Palin clarifies: Let the gays join CPAC

Sarah Palin reiterated her support for including GOProud, a self-identifying gay group, into the Conservative Political Action Conference that starts today, a rebuke to social conservatives who have actively been trying to push the organization out of the conservative movement.

In an interview on Fox News the night before the conference, Palin said she had no problem letting gay conservative groups join the annual conference, which this year is drawing thousands of attendees and more than a dozen prospective Republican presidential candidates.

“I don’t have a problem with different, diverse groups that are involved in political discourse, and having a convention to talk about what the answers are to their problems that face America,” Palin said. “We better be concentrating on what is really important and not going tit-for-tat as people are positioning themselves for 2012 and figuring out what groups is going to support whom. We better be very serious about finding solutions to the problems.”

Her statement clarified earlier remarks made last week about the conference allowing GOProud to co-sponsor the conference, which received a sharp rebuke from some social conservatives who demanded that she expand on her vague comments.

Palin, who will not attend CPAC over scheduling conflicts, joins a long list of conservative leaders who have jumped into battle over the group, which touts itself as “the only national organization of gay conservatives and their allies.”

GOProud, run out of a small English basement on Capitol Hill with just two employees and an intern, has caused a stir among conservative groups since its founding in 2009. This week marks the second year GOProud will participate at CPAC, prompting a handful of conference regulars to boycott. The groups, which include Concerned Women of America, The Media Research Center and Liberty Counsel, have explicitly cited GOProud’s involvement as a reason for sitting out this year. The feelings against GOProud run deep. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, for example, went as far as saying that “conservatives and homosexuals cannot coexist” within the movement.

All this criticism comes despite GOProud’s 2011 list of legislative priorities, which only includes one policy goal that could be labeled a “gay rights issue:” opposition to a federal marriage amendment. The other nine on the list include policy stances that could be cut and pasted from almost any other mainstream conservative group. GOProud has also roped in a number of high profile conservative supporters, including media mogul Andrew Breitbart, tax activist Grover Norquist, and Republican strategist Liz Mair, who sits on the group’s board of directors advisory council. Pundit Ann Coulter, who disagrees with the group on marriage but supports their inclusion, headlined a party GOProud sponsored last year.

The public call for a boycott began when American Principles Project founder Robert George wrote a letter in November to former American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene complaining about GOProud’s participation. The letter was co-signed by American Values, Liberty Counsel, and the National Organization for Marriage and argued that “inclusion of this group that stands in diametrical opposition to a core principle of conservatism made it necessary to take action.” Since then more groups have announced they will stay out and as late as this week, The Washington Times reported that around two dozen conservative leaders sent a memo to the ACU demanding groups that self-identify with gay issues be banned from the conference.

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  • Alammbrito2010

    Governor Palin Hires Michael Glassner as Chief of Staff

    Posted on February 11 2011 – 9:57 PM – Posted by: Doug Brady

    Via Peter Hamby at CNN:

    Sarah Palin has added a veteran Republican strategist to serve as chief-of-staff for her political action committee, Sarah PAC, CNN has learned.
    Michael Glassner, an attorney and longtime adviser to former Kansas senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole, has signed on to steer the former Alaska governor’s political operation as she considers a possible 2012 presidential bid.
    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Glassner managed vice presidential operations during John McCain’s unsuccessful White House bid.
    “We are happy and excited that Mike is joining our team,” Sarah PAC spokesman Tim Crawford told CNN.

    (h/t Angela)

  • truebearing

    “Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, ‘The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society.’

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/02/11/thedc-interview-donald-rumsfeld-%e2%80%94-secret-critic-of-the-neoconservatives/#ixzz1DgxNobnv

  • talibangelical

    I see so many of the homo-bashing regular posters sitting on their hands or altering their views from family values to constitutional issue and states rights.

    Ask yourself an honest question (not the legit Libertarians): How would you have reacted if the Obama admin had handed Jeff Gannon a press pass? You would have gone nuts!

