Krauthammer warns ‘all hell is breaking loose’ if major unrest occurs in Saudi Arabia on March 11

Here’s something Americans should certainly keep their eyes on — the potential for unrest in Saudi Arabia, which the United States imports more oil from than any other country outside of North America.

Fox News Channel contributor Charles Krauthammer warned of that potential on Wednesday night’s “Special Report Online,” aired on FoxNews.com, but said that a plot to overthrow the Saudi government could be foiled by the Saudis’ intelligence apparatus.

“The big one is March 11,” Krauthammer said. “There’s a Facebook call in Saudi Arabia for a day of rage all over Saudi Arabia on March 11. Now, the Saudis have really good intelligence. They are tough. They’re ruthless and they’re effective. There isn’t a lot of anti-government activity in Saudi Arabia.”

If it isn’t foiled, though, Krauthammer said such unrest could spell dire consequences for the world economy and would warrant intervention.

“However, in the eastern provinces, which are Shiite – if you get major eruptions on March 11, all hell is breaking loose,” he continued. “Saudi Arabia is the prize. It’s the treasure. I mean, it’s the gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s everything for the world economy. And then you have to think of Western intervention – if something like that happens.”


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“But the potential is still there, based on the proximity of Bahrain to Saudi Arabia with its Shiite and pro-Iranian elements. And if Saudi oil falls under the control of a pro-Iranian regime, it could spell curtains for the world as we know it.”

“And remember, the Shiites in Bahrain, which is sort of a proxy for Saudi Arabia and Iraq, are pro-Iranian,” he said. “There are pro-Iranians among them. If Iran essentially gets proxy control of Saudi oil, the whole world has changed.”

“So I think the one we really — I mean there are humanitarian concerns in Libya that are significant,” he continued. “There are also strategic concerns, but there’s nothing compared to Saudi Arabia and it’ll be interesting. I’m not sure anything will happen on March 11, but if something does, we got a whole new world we’re living in.”

  • terrana01

    The gentleman is talking about events that any history, biblical and Other Prophecy, wonk; or high military and intelligence types,could have told you 38 years ago. I know people think you’re a whack if you read the signs, economic, political, religious…….and we’ll all be watching it play out on TV. This is surrealistic, the only word to describe it, but it’s almost enough to give you vertigo!

  • D8ve

    This Elitist a hole just figured that out? Glenn has been saying that for weeks now!

  • kingfish

    All hell is breaking loose? How did you EVER figure that out?

    According to Paster Lindsey Williams on the Alex Jones show (Feb 24) (see youtube), this Middle East fiasco was deliberately “generated” by the the U.S. and will spread all across the Middle East, to include Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Oil will keep going up. THEN, the turmoil will spread to Europe, and finally to the U.S. complete with martial law. The euro will collapse and two weeks after that, the dollar will collapse.

    Napolitano was overheard telling her friend to have 6 mos. of food and water stored. Williams says there will be food on the shelves, but we will not be able to buy it. The dollar will be worthless. There will likely be turmoil in the large cities due to hunger. Have some cash on hand in case the ATMs and credit cards do not work. All paper (stocks and paper money) will be worthless. Buy silver coins or foreign currency (but not the Euro).

    The government will confiscate your IRAs and 401Ks, so if you can access them and convert to silver or gold, which will continue to rise. It’s not safe to keep valuables in a safety security box…they may also call for its confiscation.

    • KGC

      Snap the pills in half next time, Tiny.

      • kingfish

        I really don’t CARE what you think. Watch the youtubes or not, jerk.

      • terrana01

        But you just might have your tiny little token extra food supply somewhere in your pantry, just in case, right KGC? It won’t be enough, if I never hear another lefty shriek a class-warfare slogan again, it will be too soon. I don’t know if this country will survive much longer, without more “Change Than You Can Believe In”. On so many levels, we are vulnerable as all get out.

  • truebearing

    Obama won’t help defend Saudi Arabia when the inevitable need arises, but he won’t let us drill. He won’t defend Israel from the insane Muslims, and won’t defend our constitution. He has crippled the banking industry, the construction industry, real estate, energy production, and alienated as many of our allies as he can.

    When Saudi Arabia falls to the extremists, and they will eventually, you can be assured Obama will have no plan of action to prevent it, or compenste for the consequences, but I’ll bet he’ll have some real fun Whitehouse parties and a lot of rounds of golf to make up for it.

    Is Obama the biggest enemy to the United States? The evidence screams YES!

  • rockhard

    CNN with tonight had a smart man on who said we have a trillion barrels of oil right here in American would could drill, He said we don’t need oil from other countries, its time we open up this countries resources and get to work, he alos said we would created at least 3 Millions jobs. its time for the retarded left to get out of the way and lets Americans do whats best for us..