Arianna Huffington gets Palin-ized

You’ve really done it this time, Arianna Huffington. You’ve violated the unwritten rules of our culture. Rose above our comfort zone. Now, sadly, we must destroy you. But don’t take it personally. It’s simply because, well, you’re a woman.

Here’s how we’ll do it…

First, we’ll need to create a caricature. Something we can use to demean and diminish you — and right away! Distract you and get that darn hammer away from the glass ceiling. Hmmm, let’s see. Which tools haven’t been deployed against a powerful woman lately? We used not likable with Hillary Clinton. Stupid and talks funny with Michele Bachmann. Bitchy boss with Meg Whitman. Hmmm, what’s left?

Hold on. Got it! Arianna Huffington is a SELLOUT! (assist to Dana Milbank: happily he had time to pitch in since he’s taking the month off from bashing Sarah Palin.)

Yep, that’s right. Huffington is a sellout. She co-founded and grew a media empire and then made a profit. How dare she? She sold her soul to the devil (a.k.a. corporate America). It’s true. And it’s been confirmed: one of her competitors counted comments on her website. Yep, she’s a sellout alright! My gosh, this is simply awful. What’s next with this Huffington woman? Maybe Tim Rutten is right: child labor?

We’ll need to take action and right away. Here’s what we’ll need to do…

We’ll need to bring the “sellout” caricature to life by branding her with real-world examples (or make them up). Then, we’ll spread these stories all over the media: an all-out media blitz! We’ll explain that she only cares about her own financial benefit. We’ll claim she uses the realm of politics as a vehicle for making money. We’ll let everyone know that she sold out her followers for her own celebrity and wealth.

Yeah, this plan will work just fine. Branding Huffington will work like a charm. She’s a sellout, alright!

But, not so fast. There’s a problem. Those news stories seem kind of familiar, like they’ve been around for a while. Oh, no! Those are all stories about Sarah Palin: Arianna Huffington has been Palin-ized!!!

But, wait a moment. Would the “sellout” caricature work if Huffington were, say, a man? No way! Not for a minute!

If Arianna were Donald Huffington, we would label her a titan of industry. If Arianna were Jeff Huffington, we would label her a true visionary. If Arianna were Stephen Huffington, we would extol her business savvy for cashing in on her years of hard work. If Arianna were Kenneth Huffington — hold on — Kenneth Lerer is an owner of HuffPost and did cash out alongside Huffington. But, hey, he’s a dude. So, here’s what we say: Ata boy, Kenny!

But back to Huffington. Let’s just keep going with the sellout caricature. Works like a charm. For now, let’s just keep this as our little boys’ club in the media secret!

Amy Siskind is the President and Co-Founder of The New Agenda, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls.

  • curmudgeon

    She made a pile of money off of self-promotion..her’s and the glory-seeking weenies that tried to capitalize off as part of her “journalistic world”.

    The wannabes, I think, are sufficiently stupid as to be had.

    But hey, ain’t that what an ego-trip can get you?

    Liberals are suck sore losers.

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  • zelda

    Sorry, but she is a sellout. So is Kenneth, but she’s always been the face so she gets more flack. You can’t belong to the left wing, demanding free lunch for everyone who might vote for a Democrat, and then make a pile of money off of people who work for nothing. So she is a sellout. She hasn’t been Palinized. Even if sexism was the motivation, truth is truth.

  • albore

    I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy for this Transylvanian Mail-Order Bride….. but maybe she could give me a massage?



  • craigiri

    I’d bet dollar to donuts that 95% of you righties underestimated her little blog WHICH IS NOW THE MOST READ NEWS SITE IN NORTH AMERICA…by far!
    Only cnn, the nyt and washington post come close.

    Rightie sites are not even in the running!

    What a great thing – that the younger and smarter people of this country are rallying on the internet, while the old farts are sitting around watching Bill O and listening to Rushbo!

    This means change…big time. All the rightie sites had their day……all chicken littles telling us the sky is falling daily. Well, it hasn’t – and things are getting better. The actual people who matter…not the old and grey, but the people who do things…..are not listening to your Hate Speech, they read the Huffpost, the NYT, CNN.com, etc…..

    Hopefully, y’all know how to count well enough to confirm how bad you are losing the REAL media war…..which is on the internet! Your rightie email forwards and WND and Breitbart just cannot stand up against real organizations!

    See you in 2012 at the Obama victory party.

    • jonavark

      >>>that the younger and smarter people of this country are

      Ranked 25th or lower in the world. Against people who don’t even use the internet. And you, being neither young OR smart, are lost.

    • riseabove

      Rev your engines all you like, Little Miss Huff ‘n Puffiri…but we’re still older and we’ve got more insurance.

    • spike1120

      lovely rant
      ari gets the dough
      aol gets another loser on board that will change nothing but depress the value of aol stock
      criticism of ari isn’t anti-feminist
      ari criticism is simply the same many lefties share: they are the southern end of northbound horses

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Spurlock/688138212 Michael Spurlock

      Wow, craigiri.
      You have raised being pathetic and clueless to an art form.
      Well played, sir!
      Unfortunately, the “Whining Weenie” awards have been given out for the day, but be sure to play again tomorrow.

  • libertyville

    What goes around, comes around. Arianna was a very transparent golddigger so there really is no surprise.