Barbara Boxer: Mean GOP has a vendetta against … Elmo (VIDEO)

Sen. Barbara Boxer posited a new theory about what lies behind GOP cuts to the budget. The Republican Party hates Elmo, she suggested in a floor speech Tuesday.

“I believe they use deficit reduction as an excuse to carry out political vendettas,” she said, speaking about GOP cuts to health care, the EPA and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which she noted is funded by the government at a much lower percentage than the BBC in Britain.

“Now they want to zero it out,” she said. “A vendetta, against Elmo.”

Her delivery did not suggest it was meant as a joke. To be fair, the red Muppet’s cutesy, sing-song act has gotten a little tired.


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  • krjohnson

    I don’t care about Elmo, I just don’t believe in forcefully taking money from everyone else and giving to him.

    Now, I did have a nightmare once involving Oscar the Grouch…

  • superinfidel


  • Drahcir

    I have a sound bite(but cannot figger out a way to put it here)That Boxer would find uncalled for.It starts with ‘Elmoe’s Song’ then you hear a shotgun going off. Next a “child’s” voice saying ‘shut the f**k up! I also have one of the same for ‘Barney’!

    To me they are cute.

  • jar59

    Thanks a lot California.

    We’d be better off if your whole effing state just slid into the Pacific.

  • spike1120

    There you have what Kalifornia is all about. They elect this moronic imbecile instead of someone with a functional brain. Can you imagine actually saying in Congress that the GOP has a vendetta against Elmo?

    I don’t know who is a bigger horses ass, Boxer or Valerie Jarrett.

  • southernandproud

    Love Bert and Ernie and Elmo, but can’t stand this old bat!

  • ojfl

    See California? Is she really better than Carly Fiorina?

  • bobo_1

    Get more commercial backing for the shows on PBS and NPR. If you unable to compete then close down. Have Bert and Ernie come out of the closet yet ?


    • emem

      Elmo’s opportunity for ad revenue for kid fav’s like McD’s has been diminished by Michelle Obama’s fat campaign.

      I guess you could call it “unforseen consequences”.

  • thephranc

    She should have gone with this:

    “The GOP is racist because Elmo is voiced by a large black man!”