Michelle Obama focusing on restaurant nutrition

WASHINGTON — After wrapping her arms around the retail giant Wal-Mart and trying to cajole food makers into producing nutrition labels that are easier to understand, Michelle Obama, the first lady and a healthy-eating advocate, has her sights set on a new target: the nation’s restaurants.

A team of advisers to Mrs. Obama has been holding private talks over the past year with the National Restaurant Association, a trade group, in a bid to get restaurants to adopt her goals of smaller portions and children’s meals that include healthy offerings like carrots, apple slices and milk instead of French fries and soda, according to White House and industry officials.

The discussions are preliminary, and participants say they are nowhere near an agreement like the one Mrs. Obama announced recently with Wal-Mart to lower prices on fruits and vegetables and to reduce the amount of fat, sugar and salt in its foods. But they reveal how assertively she is working to prod the industry to sign on to her agenda.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Obama will begin a three-day publicity blitz to spotlight “Let’s Move!,” her campaign to reduce childhood obesity, which was announced one year ago this week.

She will introduce a public service announcement, appear on the “Today” show and deliver a speech in Atlanta promoting gardening and healthy-eating programs.

But as she uses her public platform to persuade children to eat healthier and exercise more, Mrs. Obama and her team are also quietly pressing the levers of industry and government. Over the past year she has become involved in many aspects of the nation’s dietary habits, exerting her influence over nutrition policy.

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  • Free Willy

    “nutrition labels that are easier to understand”

    “campaign to reduce childhood obesity”

    “persuade children to eat healthier and exercise more”

    All good things in my mind, why are so many here so protective of their right to be fat and have fat kids?

    As I see it she is just making it easier for kids mainly but also adults to be fit and healthy. It actually saves the country money, all those health concerns in later life.

    With an ageing population and an increasing proportion of society getting even fatter I think this makes good economic sense.

    I know most here don’t like her hubby but seriously why be so biased into believing everything she does is bad.

    Also can someone link a photo of her looking over weight?? I don’t read the gossip mags so haven’t seen many pics lately.

    Have a look at school photos when you were a kid and compare them to now, these kids are getting so incredibly fat and not just one or two like half of each class couldn’t do a push up or god forbid a chin up.

    • toomuchinfo

      It’s the intrusion, stupid! She can advocate healthy and exercise all she wants, but libs have to scold and regulate to feel complete. Green, global warming, health care crisis? All take the moral imperative, so do-dumbers can feel smug and better than the rest. It’s religion for those without.

      • Free Willy

        “It’s the intrusion, stupid!”

        Lets not act like children and hold back the name calling???

        Which “intrusion” do you find so troubling???


    just another sign that D.C. is out of control and out of touch with the problems of this U.S.

    • Free Willy


      Is that Washington or the Daily Caller?

  • riseabove

    I don’t know what’s crazier; the unbelievable intrusiveness into our personal lives or that there are people out there who will still vote to keep them in the White House. They’re going about it all wrong. You don’t tell people what to do. You encourage personal responsibility. This is not a dictatorship.

    Funny, only a few short years ago when I wanted internet fraud investigated I was repeatedly told that the government was not in the business of protecting people from themselves or their own stupidity. Now we have Mom and Pop spoon-feeding us and putting our mittens on.

    I can’t wait ’til 2012.

  • april

    No one will buy it and it is certainly not a selling point to get people to eat out, not to mention the consistent hypocrisy – “Everyone go out and eat your apple slices at your favorite restaurant, while I have this cheeseburger”. Stay tuned…the Union will get involved to get their every “policy they pushed” exemption.

  • toomuchinfo

    I told you this would happen! Restaurants are now food prostitutes. Over eating is a crime! We’re all stupid out of control johns. Save us, Big Michelle, save us!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jasmine-Clark/1785223171 Jasmine Clark

    encourage healthy eating all you want but dont make any new laws or regulations about it!! goodness!

  • JDoe

    Why is this “woman” with thunder thighs and an ass the size of Texas

    lecturing the rest of us on our eating habits?

    Isn’t she even the tiniest bit embarrassed by her own hypocrisy?

    Are there no MIRRORS located in the White House ?

    Isn’t this akin to Lindsey Lohan giving young girls advice on how to

    lead a good, clean life without resorting to drugs and alcohol?

    Why didn’t Big MO choose something like education or green nonsense, etc.

    I am just so embarrassed for her !

  • jonavark

    She has no ‘influence’. She does have a pair of huge hips and a bad attitude.

    This is no more important than a fart in the wind. People will eat what they want to. Despite the demagogues and fake food police like this arrogant woman.

    She should be working on real issues. Like black crime and fatherless children. The food issue is the least of our worries.