Heated debate as Md. Senate weighs bill to give in-state tuition to undocumented

Giving undocumented immigrants in-state tuition benefits at Maryland colleges would violate federal law, send the wrong message to law-abiding immigrants and be unfair to taxpayers, state legislators opposed to the measure said Wednesday.

Opponents of the controversial measure appeared outgunned in the Senate but vowed to fight on. A vote on the measure may come as early as next week.

Full story: Heated debate as Md. Senate weighs bill to give in-state tuition to undocumented

  • Jess81

    Welcome to California’s favorite step-child. Montgomery County, MD used to be one of the wealthiest counties in the country. They are now asking that the rest of us pay 10 to 20 more cents per gallon for gasoline because they can’t afford to fill the pot holes in thier roads. They also have budget shortfalls for education. Why? Prince William County just across the boarder in VA passed an Arizona-type law 3 years ago. The illegals mainly fled: to Maryland, which is a sanctuary state.

    In the meantime, M-13 is also moving in, and each illegal alien child is stealing almost $150,000 (cost of educating one child from K through 12 in MD) from American children whose education is suffering in MD schools.

    Taxation is already confiscatory in Maryland, but the governor and his Democrat legislature think all they have to do is continuing bleeding us–they really, really do not care.

  • Unbelievable

    Ok… so an illegal immigrant (key word: ILLEGAL) can get in-state tuition benefits.. yet I, a born and raised AMERICAN CITIZEN who lives in a different state, which is still one of the 50 UNITED STATES can’t get the same benefits?

    Hum… lets see, nope, no way you look at does it sound right.

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  • jdw

    Has anyone told these student A-Holes that their tuition will necessarily go up?
    I love how people who have never had a job, or had to put of the table are so willing to spend someone else’s money!
    It will be interesting to see how Maryland handles the out-of-state military personnel and their families! How will they handle all of the students who want to attend Maryland schools and live in one of the many boarder states! Like missywise stated, I hope that they bring a clas action suit against Maryland!

  • ChickFight

    So sick of tax leeches. Why do people from other countries think they’re entitled to my hard earned money? We’ve got enough home grown freeloaders – we can’t take much more of this generational theft.

  • missywise

    This is happening in Colorado as well. If the state gives in-state tuition to illegal immigrants they must give the same to out-of-state students as well. Huge revenue loss for colleges and universities. Not sure if the academianut administrators have crunched the numbers.

    I am hoping out-of-state students are ready to jump on class action suits against these states. I sure as hell would…