Mary Katharine Ham presents: How Four Loko became ethanol [VIDEO]

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  • backbackheyhey

    Fortunately, the formulas for Long Island iced tea, Irish coffee, rum and Coke, and Red Bull and vodka were lost to the ages when the library at Alexandria was destroyed, so humankind will never mix alcohol and caffeine again. Whew! Crisis averted!

    • RickCaird

      Good point. I am still confused over how the government managed to create this “repulsive” effect between caffeine and alcohol. Now, when I try to pour bourbon into my coffee it is repulsed and the bourbon ends up spilled all over the table. (This even happens on the first attempt). I wonder how they did that.

      • didacticrogue

        Elfin magic.

        Or maybe it’s like chemistry class (“do as you ‘oughta’ – add acid to ‘wata'”), and you have to add the coffee to the bourbon instead of the other way ’round, lest it spit and spatter in a repulsive kind of way.

        And: coffee & bourbon? … really? (Sounds like a waste of perfectly good bourbon to me.)

  • I_Walk_Alone

    Mary Katherine Ham = “conservative” Porn Babe 😉

    So, can I use ‘Four Loko ethanol’ to fuel my Audi S5 coupe…?

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  • wodiej

    Old story….I’ve never heard of it before. I like Hamm. Another example of gov’t boondoggle.

    • jonavark

      I think everyone likes her..

      but this is a month or two old.

  • kaziklibey

    Mary Katherine is hot, as always. Big government nanny statists blow, as always. Brian Potter, you should be ashamed of yourself, cull.

    • brianpotter

      I should be ashamed of myself?? I should cull myself?? Who do you think you are? Why don’t you drive down here to Virginia and say that to my face?? That would take a set of balls you lowlife piece of garbage.

  • jonavark

    With all due respect. This is an old story. I don’t think it needed much investigation.

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