President Obama’s ratings: President’s Day edition


This President’s Day, Rasmussen Reports Daily Tracking Poll reported that Barack Obama had some of his lowest numbers since mid-December. Only 44 percent of voters said they at least somewhat approve of the president; 55 percent disapprove.

President Barack Obama’s Approval Index rating, or the difference between the percentage of voters who strongly approve (23 percent) and the percentage that strongly disapprove (41 percent), was -18, Obama’s lowest marks since mid-December.

Rasmussen Reports also measured the approval ratings of the ex-presidents responsible for Monday’s holiday. This President’s Day, 93 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of Abraham Lincoln and 91 percent felt similarly about George Washington.

Most Americans polled did not, however, feel as though the day was especially important, with just 9 percent believing it to be one of America’s most important holidays and 31 percent seeing it as the least important.

Rasmussen Reports notes that Americans consistently rate Christmas and the Fourth of July as the country’s most important holidays.

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