Opponents of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker call him ‘Mini-Mubarak’

No word yet on whether protesters will topple Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker, but the rhetoric against Walker portrays him as a petty tyrant in need of a Cairo-styled comeuppance.

Mini-Mubarak” is the latest label being thrown at Walker, who has infuriated labor unions with a proposal to end collective bargaining for state employees. Protesters in the state capitol are vehemently opposing Walker’s effort. Walker has said that he will not negotiate with unions because the state is “broke” and has nothing to offer.

Walker told the Associated Press last week that state National Guard “is prepared to respond if there is any unrest among state employees.” The statement has caused an outcry by union supporters, who claim it as a threat of physical violence to stop protests.

A statement released Tuesday by the Wisconsin National Guard clarifies that it “has not been mobilized for state active duty… We remain in our normal state of readiness.”

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee said that Walker “threatened to call out the National Guard if workers protest against these cuts!” The claim was rated a “Pants on Fire” untruth by fact-checking organization PolitiFact, which clarified that the governor referenced calling up the National Guard if workers did not show up to work, not to squash protests.

Michael Moore writes, via his website, “Justice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere” and quotes a Wisconsin protester’s sign proclaiming, “Down with dictators!”

Moore links to the Mini-Mubarak website and to an op-ed by Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post titled, “Wisconsin’s pharaoh tries to silence unions.” Meyerson says that Walker’s statement about the national guard is a throw-back to the days of violent 19th-century union busting in the United States.

DJ Pangburn of Death and Taxes magazine echoes that comparison of Walker to Mubarak, writing, “Walker is Wisconsin’s home-grown Mubarak. He has crowned himself a dictator, and believes that Wisconsin is his personal fiefdom, in which he can wield the National Guard as he pleases.”

According to PolitiFact, a spokesman for the governor further clarified that the National Guard would only be used for peaceful missions. “In the unlikely event that core government services are disrupted the Guard would be used just to continue those services,” Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie told Politifact.

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  • teapartypatriot

    “Taking Back Our Country” involves more than removing the self-serving Ruling Class Establishment politicians. It’s also about curtailing, controlling, reducing and – to the maximum extent possible – eliminating taxpayer leeches known as public sector union members and bureauweenies from further destroying our country and the American way of life with their one goal of enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else.

  • fatfenders

    They just don’t get it… there is no money. I have yet to see any union supporter address just where the money is supposed to come from. Oh, and if Obama is for it, you can pretty much bet I am against it.

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  • littlerico

    I am an independent from Wisconsin and have never been a big union supporter but I do see the need for them. I can’t believe some of the comments here. First of all, Scott Walker stated at the beginning of his term he did not want government to get in his way as Governor. Now, this could mean red tape, but since then all Mr. Walker has done is try to take away powers from the legislature and other government agencies and give them to himself. He acts and seems to think that he has been elected dictator. In this budget legislation there is a provision that allows him to declare a state of emergency basically whenever he feels like it. Why is that included in budget legislation.
    I can see there is much bias towards teachers, the people who do what most people refuse to do, spend 8 hours a day with your children. This isn’t about teachers, but law enforcement, social services, firefighters, custodians, nursing home workers, etc. I know a few state employees and they seem to have it no better off than anyone else.
    Gov. Walker has tried to create a class war using terms of haves (state workers0 and have-nots (the rest of us). I submit Mr. Walker is the biggest Have out there. What is he giving up?
    I was a single parent of 5. I worked at the same company for 29 years until the Bush/Cheney economy forced them to close. I am diabetic and lost my health insurance. I had no income and lost everything financially. I then lost the lady of my life and after that almost my mind. But there is hope and a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. I have emerged again, stronger, and I do not wish anyone to go through what I have. I support the rights of these workers and Americans across the country. We can make more sensible cuts than these. As far as the comparison of Mr. Walker (who definitely seems to think he’s King) and Mr. Mubarak, if I was Mubarak I’d be insulted!