Wisconsin: The Left’s Second-Half Game Plan

Second-Half Game Plan: Firedoglake‘s David Dayen on the labor-Dem plans to fight back in Wisconsin after losing their battle with Gov Walker. The most intriguing wrinkle is the scheduled state Supreme Court election:

The matchup between David Prosser (R) and JoAnn Kloppenberg (D) for the state Supreme Court on April 5 just got very interesting. It’s a statewide vote, and the balance of power on the state Supreme Court is at stake.  …. If Democrats win, the legality of what took place tonight [i.e. passing Walker’s plan-ed.] may be put in greater question.

Will Wisconsin voters feel comfortable turning a judicial election into, in effect, a referendum on a law Democrats don’t like? Will the other 3 Democratic-appointed Supreme Court judges play along with this slightly banana-republicy game? True, conservatives have often campaigned against liberal judges after unpopular rulings (e.g., Rose Bird in California). But it seems even worse, in terms of legal etiquette, to elect a judge in order to make a particular ruling, about a particular law, in a particular upcoming case. …

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  • pink

    “play along with this slightly banana-republicy game?”

    You mean the banana-republicy, petty dictator game that Scott Walker started?

    • truebearing

      Poink, you idiot. Walker was elected to control spending. That’s what he ran on, and that is why he won, comfortably. Your moronic “dictator” accusation is pure leftist lying, with zero factual evidence to support the ridiculous claim.

      The vote on the Budget Repair Bill was in the legislature, not the governor’s office. The democracy subverting “Foghorn Leghorn Fourteen” democratic senators left the state, which forced the Republicans to split the bill in order to vote on the collective bargaining portion, which they did, after legally notifying Democrats two hours before the vote. All legal, and conducted by the legislature, not the governor, moron. It would help if you had a modicum of knowledge on how a democratic republic functions. Then you might make a little effort to get your facts straight, which would be a first for you.