Schumer to Boehner: Ditch the Tea Party, join us!

Top-ranking Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer is urging Republican House Speaker John Boehner to ditch the Tea Party and join a coalition that includes Democrats to work around conservative lawmakers on spending cuts.

“It is becoming clear that the path to a bipartisan budget deal may not go through the Tea Party at all. In order to avert a shutdown, Speaker Boehner should consider leaving the Tea Party behind and instead seek a consensus in the House among moderate Republicans and a group of Democrats,” the New Yorker said in a written statement.

Schumer’s mischievous overture to Boehner comes as a still small, but burgeoning rebellion among House conservatives, including many in the freshman class, is endangering a three-week spending bill designed to avert government shutdown while Boehner negotiates a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama.

Conservatives want Boehner to take a harder line in negotiations with Democrats over spending cuts.

Schumer said conservative unease over another three-week spending bill shows a long-term deal between Republicans and Democrats may not be possible.

“Republicans’ decisions to abandon the three-week proposal negotiated by their own party’s leadership suggests that Tea Party lawmakers are unwilling to accept anything short of the extreme cuts in the House budget, even if it risks a shutdown. This is a bad omen that shows how difficult it will be for Speaker Boehner to bring the Tea Party along for any long-term compromise,” Schumer said.

Asked about Schumer’s remarks, a spokesman for Boehner sought to put the spotlight back on Democrats. “If he’s looking to criticize someone, Senator Schumer should buy a mirror. It is the Democrats who run Washington that have refused to provide any spending plan other than the status quo, and the status quo just isn’t acceptable to the American people,” said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel.

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  • Liberalsareblind

    Boehner, you’re a coward if you give in to a liberal POS like Chuck Schumer.

  • Taxpayer

    Schumer’s move reminds me of Mr. Potter from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He couldn’t get what he wanted, so he tried to get George Bailey to “join him” by offering him a nice job.


  • ladylove

    man does the TEA PARTY, scare democrats or what.

    • Swen

      Too bad the TEA Parties don’t scare the business-as-usual RINO’s in the Republican establishment a bit more. Obviously the lesson of last November didn’t sink in, or they’re really hoping it was a fluke. I’m hoping a bunch more of them will find themselves unemployed in 2012.

  • kingfish


    “The demonic cabal has stolen money from Social Security to finance its militaristic wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (hence the cabal’s frantic effort to destroy the Social Security system). It has skewed the tax laws so that the rich pay almost nothing while the working class suffers under huge tax burdens. The cabal is so insane that it has led America–and the world–into a financial catastrophe that makes the 1930s depression look like child’s play.”

    “The destruction of American workers through wars, financial looting, unemployment, and loss of homes has become so evident that the cabal is now finding it necessary to mount new brainwashing operations …funded by cabal corporations, a Democratic-controlled Congress pretending to legislate new “regulations” for Wall Street, and new public relations (PR) schemes carried out by such cabal insiders as Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs.”

    “Blankfein did not attack the Obama administration for filing civil fraud charges against Goldman Sachs. It was apparent that he knew the cabal was carrying out the pretence of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) going up against Goldman Sachs, when in reality it is all a PR hoax to make American workers feel that something is being done to reign in Wall Street.”

    “The cabal is now orchestrating sham struggles between the Democrats versus the Republicans and the “government” versus Wall Street. The Obama puppet regime conspired with the pharmaceutical companies and the health insurance corporations on a healthcare plan giving them total control. To make this palatable to ignorant American voters, it was made to appear that the Republicans were against this healthcare plan–a scheme which the Republicans had written with their very own hands.”

    “The increasing citizen disapproval of the cabal’s looting and destruction reveals unmistakably that this group of megalomaniacs can and does “underestimate” American and world citizens.”

  • mbpalapa

    Is the “Serpent” offering an apple again?

  • Joe Astroturf

    Don’t trust him John he can’t get the Disney characters from Acorn to vote for himself let alone you anymore. Acorn Chuck is in for another 6 though. Acorn Chuck Schumer is just mad that Acorn isn’t giving him any awards for letting them throw elections this year. Last time he slithered like a snake out the back door so Fox’es Griff Jenkins couldn’t report it. He knows the fringe media with Chunky Katie will look the other way. Sarah Palin knows the 3 branches of the government includes the Judiciary unlike this Acorn dodo.

    I sang about him in a song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJfboOindCo

    Here’s a verse

    Join Acorn once every 4 years vote a 1000 times a day
    Obama , Schumer , Holder will keep the justice department away
    Acorn Chuck says don’t worry about the voters we only need 51
    Daffy,Goofy, Mickey, Minnie will vote for me when I run
    The president thinks that kids should work hard in school
    He wants Acorn at the table they think 13 year old hookers are cool

    Hey guys if you fought at Falluja
    hope you have about 5 grand to spare
    that’s’ about what is’s going to cost you
    If your between 20 or 30 for Obamacare

  • jackw3526

    Yeah, right Chuckie. “Join us”, he says. You know us, the same group of 60 seantors in the same party that couldn’t pass a budget bill among ourselves!