Poll: More voters would blame Democrats for government shutdown

Democrats banking on a government shutdown working out in their favor may want to tread carefully in their assumptions, a new poll suggests.

Nearly 30 percent of likely voters said in a new survey commissioned by The Hill newspaper they would hold Democrats responsible if the government shut down. Twenty-four percent said the GOP would be blamed.

That’s not to say that Republicans should rest easy, hold firm on their spending cut demands and let the government close shop: Forty-five percent of the likely voters polled said neither party would benefit.

Among independents, the gap is even wider. Thirty-four percent said they would blame Democrats while just 19 percent would find Republicans at fault.

The survey sharply contrasts with how prominent Democratic strategists view a shutdown. In a National Journal poll of Democratic political insiders, 56 percent they thought a shutdown was “in their party’s interest.”

Although a March 5 government shutdown appeared increasingly likely as early as last week, House Republicans drafted a measure for a short-term continuation of government spending with about $4 billion in cuts Friday, a proposal Senate Democrats said they could support. The spending bill will give the chambers two more weeks to negotiate a long-term “continuing resolution” (CR) to fund the government until the next fiscal year, which begins in October.

Facing pressure from Tea Party backed freshman members, House Republicans earlier this month passed their own CR with about $61 billion in cuts from current spending levels, which Senate Democratic leaders and President Obama have both said is a non-starter.

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  • loudog

    I blame democrats for not saving $100 billion/yr by getting us out of Afghanistan.

    • virginiagentleman

      Now, don’t stroke out on me,loudog, but I agree!My reasons may be somewhat different than yours, but if we are not in it to win it,then what the hell are we there for? I have 2 son-in-laws, 1 daughter, quite a few nephews and nieces who have been there and have heard their experences first hand, not filtered thru news or government agencies. We have a long history with the military in this family. The Afgans are at best a fractured country of tribal people, as are most arab nations, and even further fractured by their religion,sunni or shia. They can’t agree on religion, so they kill each other; tribes can’t agree on a fair national government where all tribes are equal and have a say in it, so, they kill each other!Sadly,DEATH appears to be the one thing all understand and all are good at. What American parent/grandparent wants his children dying for these people. When a cause is just, we fight. When the cause is plain, stupid politics, we fight against it.

      • loudog

        I agree 100%. We can spend another 1000 lives and a trillion dollars and they’ll be just as backwards as they were before we got there. All we’re doing is paying off and propping up the corrupt government of Kabul and chasing down people who don’t want us occupying there country.

  • flips

    Under Nancy, government agencies functioned just fine.

    Under Boehner and the teabaggers, offices and services are closed.

    Americans are not stupid. They will realize this is a Tea Party campaign to destroy government functions.

    Go for it, you lunatics.

    We dare you.

    • virginiagentleman

      There you go again, friend flips, speaking not for yourself, but speaking for the American people. At this time,no government offices are closed, and services are still being dispensed. As for Pelosi, how in hell could you tell agencies were open? There was not any openness in her office, in meeting rooms,in bill discussions and so forth. There seemed to be a problem with that transparency thingy, or maybe just with the CSPAN cameras. As for the most open, honest and ethical congress in history, yeah, we had to pass the bills so that we would know what was in it! Sure,government, under Nancy, functioned fine if you like one party rule and didn’t mind waiting to find out what freedoms were stolen from you! One more thing,flips; who is the WE who dares us?A group? A political party? YOU and the tiny mouse in your pocket?WHO DARES? Rather than drive by tactics when you post, provide proof to back your arguements. Get into the discussion with facts,not slander.I know you can do it,flips, cause you aren’t dumb, just angry.Try it. You’ll feel better and more folks will read what you post, rather than reading PAST yuor comments.

    • partymanrandy

      Make it a double dare and you’re on.

  • partymanrandy