CNN warns of Egyptian-style takeover of electronic communication in the U.S.

It seems like this is the kind of thing Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck has been criticized for putting out on the airwaves – the notion the government could shutdown electronic communications in the United States similar to what has been done in Egypt over the past several days, as its government has reacted to turmoil engulfing the country.

On Sunday evening’s “CNN Newsroom,” host Don Lemon and his guest, hacker-turned-cyber security expert Gregory Evans, explored all the various way this Egyptian movement was attempting to overcome blocks put on electronic communications by the government. Lemon suggested that the U.S. government could do that same thing the Egyptians are doing now, and even said he thought “it probably could happen in the United States.”

And according to Evans, he was right.

“It could happen here and it will happen – when, you know that emergency broadcasting system everybody never really pays attention to?” Evans said. “So that right there – if we were in the state of an emergency, in a civil war, the government can then seize all communications and since Internet is part of that communications – yes, they can take over your TV, your radio and your Internet.”