Feds look for ways to prevent bedbugs from biting

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government is looking for ways to crack down on bedbugs.

The pesky insects have infiltrated New York City and turned up everywhere from swanky hotels to homeless shelters around the country. Now they are the subject of a two-day national bedbug summit in Washington that kicks off Tuesday.

The million-dollar question is what the federal government can do about them.

While remedies to control the critters have improved since the last national summit two years ago, the “Federal Bed Bug Working Group,” as it is called, still faces an uphill battle. The appleseed-size insects, which live in the folds and crevices of sheets and mattresses, are difficult to kill.

Research has shown that bedbugs are developing a resistance to pesticides.

  • boodood

    Carson lied , people died(in poor sub-saharan africa)…… and scratched (in swanky NY hotels)

    now we will see if our EPA and politicians stand on principal or on the quicksand of convenience and manufactured outrage.

    by banning DDT they condemned millions to a long painful existence and early death. the economies of sub-saharan africa were sabotaged and their poverty was preordained in a faulty shrine to ‘ecology’

    now that the elite are uncomfortable will they suddenly rediscover science and declare DDT one of the great miracles of science that it was?

    will they alleviate their discomfort in a fit of moral equivalence?

    it is so much easier to let the nameless, the poor, the distant, and the dark of hue to die than it is to see an ‘equal’ be uncomfortable.