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Welcome to the Daily Caller, Mickey Kaus and Matt Lewis!

To paraphrase a great man, events at the Daily Caller are happening at the speed of live. We just hired Mickey Kaus, who has been blogging since before “blogging” was even a word. His blog Kausfiles ran at Slate for a number of years, and then he moved to Newsweek. And somewhere in there, he ran for the Senate against Barbara Boxer. (SPOILER: He lost.) Now Kaus is moving up in the world, joining us right here at TheDC. Welcome, Mickey!

The ink had barely dried on that whole deal when suddenly Tucker Mr. Carlson wrote:

Please welcome Matt Lewis to The Daily Caller. For the past couple of years, Matt has been probably the best known (and most prolific) writer at AOL’s Politics Daily, where he’s broken a number of noteworthy stories. We’ve been looking at Matt for some time. AOL’s announcement this morning that it will be handing editorial control to Arianna Huffington sealed the deal. Matt called us this afternoon and by dinner he was on board.

That’s from the e-mail Tucker sent out to the office last night, which was then leaked to FishbowlDC. I still don’t understand the ways of these big-city folk, but it wasn’t me. The point is, Arianna’s loss is our gain.

Oddly enough, Kaus’ most recent post makes fun of AOL’s depressingly SEO-saturated new blogging guidelines. It sounds like a really fun place to work. Like a sausage factory, if sausage was made of Boring. Given the prospect of jumping through those hoops and suddenly finding yourself working at HuffPo… Welcome aboard, Matt!

Newsweek. AOL. VHS. The dodo bird. When you remember them — and you will, maybe — be kind.

P.S. Speaking of our new hires, be sure to check out this week’s Ask Matt Labash. It’s about Mary Katharine Ham and the proper disposal of dead bodies. Which are two entirely separate topics, at least as far as forensic science has ever been able to prove.

P.P.S. HuffPo readers are revolting. Also, they hate the AOL deal.

P.P.P.S. Matt Lewis: My Farewell Post to Politics Daily Readers.

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  • butters

    AOL is LOL!

  • 24AheadDotCom

    Finally! The DC will get back to getting those Instalanches!

    P.S. Kaus could have done a public service by trying to challenge Boxer at one of her public appearances, but instead he just engaged in a campaign that would have made PatPaulsen blush. He had a point; Kaus’ effort was just a vanity campaign that didn’t get any issues out there despite how easy it would have been for him to do it. Maybe hanging out with Insty wasn’t such a wise idea after all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cindy-Nowicki/1572984371 Cindy Nowicki

    .Congrats to both of you and welcome aboard. Hope you both find DC, the “home” you’ve been looking for. Hard to be a fair-minded conservative, in a room filled with liberal vultures.

    DC is one of my favorite stops for news of the day.

  • mesquito

    Kaus is Baus. Great get, DC.

  • truebearing


    I never could figure out how you could stand Politics Daily as long as you did. Did being the only conservative make you feel special? I’m sure it made you feel alone.
    Welcome aboard, Matt. And here’s some good news: The DC doesn’t have anything resembling Blogfuhrer Hennenberger’s idiotic “civilogue”, or was that drivelogue….

  • Klovepr

    I’m happy to have found DC thanks to Matt Lewis. Their loss is your gain!

  • motionview

    I aways thought that Newsweek was acquired for too little ($1); they should at least have covered Mickey’s salary ($2).

  • tom kinney

    Excellent moves, both, DC, congrats!