‘World premiere’ of Atlas Shrugged movie trailer planned for CPAC

FreedomWorks will host a premier of the trailer for the film adaption of Atlas Shrugged at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Since the novel by Ayn Rand was published in 1957, efforts to produce a film version have been attempted. All failed due to a variety of legal and editorial disputes.

Protagonist Dagny Taggart will be played by actress Taylor Schilling, who previously was the lead character in NBC medical drama Mercy.

Atlas Shrugged has been highly influential within conservative and libertarian circles for its support of laissez-faire economics.

The film’s website calls the book a warning of implications to society when “individual achievement is undervalued, suppressed and demonized.”

The premier will be held on February 11. The film, which features one-third of the book, will be released in theaters on April 15.

  • logic

    It’s interesting (in a painful way) to read or hear people saying capitalism failed and that lack of regulation was/is the problem. Government is everywhere in our lives. It has been for decades. We have not been living in a capitalist free market for a very long time. Government has been corrupting the market for decades, creating and fostering government/corporate collusion and cronyism. Regulations are ripe for lobbyists to buy their companies’ way out of the regulations and buy the politicians’ votes. Former heads of big corporations get jobs running big government agencies (the FDA & USDA are perfect examples).

    We have gotten so far away from free market capitalism and have been so conditioned to believe in government “fixing” things (despite constant failure to do so), that we scoff at the free market and assume it has failed. How, in 2011, after decades of government intervention, would we even objectively judge? How can anyone insanely assume the heavy hand of government can fix it?

    Government doesn’t work in practice even though it seems entirely logical to use it to crack down on all the bad guys and perceived injustices in the world.

  • Tess_Comments

    I read the book within the past year and recommend it to everyone.
    I am glad someone is doing a movie on it. I just hope they did a good job.

  • classicliberal

    Keynesianism is tantamount to religion.

  • mapletree

    You could call the city of Detroit (and several other US cities) the fulfillment of Rand’s predictions. Total breakdown of civilization for all the reasons that Rand mentioned in her book.