re terminally stupid and just can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction)”

        Both, plus dishonest as hell.

      • BritCat

        Actually as a frequent public speaker delivering presentations of an hour in length or more routinely and who has done so on all media, your statement that “All public speaks use teleprompters” is factually untrue. I have always declined their use as have many other speakers I have worked with and listened to. Use of teleprompters is an approach for people who either do not know their materials or are not delivering their own message but rather are delivering someone else’s messages or people who are intimidated by an audience. People who are either good natural speakers or are well trained or both understand that a message delivered in communication and with attention to the audience, with adjustment of language to keep the audience engaged if far superior to rote repetition or read fixed language. Teleprompters are for amateurs.

        • The_anniebanannie

          “Use of teleprompters is an approach for people who either do not know their materials or are not delivering their own message but rather are delivering someone else’s messages or people who are intimidated by an audience.”


          • truebearing


            Lets not form a circular firing squad. i believe he is on our side.

          • The_anniebanannie

            I prefer accuracy, sorry.

        • truebearing


          Are you suggesting our illustrious president is an amateur? How could you…..be so accurate.

          Of course, by your measure, Obama is worse than an amateur, since he uses two teleprompters.

          It is amazing how the presence, or lack thereof, of a teleprompter effects Obama. With his security-prompters, he acts sort of like the President of the United States, but without them he metamorphosizes into the Wizard of Uhs.

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  • SCGirl

    LOL…if this is all MSNBC and the drive-by media can come up with…How silly they all are. Congress is afraid of Bachmann? Get serious guys. There is far more important stuff happening in the world than making junk up just so you can have someone stick a camera in your face and hang on every word you say. Can’t you do a little “real” journalism? Reporting?…You need a reality check. Let go of your itty bitty misogynist fear of conservative women. Oh, that’s right..I forgot…the Drive-By doesn’t have a pair. I think I will go tune in to Fox or even CNN and find out what is “actually” going on in the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-J-Conway/1755392219 Brian J Conway

    First of all, I question Joe Scarboroughs credentials as a conservative. Why do the Dems and other liberals worry more about Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman and other internal business of the Republican party than they do their own business. They claim that anyone who questions Bachman faces retribution.
    Given that anything less than leg tingling exhilaration over the mere thought of Obama, brings down the wrath of the entire left on the non-believer. That claim is at face value, ridiculous. To cast even a hint of disenchantment with their jug-eared,underfed Buddha, consigns he who has erred to a lifetime of being branded as a neanderthal, far to the right of Attila the Hun.