It’s on: Tea Party notables plan descent on Madison, Wisconsin to counter union rallies

Tea Party leaders are organizing a counter-rally in Madison, Wisc. to support newly elected Republican Gov. Scott Walker against the labor unions that have been protesting his proposed budget cuts all week. Conservative media guru Andrew Breitbart, possible 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain and other notables are en route to Madison for the counter-rally, scheduled to begin at noon central time on Saturday.

Walker is pushing a new budget that would eliminate some collective bargaining privileges for public sector employees, which he says has been a long time coming. Wisconsin’s Democratic state senators fled on Thursday to thwart a vote on the measure. There are 19 Republican senators, and while they hold the majority, 20 senators total are required for a vote. So the budget cannot pass until the GOP gets one more senator on board.

Public sector unions, led by the Democratic National Committee’s lobbying and campaign arm, “Organizing for America,” have descended on the state’s capitol in an effort to keep Walker’s budget from being approved. Big-name union bosses such as AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka have bussed in union folks from around the country to support the cause, and Jesse Jackson appeared in Madison as well. Several public schools throughout the state have closed down due to teachers calling in sick to protest.

Saturday’s counter-rally is the first of many likely counter-attacks from Tea Partiers.

Breitbart told The Daily Caller he’s not sure what he’ll see when he arrives in Wisconsin, but expects it will be “the same familiar faces” that back other left-wing movements.

“I’m expecting hostility because dissent is no longer patriotic in Obama’s America,” Breitbart said.

Breitbart said this weekend’s rally will be important — a historic battleground of sorts — because it will show the Tea Party movement is alive and kicking despite a decrease in activity following the midterm elections. He said it’s time for the press to stop defending the Obama administration and start pointing out the “illogical rhetoric” of the union bosses and so-called civil rights leaders.

“This is an important stance for the Tea Party,” Breitbart said. “The Tea Party is perpetuating safe, clean, wholesome rhetoric and activity versus the violent, racial, hateful and revolutionary rhetoric coming from the organized left.”

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  • zim2012

    tea bagger freaks
    im so glad im young enough to see this monumentally disturbingly ignorant illiterate cluster of morons will be gone .
    its the last gasp of a dying breed .
    they kinda remind of the du,best character on the ‘anchor man’ , brick tamlan ,
    getting all worked up for no real reason .
    ” Tamland: I don’t know what we’re yelling about! ..” lol
    you really need to watch it to understand.
    god , what a collection of sad display of americans

  • atteloc716
    • didacticrogue

      … and this has exactly what to do with this story?

      “Absolutely nothing,” you say? … No, I didn’t think so.

  • truebearing

    Though heavily outnumbered, the Tea Party held it’s own in Madison today. If the Madison Police would have cordoned off the area for the Tea Party rally, more would have attended, but the union thugs marched three lanes wide, in a tight formation, which intimidated some people who subsequently left. Nevertheless, the thousands who were there pulled no punches about the corruption of unions, and support for Walker.

    The lefties were typically unable to provide facts and reason in debates I was involved with between the two groups. Just like here on the DC.

    The union protestors substantially outnumbered the Tea Partiers, but the Tea Partiers aggregate IQ was way higher than the union slugs. Nothing new.

  • southernandproud

    Tenure is the worse thing that ever happened to public schools!

  • southernandproud

    Breitbart say “dissent is no longer patriotic in Obama’s America.” He is so right. Amazing how the Union folks expect everyone else in America to sacrifice except them. Creeps.

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  • flips

    Firefighters join the protesters.
    Now the Teabaggers are against them too.

    You will lose this fight to destroy workers rights.
    The American people are not crazy right wingers.

    • karl hungus

      and they’e not douche bag liberals either.

    • truebearing

      Some of the firefighters, lips, not all. BTW, a bunch of these firefighters were busted for cocaine distribution a while back. Does that enhance their credibility in your eyes?

      The Madison Fire department is run by a lesbian that is unqualified to run a popcorn stand. Debra Amesqua was hired because she’s a lesbian and hispanic. More qualified white fireman weren’t given a chance. The firefighters have given her votes of no confidence, yet she remains. more union/Progressive “social justice”, right flipper?

      The former Police Chief was hired because he was black, and for no other reason. Once, he accidentally left his gun in the OVEN!!! LOL!!! Don’t ask why he had it in the oven. Only he knows.

      I hate to break it to you, lips, but there were liberals walking around in the Tea Party area who readily admitted that what Walker wants isn’t unreasonable. They agree we have to take drastic measures. Of course, there were idiots, such as yourself, with insulting, moronic signs calling people teabaggers. The irony is that most of them appeared to be gay! Is that why you keep using that expression? Go ahead, admit it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Belich/100000290551250 Jason Belich

        There are several bluing products for firearms which require baking. When I was very little, my dad used to restore old weapons for extra cash. Gun parts in the oven was a regular sight.

    • jjsmithers

      We will see who loses this fight. Bet on it it being you and your slimy lying leftists who think they are entitled to take and take.

      And teabag this.