10 questions with Tea Party Review editor Steven Allen

Steven Allen will be launching Tea Party Review, a new monthly magazine, in March. The Daily Caller asked Allen 10 questions about his new publication, his goals with it and what he plans to fill its pages with.

The Daily Caller (TheDC): What’s the goal of the Tea Party Review? What are you guys trying to do?

Steven Allen (SA): We’re trying to provide the forum for members of the movement. We’re talking about somewhere between 25 and 30 percent of the American people who have turned to the Tea Party movement first, over the Republicans and the Democrats, for political leadership and we want to provide a forum for them and all the people in the working class and small business class who aren’t really represented in Washington right now.

TheDC: Is this going to fill any needs that aren’t being met by other media out there right now?

SA: Oh, absolutely. You just really have to search far and wide to find working class, small business class, Tea Party type views represented in the mainstream media. I mean, there are a few organizations that are better than others, but it’s tough.

TheDC: What kind of stories can we expect in your magazine?

SA: We’re going to do several different things. We’re going to have people discuss issues applying Tea Party values in a way of having debate and, in effect, working out the platform of the Tea Party over time, grassroots up, by having people express themselves. So, for example, you might have someone, one month, write about foreign policy from a non-interventionist perspective, like Ron Paul’s, and maybe next month, it would be more of a foreign policy hardliner-like. Then, people would get to go back and forth and work out exactly what the Tea Party movement stands for and that’ll happen over time. Or, people will just decide to agree to disagree and still work together on the things that hold everybody together within the movement regarding saving us from this mountain of debt and taxes and regulations that are going to destroy the lives of our children and our grandchildren if we don’t do something about it. We’re also going to have articles that explain issues in ways that average people can understand.

TheDC: Any big name special contributors to the first issue or future issues?

SA: I’m not saying we would never print something from a person who was already famous but I would much rather try to find talented people out there and try to give them an opportunity to write. There are some people who are writing in our first issue who have written for The New York Times, and one of our writers has written for the Chicago Defender, which is the top African American paper in the country over the last century or so. We have one of our writers, who I don’t think will be in this issue but will be in future issues, who was the book review editor of the Harvard Law Review. So, we’ve got a lot of people. But, we’ve also got other people who have never been in print before and this is their first time to write for a national magazine or any magazine. My goal will be to try to pull the new writers in.