With run for Russian parliament, Anna Chapman could become join ranks of hottest foreign politicans [SLIDESHOW]

Washington, the saying goes, is Hollywood for the ugly. While politicians usually look more like members of the chess club than the cheerleading squad, a few female politicians have managed for make international headlines for both their beauty and brains.

Former Russian spy and total cutie Anna Chapman is now on the verge of joining the exalted ranks of hot female politicians. She’s running to become the next MP from Volgograd region on Vladimir Putin’s United Russia ticket. To celebrate, TheDC looks at some of our favorite lady leaders from around the world.

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  • Poland's Sara May ran for a seat on the Warsaw city council as "beautiful, independent, competent." After an in depth investigation, TheDC can claim that at least one of the claims is true. Bonus question: they have sandy beaches in Poland?
  • Carmen Kass may have lost her race for a seat in Estonia's parliament, but she'll always be a winner in our eyes.
  • One reason we're suspicious of democracy spreading in the Middle East? We worry what would happen to Jordan's smoking hot Queen Rania.
  • Russian-born Anastasiya Michaeli Samuelson converted to Judaism and became a far-right member of Israel's Knesset. We'd like to carpet bomb her Gaza.
  • Former Ukranian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko: the Princess Leia of our time.
  • France's Rachida Dati is a member of the French parliament and, possibly, Prime Minister Nicholas Sarkozy's baby mama.
  • More Bond girl than James Bond, Russia's Anna Chapman may not have excelled at stealing secrets, but did steal our hearts. Why did we have to give her back to Russia again?