Pamela Anderson says immigrants should accept the legal citizenship process

There’s more to “Baywatch” bombshell Pamela Anderson than her Playboy centerfolds. The Canadian actress is also an activist for respecting the legal immigration process, Fox News reported Monday.

“I’m an immigrant myself. It was a tough road to come to America and work. The American dream is seductive, but there is a legal way to do it and there would be more jobs here for people if it was honored,” Anderson said. “There is something about the process that has to be honored — and respected.”

Anderson added that no one should undermine manual labor, saying Americans should, “get back on the farm and teach our kids that entry level positions in the work force start with manual labor … We need to teach them that it is about hard work in all areas.”

In addition to advocating for legal immigration, Anderson is philanthropic: She auctioned herself off at the Super Bowl to raise money for the charity Waves For Water, which aims to provide clean water filtration systems to needy countries. Two people bid $8,500 on her for a total of $17,000. The bidders will be flown to California to have a private dinner with Anderson.

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  • jomo2009

    The only manual labor Pam Anderson ever did was writing the checks for her breat implants.

    • jomo2009

      That should be “breast” implants. Sorry.

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  • brittanicus

    Where are the legal residents like Pam Anderson, to speak up and save America from this never ending onslaught of foreign nationals? We can only win the illegal immigration war, if regular people make a stand on the issue. The US government has for far too long intentionally overlooked this massive problem over thirty years. The border has been overrun, undermanned and so to the delight of un-American employers, millions have swept into this country stealing jobs. As I see it, it’s definitely lowered wages for the working man and women and the taking (approximately) 8 million jobs, in the majority of trades and profit producing companies offering minimum wages and no health benefits. Illegal alien and family members are uninsured, and end up painfully stinging the US taxpayer in the emergency rooms. If businesses didn’t attract illegal aliens and reduced the influx they would have no other choice but to hire US citizens and legal residents and therefore wages would spiral upwards and the hospitals would not get a monetary soaking, that eventually pried from YOU and ME by the IRS.

    It’s up to the American worker or citizen to serve as a whistle blower and inform ICE, if the company they are employed by is hiring foreign workers. It’s unsettling to note that Nevada has become a settlement for illegal nationals even more so than the Sanctuary State of California. Does it not seem strange that trespassing onto American soil are rewarded by our government, and do not suffer the same fate as illegal’s intruding in other nations. Other countries have severe penalties such as being charged with felony or being fired upon at the Mexican-Guatemalan border. As more and more State legislators see the insaneness of pandering to the invasion that is costing billions of dollars and enact policing laws such as 287 (g) and E-Verify audits. The majority of anxious illegal foreigners will be looking for a new homes across state lines to find a refuge. California is already suffering from turning a blind eye by granting illegal aliens a free pass to welfare entitlements and a non hostile climate were citizens pay a hefty penalty in heavy taxes.

    Over many decades taxpayers have been manipulated through badly misinterpreted laws such as the 14th Amendment, allowing the babies of illegal immigrants to access welfare benefits including housing for the low income. When old soldiers remain homeless illegal aliens can receive a key to Section 8 housing–if they conceive enough infants. Even before these people arrive in America, they have been well trained into deceiving the welfare offices with fraudulent ID. Today anybody who believes that we only have 11.5 million foreigners here, must be fortunately indifferent to the coming overpopulation chaos. Only those Americans or legal non citizens who care about the federal deficit will even bother to join a pro-sovereignty group, to show their courage against the open border organizations or even call their federal and local politicians to fight back against this injustice. Those oppose any kind of restrictions on illegal or even legal immigration are in the majority leftist groups with Liberal extremist undertones. Our government keeps more or less silent that over a million legal immigrants enter the US annually? Even the US government , (GAO) the General Accounting office has disclosed that for every (1) dollar paid in taxes by illegal foreigners, they receive back 3 dollars of our money.

    It’s my judgment that unless California’s Sacramento lawmakers mend their ways and begin the task of cutting off every benefit to the millions of foreigners squatting there, they will become a principle destination. As enforcement becomes the name of the game in less compassionate States those homesteading there will head for Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and other malleable States. It’s started already with the State of Arizona that is the first stop on the map for heinous criminals, people smugglers and drug gangs.

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  • ChickFight

    Good for you Pammy. And we all know why you stay here, even if you do live in California, instead of Canada: Freedom.

    BTW, The immigration system in Canada is extremely strict, especially to any incoming Americans. Americans who marry Canadians are treated worse than refugees who wash ashore on a wooden plank. And, the hippie-dippie Americans just move there thinking Canada is a nirvana for health care, find out rather quickly that America was the better deal.

  • borntoraisehogs

    I really hate tatoos. Pays good money to enlarge her assets and then inks herself.

    • clw

      I know it’s off topic, but in the case of women, I have to agree, especially naked. Naked women are just like sculpture, and can be so beautiful, but then there’s the ink. It just ruins everything IMO. Same with beautiful men, but I think it mars their beauty less. My son has one on each bicep – not a fan, but it’s a celtic cross on one and the reference number of a bible verse on the other. Nothing crappy like a hamburger or an alien thank GOD!

      So back to Pam and illegal aliens… I never really thought Pam and I would ever be much on the same page, but there it is. Maybe she’s becoming more conservative. Come to our side Pam!!

    • leilani

      Yes, I off-topically agree too. It always amazes me when actresses and models do it, too, because they more than anyone should know that tat ink photographs so horribly – it reads like dirt on film.

      That being said, Pam’s isn’t so bad, I actually like hers more than the trite & sometimes even corny designs you typically see on everyone else. But doesn’t she get sick of looking at the same damn thing every day?

      Because really, for a woman at least, a tattoo is a permanent accessory. It’s like being forced to carry the same handbag every day with every outfit for the rest of your life. Ick.

  • Tess_Comments

    Yes to Legal Immigration according to Current US Immigration Laws.
    Instead of creating new laws, our Representatives should FORCE Enforcement of Current US Immigration Laws.
    Help city, state, and Federal budgets by cracking down on illegal immigration NOW.
    Our Representatives should encourage finishing the Double Layer Border Fence.
    Our Representatives should encourage deporting MORE illegal Immigrants that are in the USA.
    Secure Our Borders Even MORE, Now.
    NO to any form of Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants that are in the USA.