Animated Perry gets friendly reception from CPAC activists. Also, their cell numbers.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry showcased his affection for the 10th amendment, and a bit of tech-savvy in an animated speech to CPAC Friday — the first speech by a major speaker to include an explicit text message pitch from the podium.

He asked the audience to “pull out your phones,” and text “FED UP” to the number he gave. A return text from the number asks supporters to visit www.NoGovernmentBailouts.com, which features a petition to stop the “pervasive embrace of bailouts.”  Though the governor has repeatedly said he will not run for president, gathering the cell phone numbers of a bunch of national activists is an interesting move. Perry said the campaign is designed to keep conservative activists informed of “what we’re doing in Texas.”

“Fed up” was the message Americans clearly sent to Washington in 2010, Perry said.

“Americans disdain big government and it cuts across party lines, I’ll tell ya that,” Perry said. “Pink slips were handed out for legislators in both political parties…It was awesome.”

Perry’s comfortable drawl and, at times, dramatic delivery—one dramatic pause was so long it suggested he might not start up again— got the crowd going as well.  A generous peppering of 10-gallon-hatted Texans throughout the audience surely helped, and at least one supporter yelled, “run for president!”

The CPAC crowd was tough on speakers all day, and it was the more animated such as Perry and Herman Cain who fared better than more low-key speakers.

One audience member got a chuckle from Perry when he shouted “Secede” as an addition to Perry’s list of principles for creating a strong economy. The shout was a reference to Perry’s 2009 comment to a reporter in Texas, that “We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that.”

Critics and his Democratic opponent in the Texas gubernatorial race said the comment amounted to a threat to secede from the union.

Perry moved on with his speech after the shout, and congratulated his fellow Republican governors, mentioning Bob McDonnell of Virginia, for following the prescription he said worked in Texas— low taxes, fair regulation, restraints on frivolous lawsuits, and accountability in schools.

“They’re following that lead— not of what you said,” Perry clarified, laughing and gesturing toward the man who’d shouted.

Perry closed with his oft-professed love for the 10th Amendment, and the ability of states to offer solutions when given flexibility and freedom. And, in what was perhaps yet another denial that he will run for president, he emphasized “governors will lead the charge for reformation in this country.”

“We can restore this nation to its preeminence in the world. There is no other greater cause in our time.”

  • mdiavaro99ro

    is it just me or he looks a bit like GW Bush? LOL

  • robb32

    15 Bill? IS that all? Even labor heavy Corrupticut is at least 2 times that in the hole. And Texas is so much bigger..? How about just End the cash cow drug war in 2012. Holder and Prezbo are SO damn lyin’ hypocritical about it..Defund the DEA, HSA, DOE, EPA, TSA..Dump Adolph Napolitano..look at all the savings!Legalize marijuana regulate and TAX TAX TAX! Drill DRILL DRilll ANYWHERE. kEEP THE OIL here! CUT IMPORTS.

    Draft Rick Perry-Ron Paul third Party-TEA PARTY for the 2012 Presidential ticket!!!Independents and Libertarians, conservative Dems….Dump the Dumocrats and the old school Repubes.

    • barryaz

      Your right on the money. We lost the drug war long ago. Legalize it, tax it, and put some self responsibility/ accountability back into the American dream. Political correctness, social engineering, and so-called social justice is ruining this country, along with the corrupt politicians and wall street.

  • baseballguy2001

    My state of Texas is in some trouble, but we are far better off than California or Illinois. Republicans have a 2/3 majority in the state house, so the democrats can’t do a thing here. I wanted Deborah Medina but Perry is still MY Governor.

  • craigiri

    Someone should tell his friends about the fiscal condition of Texas…….

    “Texas faces a budget shortfall of at least $15 billion”

    Hmm, the largest uninsured population in the US, some of the worst air, education ranks that are nothing to brag about, LOTS of oil revenues and they cannot even start to balance a budget? What a joke!

