Comedian asks Donald Rumsfeld if he is a flash-eating space lizard on satellite radio

As part of his recent book tour, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appeared on Friday’s “The Opie and Anthony Show” and discussed whether or not he is a flesh-eating space lizard.

While hosts Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia attempted to steer the interview with Rumsfeld back to more serious topics, comedian Louis C.K. repeatedly tried to have the longtime Washington insider deny that he is actually a lizard in disguise.

At first, Rumsfeld dodged the question with an anecdote about how wherever he goes in New York, people want to shake his hand, get his autograph, and buy him dinner, but Louis refused to let up throughout the 15-minute interview. The left-leaning New York comedian and star of FX’s “Louie” also asked Rumsfeld, “what that day was like when you met Saddam Hussein and shook his hand,” referring to the infamous photo of the then-Reagan administration envoy and the former Iraqi dictator from the early days of the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. Rumsfeld patiently gave Louis an education in the necessities of realpolitik before the comedian continued asking more questions about Rumsfeld’s refusal to deny that he is a space lizard. When Rumsfeld, looking for a way out, noted that his grandchildren were listening to the frequently profane satellite radio program, Louis joked, “They have a right to know.”

Rumsfeld handled the interview as gracefully as one could have given the situation, going along with the joke and remarking at one point that he “did not just arrive in town falling off a turnip cart.” As the interview ended, Rumsfeld told Opie and Anthony to “select your partners carefully” in the future. Opie and Anthony seemed to agree and said that Rumsfeld handled Louis “like a gentlemen and a professional.” Louis disagreed, saying, “He handled it like a lizard who knows how to never answer.”


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  • erick1740

    This just highlights the idiocy on the left. Their moment has come and gone with such blinding speed, even they can’t believe it. 2012 will make it even more of a disaster for the hapless libs.


    Really? Andrea Mitchell, The View, Opie and Anthony? Is the demographic they’re aiming at for Rumsfelds book? The publicist should be fired!

    • thephranc

      The publicist should make more. It’s pure genius to go into places where you are perceived as the enemy in stead of preaching to the choir. You know who is more likely to buy the book so you don’t waste effort in those places. You focus on new areas.

  • Obamaroid

    I am surprised Rummie did not bang him back. Rumsfeld is a pro at knocking lizards off the table. Rummie go at him again – this time with vigor!

  • QED

    To this day, I resent the Left’s mistreatment of this brilliant patriot as much as or more so than its vulgar and shameful maligning of President Bush.

    And not a peep out of the Hollywood brain wavers who criticized Bush’s Homeland Defense policies for 7 years and subsequently discovered that the Feckless One, President Obama, is maintaining the very same policies.

    God Bless Donald Rumsfeld and President George W. Bush.

    • QED

      And his book’s proceeds are going to war veterans, which makes criticism of the book and his tour even more off color.

      • SteveM

        Only do the track-back. If the Neo-Con cabal which included Rummy had not gotten the United States into Trillion dollar Wars to Nowhere in the first place, we wouldn’t have all these war veterans who need attending.

        Yeah, this ain’t about the money for Rumsfeld. It’s a CYA book tour of vapid rationalizations by a stupid, feckless man, whose stupidity and fecklessness is superseded only by his former boss.

        • truebearing

          Would you like to work in “feckless” and “stupid” one more time?

          Wake up, idiot. Rumsfeld didn’t hijack planes with boxcutters and fly them into the Twin Towers. he didn’t use chemicals to kill Kurds and Shiites in Iraq either. Nor is it his fault Saddam was violating the terms of peace from the war in Kuwait. Nor did he have anything to do with Saddam’s continued quest to acquire nukes.

          Oh, and he had nothing to do with the Baath Party’s origins in Hitler’s Nazi Party.

          Your simpleton’s guide to history is amusing, in its deranged little way.

          • SolipsisticToo

            Box cutters and nukes? You forgot the WMD’s. You keep trying to revise history to justify your world view in your usual snarky, hysterical neocon way.

    • esby

      You mean brilliant lizard patriot.

  • Chris Ar

    What “disastrous book tour”? Rumsfeld has pretty much pwned every liberal idiot who tried to go after him. What the hell is a DC Caller even linking to a piece by Ray Gustini, unless they are specifically mocking it?

    • jcp370

      You said it for me. Of course the book tour has been “disastrous” from the lefty point of view. Still, didn’t expect to see it on this site.

    • esby

      It’s disastrous from a PR point of view. Rumsfeld has lived in the Washington DC bubble. He’s a career politician who forgot what’s it like to talk one-on-one with journalists. True, he has categorically denied anything that he’s challenged about, but he’ll always be a PR flack for the horrible dishonest act that defines our century so far. There is no such thing as proof anymore, just opinion: “I dismiss your facts, here is what I think.”

      Your government, just like always, lied to you. Keep giving him a pass. Hell, buy his book and help the status quo.

  • hillery

    I watched Rumsfeld take Andrea (Harpy) Mitchell apart. Stewart never laid a glove on him, and he handled THE VIEW with no problem.

    Rahn states “Some are calling it…..” Then he cites an article by Ray Gustini. Who the “hay” gives a care what the far-left Gustini says? Who has ever heard of him? This is like citing Kathy Griffin about Sarah Palin.

    This opinion piece says more about Will Rahn then it does about Rumsfeld.

    • leilani

      Yeah, I was going to ask the same thing: where the heck did the DC manage to dig up the “some” who are saying that his book tour has been a disaster? The Helen Keller Elementary School for the Deaf & Blind?

      So far the world has watched Rumsfeld make quivering mince-meat out of two of the left’s most notorious mush-brained advocates, Jon Stewart & Andrea Mitchell, without so much as batting an eyelash.

      For anybody who’s been able to see & hear Rumsfeld on this tour so far at least, it’s been a pretty spectacular triumph for a so-called ‘disaster’, I’d say.

      • SteveM

        Re: …”it’s been a pretty spectacular triumph for a so-called ‘disaster’, I’d say.

        Tell that to all the dead people and the taxpayers who have to pay for Rummy’s and the Neo-Cons’ hubris and conceit.

        • jjsmithers

          Your concern for dead people is touching. Do you share the same concern for the countless millions of babies who were killed in the womb ? Or is that just “freedom of choice” ? If you do have concern, please be sure to include a few thoughts for them in your next tirade.

        • truebearing

          Maybe you would like to hold forth on the heinous murder of 150,000,000 citizens of leftist regimes in the 20th Century since you are so concerned about people who have died as a result of political ideology.

          And why don’t you decry the hundreds of billions squandered on social engineering and entitlements, or the trillion blown on the stimulus? No outrage left for things that dwarf the spending in Iraq and Afghanistan?

        • thephranc

          Notice the dishonest tactic of deflection used by the troll. When faced with something he can’t refute he lashes out at some nonrelevant point and tries mightily to equate it with the subject. This always ends in failure for the troll.