INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT: Anjem Choudary talks to TheDC

The Daily Caller: What are you planning on doing while you’re here?

Anjem Choudary: Well basically what we intend to do is invite Barack Obama and the American administration and the general public to think about Islam as an alternative really, we believe that the problems in the world today aren’t necessarily because of people that [inaudible] and they need to go back to the divine law and so ours is a call to go back to the divine law and implement Islam. That would be a solution for all of the problems the American family faces, so to provide that as an alternative, that’s our first message. The second message is that the American administration obviously has supported the dictators in the Muslim countries and the Muslims are rising, as you can see their boiling in Libya and Egypt and many other countries and they’re rising up against the oppression and the Americans should stay away from trying to, if you like, put another dictator in place, and I don’t think the American interest in the current time in the Middle East with their presence, rather they should withdraw their forces, they should withdraw their own personnel, this is a very, very insecure time for the Americans I think.

TheDC:  You’re planning a protest next Thursday, correct?

AC: The 3rd of March is the 87th anniversary of the destruction of the Ottoman Empire. It was the last time that Sharia was implemented in this world and that makes it a perfect time to call for Sharia to be re-implemented. I understand that one can have a static demonstration on Pennsylvania Avenue without any permission, as part of your First Amendment and freedom of religion and to protest. I don’t envision any problems. We’re getting feedback from the Muslim community there in America and even non-Muslims. They’re very interested and I think we should have a good response.

TheDC: What are some of the things you’re going to do specifically while you’re protesting? Are you going to burn the American flag?

AC: No. I think what we are going to do is address the crowd and we will tell them why Sharia is better for them. I believe capitalism is dying a slow death right now, as you can see with the recession and with the credit crunch and with social and economic dismay the world as whole and the pandemic of promiscuity, drugs, alcohol and all the other diseases. That’s the worst and I believe it’s time for a change.

TheDC: What do you mean by Sharia law? What is Sharia law?

AC: Well, Sharia is derived from Arabic, and it means an “oasis.” In the desert, man needs the oasis to survive. Sharia is not like any other religion or law, because Sharia is an entire system of life. It has a ruling system, an economic system, a policy and social system, a foreign policy and judiciary system to be implemented, you know, the whole package. Under the Sharia, food, shelter and clothing will be provided for all citizens in addition to basic necessities like gas and water as well. But, it’s not like communism or socialism in the respect that you can work for the luxuries. There’s no problem with that. But, certainly you would not have the poverty problem that you have at the current time where, with the average or minimum wage, you cannot live in any major city on a 40-hour week. That is a reality in America. With the loss of the American dollar as its own currency and its devaluation, I think that people will not even be able to afford bread and milk. They’re facing a real crisis in America and I think the solution is Islam.