Daniels wants to ‘mute’ debate over social issues

Washington (CNN) – Potential presidential candidate Mitch Daniels irked more than a few conservatives last year when he called for a “truce” on social issues while the country works through its economic problems.

Now he’s doubling down on that position.

The Indiana governor and dark horse presidential favorite of many fiscal conservatives told radio host Laura Ingraham he wants to “mute” issue like abortion and gay marriage – at least for a certain amount of time while the country’s growing debt is confronted and other economic problems are dealt with.

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  • jjsmithers

    Liberals would love for all conservatives to shut up about social issues while they implement their plans and write new regulations that you will only find out about a few years from now. That is exactly why Obamacare is not being fully started for years– they write the regulations now and nobody pays much attention. In 2014, it is too late.

    So, there is no reason for Daniels to bother putting his hat in the ring if he is just borrowing McCain’s hat. It was McCain who refused to challenge Obama on some issues, including Obama’s relationship with a terrorist, Bill Ayers.

    We don’t need anybody who is afrid to challenge liberals on all of their repulsive social views, such as abortion, keeping poor children trapped in bad schools, refusing to secure our borders (social and political, as well as national security issue)

    Buh-bye, Daniels.

  • Ryan.Iowa

    Good luck with that Mitch. Social conservatives in Iowa voted out 3 state supreme court justices over gay marriage last year, and they’re primed to vote out the other justices who supported the issue in the couple of elections. He’s obviously not aiming for the gold, silver, or bronze awards of the Iowa caucuses.

  • csm53

    The only person talking about social issues is Daniels saying we should stop talking about them. What is his deal?

  • wodiej

    There is nothing wrong w stating your position on social issues. Daniels is just trying to convey that the country has alot more important things to worry about than gay marriage. Republicans need to keep their eye on the ball if they want to win back the WH in 12. That means focusing like a laser on the economy, jobs and the deficit.

  • Realist4U

    He must not have studied for that part of the test….

  • SCGirl

    Hmmmm….since the Presidential campaigning has begun I would think people would want to know what the candidate’s position on social issues is. That particular discussion wouldn’t involve congressional activities at all. That comment is a non-starter.

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