Tea Party leader to Mother Jones: ‘LOL’ on printing Sarah Palin rumor

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin isn’t scheduled to attend an upcoming Phoenix conference hosted by the Tea Party Patriots, but that hasn’t prevented speculation about what surprises may be in store.

The “American Policy Summit” will run Feb. 25-27. Liberal publication Mother Jones reports that there are rumors that Palin will announce her candidacy for president at the event.

Mother Jones reports that Florida Tea Party Patriots coordinator Everett Wilkinson wrote Thursday on his website: “I just heard a rumor that Sarah Palin is going to make a surprise visit and announcement.”

Mother Jones concluded that the rumor is most likely a ploy to increase attendance and advertising for the event.

Mark Meckler, co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, told The Daily Caller that Sarah Palin is not attending the conference.

“Sarah Palin is not appearing at the American Policy Summit,” Meckler told TheDC, “The good news is that the journalistic standards at Mother Jones remain consistent. LOL.”

A blog entry on the Tea Party Patriots’ website from February 2010 by “PaulRevere” said that “Sarah Palin would like to have us all believe that she is the leader of the Tea Party movement” but that “claims that there is a leader is dangerous to the political career for persons claiming to be that leader.”

Meckler said the entry about Palin on the Tea Party Patriots’ blog is reflective of his organization’s beliefs.

“I don’t know who posted that post, but it is correct that Sarah Palin is not the leader of the tea party movement,” said Meckler, “To my recollection, she has never claimed to be.”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-J-Conway/1755392219 Brian J Conway

    When most libs go hysterical and lose their breath, place a paper bag over their heads. That helps to resynchronize their breathing. It amazes me how much more they fret about Sarah, Michelle and the rest of our stellar lineup.
    Don’t they have their own stable of rising stars to promote? C’mon, take the high road and boast about Helen Thomas and Rachel Maddow. Be positive. Regarding the first sentence of my post, a plastic bag would be more appropriate for some of the others, but, of course, ya can’t do that.

    Brian Conway
    Kinderhook, N. Y.

  • diamndgirl

    Good for Mark Meckler for setting things straight…in every way possible.

  • notalone

    the airhead claims to be the leader and know it all of everything and anything and alaska and everytime she opens her mouth she proves she knows nothing about anything except stupid one liners and speeches that have you shaking your head and saying huh? What a ditz.

    • SargeH

      As much as I prefer just about any conservative over Palin, I have never heard her claim to be the leader of any movement. Of course, honesty isn’t the hallmark of a liberal.

  • Alammbrito2010


    Straw Poll

    Monday, February 15, 2011

    Sarah Palin …………………24%

    Mitch Daniels………………19%

    Chris Christie……………17%

    Ron Paul……………………… 9%

    Mitt Romney……………… 7%

    Newt Gingrich……………… 4%

    Tim Pawlenty……………… 4%

    Herman Cain………………… 4%

    Haley Barbour……………… 3%

    Michele Bachmann……… 3%

    Mike Huckabee…………… 2%

    John Thune…………………… 2%

    Rick Santorum……………… 2%

    Gary Johnson………………… 1%

    Jon Hutsman………………… 1%

    23, 160 Votes

    • notalone

      Who in the world did you poll – the zoo population.

      • SargeH

        So your brain still isn’t working today. Can’t you read “nationalreview” at the top of the post.

  • voted against carter

    Something to consider;

    Note; this principal ALSO applies to the OLD republican establishment (Bush’s, etc)

    You can tell when the LEFT REALLY IS scared of a
    Republican by the amount of vitriol their TROLLS spew.

    The MORE they SPEW, the MORE terrified they are the
    of the Republican being able to beat their Dumb-O-cRAT candidate.

    Sarah Palin is the PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS, as is Michele Bachmann.

    Sarah Palin SCARES the we-we out of the
    Leftwing-Nut, Libratard, Progressive, Dumb-O-cRAT Party,…


    Wait for it,…

    They KNOW Sarah Palin IS electable,…

    AND IF she runs against barry in 2012,…

    She WILL CRUSH him with indisputable numbers.
(44 to 48 state landslide. Barry will MAYBE get
    ILL & MI plus possibly MA, Hawaii, NY, & CA)

    So they MUST do EVERYTHING possible to DESTROY her
AND her supporters BEFORE
this becomes too apparent.

    Unfortunately for them, it seems the cats out of the bag,…

    and it IS too late.

    Their attempt to link her to the Tucson AZ shooting exposed them to everyone.

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  • philipjames

    Wow…. you have three or four stories intertwined here off of nothing…. there is absolutely no real story, yet three or four hinted stories have been born from this… I wonder how much digging thru the old posts at the Tea Party site by Steven Nelson it took to find that smart ass crack by some poster about Sarah Palin (also wonder how many positive posts about her there were) in order to question the Tea Party leader, Meckler, about it and force him to deny the implication in it.
    It like saying that Steven Nash really doesn’t screw cows but there are some rumours out there that he might and even a post on The Daily Beast hinting someone saw him doing a Jersey Cow in New York State last summer. Of course, a Daily Beast editor tells us there is no proof it happened, although the person was really detailed in his description of Steven standing on a stool with his pants down. Steven I am sure will adamantly deny this.

    You see how easy it is to create bull crap from nothing.

  • letsbehonest

    I hear there are going to be various important workshops like:

    Sine Makin’
    Where to get teeth
    Double Wide or Single Wide?
    How to outyell people

    With lots of vendors supplying the essentials:

    Fannie Packs R Us
    Obnoxious Flag Shirts and Shorts in Extra Large Sizes
    Lawn Chairs
    Electic Carts fer yer Fat #ss

    CELEBRATE IGORANCE EVERYONE! And, stop Soshalizm!!!

    • The_anniebanannie

      You have it confused with the email about the scheduled events at your family reunion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-J-Conway/1755392219 Brian J Conway

      I note with great satisfaction, that most of the attendees at conservaive functions hold their signs right side up. Give me a beer drinking, God fearing, gun owning, burly, clear speaking conservative any day. They are the descendants of those who built this country. You four eyed, pencil necked designer water drinking, self hating, paranoid misfits, will never sit at the table of real Americans

      Brian Conway
      Kinderhook, N.Y.

    • TxGold

      You really are an idiot!!

    • SargeH

      And it will be preceded by spelling lessons for effete liberals.