  • The_Basseteer

    Like FreedomeRocks above, I too am opposed to same sex marriage. BUT what I am opposed to more is amending to Constitution to define marriage. The Constitution is a documents that limits the government NOT peoples rights. The last time there was an attempt to limit the people rights was via the Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition), and we all know how well that turned out.

  • FreedomRocks76

    While I like Palin as a spokesperson I don’t see her as a successful candidate.
    As for GOProud, let them in. I oppose same sex marraige but there are far too many government policies that abridge the personal and property rights of homosexuals to an oppressive degree.
    Maybe if we start listening to their legitimate complaints and find ways to redress them thru government reform, and by that I mean government reduction, we can right those wrongs and show that we are in support of the basic human rights of ALL people.

  • nexialist

    I would welcome GOProud or any other gay group that recognizes the importance of the traditional nuclear family to society. It would reverse decades of first trying to undermine marriage and then trying to co-opt it. DADT and traditional marriage are not about gays; it is pretty Narcissistic for the activists to make every issue about them.

  • krjohnson

    Thanks Sarah. We need to grow the base of the Repulbican party, and excluding people like the GOProud-ers does nothing to advance that.

    We don’t have to agree with their lifestyle, but there is no reason to exclude them from the party.

    • Agent Orange

      We also have to make sure that the whole essence of conservatism is not subverted, and for that, kicking out the fagots is absolutely essential! The last thing we need is a party base that has been diluted with fags, commies and other rhinos masquerading as “conservatives”! It’s already bad enough with libertarians trying to subvert two of the three main tenets of true conservatism (strong national defense and traditional Christian values) — letting fags join the movement will only make it worse!

      • krjohnson

        I am embarrassed to be in the same party as you.

        The GOProud-ers are far more conservative than any libertarian I am aware of. They don’t even think the federal government should take a position on marriage, just leave it to the states. Which is exactly what the “Defense of Marriage Act” does.

        Also you confuse a “strong national defense,” which everyone except the far left is for, with “world policeman.”

        • des1

          ” I am embarrassed to be in the same party as you.”

          I haven’t been keeping up on the new members, but do we actually know this is a Republican and not Sipi-cup under a different username? I’ve met Conservatives who were that close-minded, but I’ve met a lot more Liberals pretending to be Conservatives so they could say hateful things. Until I see another few dozen posts from this guy, I’m not making my mind up on if he’s an idiot or a troll.

          • krjohnson

            Fair point, des. I guess I tend to take people at their words. Pretty sure I’ve seen posts from this guy before but I don’t remember his angle.

          • SuperTalk

            great point des

            this person is way over the top dramatic. more than likely a plant.. a sh!t plant like abrus precatorius

          • scorpioman

            Give me a rest Des, you know my writing style better than that. Not to mention the fact I have already given my approval of Sarah Palin on this issue. Come on. Stop being a bully.

      • SuperTalk

        Agent Orange

        Me thinks You doth protest too much. I can only shudder to guess what kinds of things you use Craigslist for.

        Homophobia is alive and well, plus on display on the Daily Caller unfortunately.

        Smaller government is fine with the bible thumpers until it comes to regulating homosexuality. Then all bets are off. Homos would be outlaws if it were up to deeply closeted cavemen like Agent Orange.

        GET A LIFE

        • truebearing

          “Bible thumpers”? I guess you wanted to include some bigotry of your own.

          As I posted above: ““Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, ‘The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society.’

          Like it or not, conservatism is historically inextricably intertwined with Christian beliefs. When a group of people indentify themselves by their sin, as does GOProud, Christians are naturally going to reject it, and with perfectly good reason. The Bible, which is the sacred text of Christianity, teaches homosexuality is a sin. If you don’t believe that, fine, but you don’t have any business telling them what they should believe. If a group called itself GOPAdulterers, or GOPedophiles, would you be up on your ear defending them, or criticizing those terrible “Bible thumpers” for not wanting to be associated with them? I don’t think so. If there was a group calling itself GOPhilanderers, should conservative Christians have to embrace them too, even though it violates their religious beliefs? You are essentially advocating a position that has conservative Christians suppressing their beliefs so that political correctness is served. Think about it.