    I wish conservatives could learn to count.

    • borntoraisehogs

      Mississippi with good roads? Molly Ivans IIRC.

      • noonespetgoat

        …toll roads that is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Deron-Reid/1029130975 Deron Reid

      every state is hurting – and per capita we are better off than most. texas created the overwhelming # of private jobs.

      as for the other issues, those are progressive planks the courts have told texas to deal with. it’s long and complicated, so i won’t try to explain it.

    • johno413

      Nice Dem talking points. The current budget is in an ACTUAL $4.3 billion deficit. The NEXT budget COULD be as high as $15 billion. That projection is used by the governor and the legislature to set their budget and make decisions. The chances are it will not reach that level unless they cannot come to terms with more cuts or increased revenue, etc.

      Compare that to an ACTUAL deficit of $28 billion for CA. The population of CA is about 35 million and for TX is about 25 million. By population, if TX were performing as badly as CA their ACTUAL deficit would be about $19 billion. 4.3 compared to 19.

      Nice try, though.

    • repeal17

      “Hmm, the largest uninsured population in the US, some of the worst air, education ranks that are nothing to brag about, LOTS of oil revenues and they cannot even start to balance a budget? What a joke!” – craigirl

      Every one of your complaints about Texas have been caused by dhimmicRAT policies.

      Illegal aliens contribute to the number of uninsured, bringing down the average; they cause downward pressure on wages, bringing down the average;
      they send hordes of illegal alien children to taxpayer-funded public schools, bringing down the average;
      they drive around (frequently drunk)on Texas roads without insurance and cause accidents resulting in unpaid hospital bills, bringing down the average profits of hospitals;
      they (through the Feds) require forms and government publications in Spanish, raising the state’s cost of doing business;
      they commit (often violent) crimes against citizens, resulting (sometimes) in their arrest, prosecution, and detention, reducing the amount of money the state has available for better use;
      they cause faster deterioration of public infrastructure;
      they contribute to gang violence;
      they make Texas schools unsafe for Texas children;
      they draw welfare and food stamps from the citizens, who are the only rightful beneficiaries of such programs so long as they exist;
      they often work for cash, thus evading the tax man faced by the citizen.

      I could go on, but maybe you get the point. Leftists in the government refuse to enforce the border and laws of the United States.

      Any criticism of the state’s problems (arising from the inability to balance the books while shouldering such unConstitutional expenditure of the peoples’ money) is beyond absurd.

      • jmk1502

        “Leftists in the government refuse to enforce the border and laws of the United States”.

        I’m confused, repeal17: who is it that hires all the illegals for less-than-minimum wage for jobs fat lazy Americans refuse to? The illegal immigration issue illustrates the hypocrisy of the Republican party: “Those dirty illegals! Invadin’ our great nation”. And then they hire the same illegals.

        • repeal17

          Yes, apparently you are confused.

          Those you call fat, lazy Americans used to do the jobs illegals do now. The difference is that Americans won’t do the jobs for the low pay (depressed wages due to illegals, remember?) Mexicanos will, because Americans don’t live 42 to a one bedroom apartment.

          Is it your contention that only Republicans own businesses? That’s pretty thin, but by all means, run with it.

          I notice that you ignored every other point to zero on this one. Good.

        • repeal17

          And, BTW, conservatives tend to be ‘law and order’ types who would not brook hiring illegals beacuse its’…well, illegal. dhimmicRATs and leftists are the ‘me’ types, who think that the laws don’t apply to them.
          So, who hires illegals? Leftists. Progs. Bottom-feeding scumsuckers, that’s who.

        • noonespetgoat

          So the liberals in Texas mow their own yards and bus their on tables?

  • leilani

    “Though the governor has repeatedly said he will not run for president, gathering the cell phone numbers of a bunch of national activists is an interesting move.”

    Ruh-roh. Just remember to keep your shirt on and your iPhone camera OFF and not the other way around, Gov, unkay? 😉

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