GOProud: No regrets for supporting Trump despite major donation to Democrat

The gay conservative group GOProud doesn’t regret inviting real-estate mogul and possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to speak at a conservative conference last week, even though he donated $50,000 to former White House Chief of Staff and Democratic Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel.

“We have absolutely no regrets in inviting and promoting Mr. Trump at CPAC,” GOProud Chairman Christopher Barron told The Daily Caller. “Why in the world would we?  Mr. Trump stole the show on Thursday, brought new energy and enthusiasm to the conference and delivered a hell of a speech.”

Trump was a last-minute surprise addition to the list of speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where presidential hopefuls traditionally test the campaign waters in front of thousands of activists. Barron said at the time that he “would love to see Mr. Trump run” and Trump has said that he is  “absolutely thinking about it.”

Trump’s speech at the conference caused a ruckus among some younger members of the crowd when he said that Texas Rep. Ron Paul had “zero chance” of ever being elected president.

Barron added that Trump’s choice could be justified, given the alternative in the race.

“Would it have been better if he gave $50,000 to Carol Moseley-Braun?” he said, referring to Rahm’s arguably more liberal opponent.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Norton/197402182 Chuck Norton

    Hmm, flippity flopp? Election year appiffany? It could also be that as a business man Trump has never really explored some of these issues himself and now that he is he is naturally becoming more conservative. It could be that his donations were grease to keep government off his back, a lesson Microsoft learned the hard way. Of course it could also mean that he is full of it and this is an ego trip. When it comes to Trump, I just don’t have the answers and I am not sure if anyone does.

    If his daughter Ivanka’s example is any indication it would suggest that Trump is a natural conservative of the heart and an intellectual conservative on some economic issues. I admire Ivanka and in some ways her public positions are more well known than her fathers. MY advice is that we just wait and see.

  • Realist4U

    Donald Trump was at CPAC to fillibuster, nothing more…

  • MissButterfly

    I didn’t know The Donald had donated money to Emanuel.
    Now I don’t think so much of him – he should have stayed out of that race.

    • clw

      If you are very rich you could theoretically donate money to the most conservative candidates (of either party) in any or every race in the country, thereby potentially steering the country to a more conservative government overall if the money matters, and we know it does.

  • leilani

    Meh, I’m not supporting Trump for anything except maybe a hair transplant, but I think this is dumb.

    As I put it on [name of the DC’s major online competitor redacted] mere seconds ago “he makes his living as an RE developer in New York City (& I should have added he has RE interests in Chicago) and those guys can’t even get permission to blink without greasing the palms of many many Democratic politicians, including those in the party’s national organization, the most corrupt institution on the planet.” (plz. ‘scuse the lazy cut & paste.]

    On this particular controversy (and this one alone), I’d give him a pass as a victim of extortion rather than label him an unprincipled opportunist.

  • beingjohngalt

    That’s philisophical pragmatism for you… The ends justify the means. ‘The Donald’ is no friend to Liberty.

  • Callie369

    Thank you GoProud, for that bit of information. I cannot vote for someone for president who supports a thug like Rahm Emanuel. Very disappointed!

    • wodiej

      No kidding, I second that.

    • clw

      It depends on which two candidates it comes down to! If Trump ACTUALLY GOT the Republican nomination, and it was between him and Obama, I literally might break a leg getting to the polls to vote for Trump!