          Why do you feel that conservative Christians have to let the tail wag the dog, and why do they have to change their beliefs to conform to your political correctness? Ahhh! Got you there! You don’t even realize how much the pseudo morality of the left has crept into your thinking. Maybe you aren’t as conservative as you think.

          From a Christian perspective, which I strongly suspect you don’t think is legitimate, Identity/Sin politics isn’t a good idea, and I agree. GOProud is putting their sexual identity ahead of their conservatism, which isn’t necessary. No one was locking them out of being politically conservative to begin with.
          GOProud is putting their homosexuality out front, as a kind of modifier to conservatism, which they had to know was an in-your-face kind of gesture to Christian conservatives, and was in effect needlessly confrontational. This is akin to labeling oneself an African-American instead of just an American. It is inherently divisive. It is wanting special attention and special status, and in this case, is antagonistic to the beliefs of the majority of conservatives. If sexuality is the most important thing for GOProud, they are in the wrong party. They should identify themselves as moderate liberals.

          That being said, I don’t oppose gays being conservatives, but let me add that Christians will be the bulwark of the defense against the creeping Muslim influence in this country, and I would like to know where there are any Gay, conservative Muslim political factions anywhere in the world. Bible thumpers are the MOST tolerant people on earth, contrary to your ill-informed opinion.

          • truebearing

            Does the GOP have to accept the GOPNAMBLA “conservatives” too?

          • riseabove

            Excellent post, Truebearing! Tried to write what I was thinking and feeling but simply couldn’t find the right words. You’ve conveyed it perfectly.

            After living the lifestyle for most of my adult life, I found that I was unable to reconcile it with my religious convictions, nor was I comfortable searching out a “designer religion” that would accept and encourage homosexuality…so I made a choice. It may not be popular, but it was the right thing to do because in the end, I answer to God, not man.

            This doesn’t mean I judge or condemn anyone. The bible instructs us to hate the sin, not the sinner. I just have a good understanding of what gay people go through and I’m more empathetic than some so I kind of cringe when I see them being treated badly. Lest we forget that some of the apostles weren’t exactly walking the straight and narrow.

          • lrgon

            Palin has an ice cube heart for the Constitution and for the culture; her love of America is vested in her self-agrandizing ambition to be the first woman president. The presidency should not be an office that is sought mainly to achieve control over people at home or abroad but sadly every president since the beginning of the 20th century, with the sole exception of Calvin Coolidge, has used that office to start wars, stir up class warfare and give more power to international bankers.

            We’ve had enough experience with this office to see that special interests will continue to dominate that office. An occassional threat by a Barry Goldwater type candidate can be easily handled since the MSM is also part of this combine of power seekers who have been extremely successful in putting their man in there to serve them not the country.

            When the US senate is returned to the states by repeal of the 17th amendment (when the House and Senate is controlled by men and women who will chain themselves down by the Constitution!) then opportunity to craft an amendment to the Constitution should be offered to the states to have the US Senate select the president. Regardless, the power of the presidency should be greatly deminished and political parties abolished. At the very least the people need to reinvigorate the Electoral College taking that body away from the grubby hands of the political parties.

            Power seekers use “party system” to elevate their vanites and not the country or the Constitution. These cruds show up on the American political bragging about their business acumen and their love of culture and the first chance they get they cave to political correctness like Palin and bankrupt their state with Romneycare like Mitt did to his own state!

            The presidency should not be an office that is up for grabs by beauty queens or hustlers like Mitt Romney or CFR stooges like Barack or Hillary. The CFR picks both GOP and Democrat presidential nominees in their shadowy enclaves. The evidence is too irrefutable to deny.