Why Sarah Palin is skipping CPAC

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin today turned down an invitation to speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference even after being offered the plum keynote speaking spot, the fourth year in a row she’s turned down an offer to speak at the event.

“February is our busiest winter month and with all the prior obligations and outside travel already scheduled for the month I had to forgo some of the opportunities in the Lower 48,” said Palin in an email to the Fix Thursday explaining her decision.

Full Story: The Fix – Why Sarah Palin keeps skipping CPAC

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  • notalone

    oh my – aren’t we just so important. Her ego is beginning to match that of obama

  • gahanson

    Palin was offered the keynote speech that would be on Feb 12th, which is the same day as the Iron Dog Banquet that the Palin family attends every year.

    The first time she was invited was in 2008, prior to being named McCain’s running mate. Unfortunately, the opening of CPAC always coincides with the beginning of the Alaska legislative session, and for that reason she declined to attend in both 2008 and 2009.

    In 2009 CPAC announced that she was going to attend, essentially, using her to increase the sale of tickets, despite the fact she had not said she was coming. When she went public with the fact she wasn’t going to attend, Keene blasted her for it, because several hundred people demanded their money back.

    Let Romney and Ron Paul spend their time, effort, and money bribing people to vote for them in the straw poll, Palin doesn’t need that kind of thing.