Wisconsin Dems About to Cave?

Wisconsin’s Scenic Caves: Chuck Lane catches his WaPo colleague Ezra Klein in a moment of intellectual honesty and makes sure he pays for it:

 Who cares if the walkout flies in the face of the usual progressive opposition to filibusters and other minoritarian obstruction? Ezra Klein deserves some credit for owning up to the contradiction on this point and has even suggested that the Wisconsin Democratic senators should come back after a “couple of days” worth of debate and protest. He wrote that two weeks ago. Time’s up?

Maybe it is. … P.S.: I was about to go to work on an item that tried to figure out which anti-union provisions Gov. Walker might jettison and still reach a deal with Democrats that wasn’t really a defeat for him. But if that WSJ piece is true, there’s no need. The Wisconsin Dems are conceding defeat across the board while seeking consolation in polls showing that their position is popular.  …  P.P.S.: To the extent a liberal MSM conspiracy helped produce and publicize those polls–and it can only be a limited extent since one of the polls is Rasmussen’s– did they inadvertently do Gov. Walker a favor by giving the Dems the PR cover they need to save face while they lose the actual legislative battle? ….

Pssst! Update: Actually if you’d keep that “defeat across the board” business to yourselves for a few days … Wouldn’t want the runaway Dems to get cold feet. … What I meant to say is: “Having achieved a dramatic pr triumph in several polls, which we all know reflect the permanent alignment of public opinion, Wisconsin’s Democrats are now in a strong position to return to Madison and lose declare victory!–even if that may require a  temporary retreat when it comes to the actual details of the, um, er, legislation.” …

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  • jdkchem

    “(kinda like nominating Palin took Obama’s lack of experience off the table in 2008);”

    This is no different than the violent racist tea party meme and only an idiot would buy into it.

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  • ak4mc

    * Tea Party reinvigorated just as economy started to recover and GOP fell short on cuts in DC;

    In fact, the Tea Party’s real potency is in its down-ticket activities, which are infusing conservative ideas and energy into local and state offices, creating the farm team for real subsequent change at the federal level even if Congress and the RNC flunk out in the short term.

    Many of those those Hill Republicans wimping out on spending in 2011 will almost certainly face primary challenges in 2012 — meanwhile the Democrats’ credibility has been thoroughly hamburgered.

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  • adamincalifornia

    They are declaring victory and going home.

    Meanwhile, the next election cycle is quite a while off. The polls will bounce around till then with ratings tied to the economy.

    They exhausted their arguments, none of which have any sense of “looming crisis” packed into them – no “I told you sos” for the trail 16 months from now.

    I’d say they drew national attention to an issue, the Governor’s solution, and their infantile rejection of democratic process in preference for obnoxious and sustained circus-like protest.


    * Tea Party reinvigorated just as economy started to recover and GOP fell short on cuts in DC;
    * All ammunition about tea party being ominous, having violent overtones, being obnoxious, a bunch of nut jobs, etc is now gone since the unions out-did the worst that the Tea Party was ever accused of (kinda like nominating Palin took Obama’s lack of experience off the table in 2008);
    * The “I am a public servant who is making less than those in the private sector” meme / pity appeal of the last 25 years is now officially dead and will be for a generation;
    * Walker wins outright with no penalty and no political capital lost (he is now a national political star due to union and OFA money);
    * Public Unions spent a bunch of money and got nothing but emboldened adversaries (see prior point);
    * AND, AS A BONUS, the collective rationalization mechanism that plagues the modern left in the USA has now managed to convince itself of its “lemonade out of lemons” rhetoric such that they will actually try this again and double down on their losing hand.