Jeff Flake to birthers: Get real

Republican Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake believes that birthers should “accept the reality” and acknowledge the fact that President Obama was born in the US.

“Barack Obama is a citizen of the country,” Flake said in an interview with CNN on Thursday. “We ought to get off this kick. And there are plenty of differences we have with the president between Republicans and Democrats than to spend time on something like this.”

When asked about a recent poll that showed a majority of Republican primary voters believe President Obama was born outside the country, Flake said he didn’t trust the results.

(Earth to birthers: the facts about Obama’s birth certificate. Read more.)

“Well, I have a hard time believing that poll,” Flake said. “I think that most people understand and accept the reality. The reality is that, yes, he was born in the United States.”

Flake is currently running for the Arizona Senate seat being vacated by fellow Republican Jon Kyl next year.

  • CrazyHungarian

    I am neither a birther nor an anti-birther. I don’t believe either way, but it it is very perplexing why Obama refuses to release his long form Birth Certificate, for if it was available, it surely would tip the scale in his favor of some voters in this country. What is also obvious is that there is no information that would be on the long form BC that we don’t already know about, thus giving no rationale as to a privacy issue. So.. I’ll have to assume that there is no long form on file in Hawaii. This leaves three likely possibilities that fit the scenario:

    1. Hawaii lost it and is covering up what would be their mistake. This is entirely plausible, for if true, then when Obama requested a full copy of his Birth Certificate, all they could produce was a computer generated “Certification of Live Birth”

    2. Obama’s parents were not what we would call typical America lovers, so they could have decided to make a statement by not having his birth being recorded in Hawaii even though he was born there. To have proof of citizenship, the family can later get Hawaii to Certify his birth, but not have a long form on file.

    3. Obama’s parents could have gone even further in their statement and actually had the birth in Kenya. This is possible but less likely, since at this point in their lives a trip to Kenya would be very expensive. However if this was to occur, it is still plausible that the Grandmother placed birth notices in the papers, not to make him eligible for the presidency, but to give him the basic advantages of citizenship that their parents may not have thought about.

    What is the least likely scenario is the one where Obama has seen the long form and wants to keep it private for some unexplainable reason. Remember Occam’s Razor principle: the simplest solution is also the most likely.

    Since all of our financial and national futures are so dependent upon this person, I believe that America deserves the whole truth in this matter. We certainly are not getting the whole story.